HBO Go adds AirPlay support

HBO Go adds AirPlay support

HBO Go has been updated to version 2.0, bringing support for Apple's AirPlay feature to the app. HBO Go users can now stream video from any device running iOS 6 to any Apple TV that’s been updated to software version 5.1.1 or later.

HBO Go has been a feature on Apple TV competitors, such as the Roku, for some time now. Though there have been reports that it is coming to the Apple TV, it has yet to materialize. Until that day comes, allowing customers to use AirPlay to watch HBO content is decent stopgap. Use of HBO Go requires an HBO cable subscription.

I've tried it out and it works fine. You can even use some of the interactive features for shows that support them, like Game of Thrones. Go grab the update, and tell us what you think.

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HBO Go adds AirPlay support


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This is why I love Apple and can't break away. I attempted to use a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, fantastic phone btw, but stuff like this is what keeps me with Apple. So I reactivated my iPhone 5 and returned my Note 2.

I don't own an Apple TV but might buy one now. Can someone who owns one comment on what kind of quality I can expect streaming from the HBO Go app to my TV? Would it be similar to actually watching HBO on the TV?

The Xfinity app already allowed this functionality and access to HBO content (which is why it was silly for HBO Go to be so limited) and, if I remember correctly, the image quality on mine is good enough that we forget that it's coming from an iOS device.

I haven't tried the updated Go functionality, yet.

EDIT: According to the App store, The added functionality is only for devices running iOS 6.0 or greater and Apple tv's running 5.1.1 or later. Once I'm not updating my iOS devices, yet, I guess I won't experience this first-hand just yet.