Skala View and Skala Preview updated for better, faster on-device app design previewing

Skala View and Skala Preview updated

Bjango's Skala View for iOS and its companion app, Skala Preview for Mac, have been updated to version 1.5. New Skala View features include the ability to choose which computer to connect to, faster and better networking, tap to refresh, and a variety of other design and functionality tweaks. New Skala Preview features include only the design and performance tweaks, but both pieces of software, both at version 1.5, are required for them to work their magic.

If you already own Skala View for iOS and Skala Preview for Mac, go grab the updates. If you don't yet own Skala, but you've been looking for a way to quickly, easily push your app designs from your Mac to test out on an actual iOS device, check it out.

Rene Ritchie

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toddtmw says:

Rene! Please! Please! Just READ YOUR POSTS before publishing them. Every single post you have ever made has had some sort of typo or misspelling. You are supposedly the editor in chief. How about actually editing your own work?
"If you don't get own Skala, but ..."