Apple seeking new blood to lead ‘High Priority’ next gen Apple TV development

Apple seeking new blood to lead ‘High Priority’ next gen Apple TV developmentApple has posted a recruitment ad on its own site for a Software Engineering Manager specifically for the Apple TV team. It appears that Apple may be getting ready to move the Apple TV from the hobby stage into a full blown can’t do without living room necessity. According to the ad, Apple is seeking someone to deliver the next generation features for Apple TV.

The Apple TV team is looking for an experienced engineering manager to help deliver the next generation features for Apple TV. Bring your creative energy and engineering discipline, and help us bring the Apple experience to the Living Room.

Lead a team of engineers working on exciting new features and functionality - Drive releases from initial concept to completion

Work closely with cross functional teams, representing Apple TV across Apple - Develop the engineering plan for upcoming projects

Communicate status to key stakeholders and senior management

The rumors surrounding the Apple TV platform are always circulating with many believing that Apple will release its own actual television set. Each year we are told by analysts that it will arrive and so far we are still waiting. The other rumor and the one that is more likely in my opinion, is the release of an Apple TV SDK (Software Development Kit). This would allow developers to start creating apps for the Apple TV and could open it up to a whole new market. It had already been rumored that an event was planned for April however that has since been dismissed as incorrect.

The other option would be for Apple to continue with its content partner agreements where they strike deals with YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, major league sports, etc. on a channel-by-channel basis. Either way, the fact that Apple is publicly advertising for Software Managers to deliver the next generation features for the Apple TV and also calls it a “High Priority” is extremely interesting!

Source: Apple via 9to5 Mac

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Apple seeking new blood to lead ‘High Priority’ next gen Apple TV development


As of this post the Nintendo Wii U is my main viewing portal. Not only does it carry Hulu plus and Netflix but the amazon instant video too. Throw that on Apple TV and switch again I will.

It doesn't really inspire me with confidence when companies like Apple have to put out ads looking for people like this. "Lead a team of engineers"? Is it me or does it seem kind of silly to think Apple is going to hire someone to "lead" who they already have in place (in a short period of time)? Who exactly is going to come in and "lead" these engineers having more iOS knowledge than the ones already working at Apple?

It also implies that Apple has no idea where they're going with this. Have to hire someone first? Who's been running the Apple tv project anyway? Is the current team incompetent? Unable to promote someone from within to actually "lead" these engineers?

Or perhaps it's just their way of doing some PR. Post a job ad, let the blogs pick up on it. Keeps the interest brewing.

Isn't funny that everyone seems to be innovating, by what we read in the net, but Apple.

For every bit of rumor as to what Apple will be doing we find their competitors have the finished product in hand. They also churn out product after product hoping one will stick but it takes Apple to make any one product works and guarantees demand.

Yes Apple is doomed because the 80,000 folks working at Cupertino are clueless,,,,/s

Good to see Apple TV, HBO and Cinemax coming to agreement to allow streaming of their content via AirPlay