Win a FREE iPad mini in your choice of AnoStyle color!

Simply comment, like and/or follow for your chance to win a free AnoStyle colored iPad mini!

AnoStyle uses a brand new process that's anything but your typical color modification. It not only adds color to mobile devices but also provides an anodized finish with enhanced durability that actually meets military grade requirements. In the case of the iPad mini, it will greatly minimize the chances of scuffing and scratching in addition to providing fantastic new color options. Better still, according to the AnoStyle, it's now available internationally:

AnoStyle™ is now available internationally in over 50 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, Spain, Russia, the United Kingdom, and several more.

Best of all, to celebrate their international launch, AnoStyle -- which includes our own Ally Kazmucha -- is teaming up with iMore to give one of you lucky readers a free iPad mini in your choice of AnoStyle color!

To enter, simply:

  1. Follow @AnoStyleLLC and @iMore on Twitter
  2. and/or like and on Facebook
  3. Then leave a comment below telling us which color you want (see options here) along with your Twitter or Facebook name/link so we can notify if you win!

The fine print:

One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open internationally. And the prize is just the iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi, as is, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. As always, our regular contest rules apply. The contest begins now and ends Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 11:59pm PST.

Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 2724 comments. Add yours.

dDrAcO says:

Flat ruby would be great

Ozy says:

Gotta be blue. Copper. No, blue.

Either one actually. I'll be happy.
(email, por favor)

AncientToaster says:

Copper looks gorgeous. @AncientToaster on Twitter!

mikedaub says:

Gotta go with pink..


jjrobins1 says:

Blue Steel

hggs says:

Great contest! I like both the blue and flat black, torn between those two.

pommes says:

I would love to have a red one ! Thanks for the contest!

tuckerratcliff says:

Flat Black looks sick!!

@tuckerratcliff on Twitter, and tuckerratcliff on Facebook!

Toochief says:

You can reach me at @toochief

I would love the Red color for my son.

Thanks for the opportunity!

appledebrendan says:

flat black! @thatguyontwitr

bigern79 says:

Blue Steel please!


josephk71 says:

I like the Blue Steel.
All colors are nice.

jtnave says:

Gotta go with Red!

knights_09 says:

Red is the color I would want @edgarm09

Munale says:

@munale would pick flat black

Levi Saunders says:

Blue Steel - Zoolander all the way. @likethejeans

JoshuaGilliam1 says:

Never new that about an iPad mini!!!!!

reinermatthew says:

I would like a red one please. Thanks!

darthcarto says:

Blue Steel!

dalbertson says:

Blue steel looks so sweet! @dcalbie

dkampmann says:

Red. Looks like Cornhusker Red, so yes!


Thalion143 says:

@thalion143, Violet please.

niko_orsini says:

Absolutely flat black! :)

voenix rising says:

Teal. Definitely teal. @voenixrising

joenorton24 says:

Blue steal would be dope!


MaxGruber says:

Flat Black. Thanks for the opp!

CJamesAg95 says:

RED - Go Huskers!! ( @CJamesAg95 )

bradstoll says:

Gotta go with blue steel!

aeewhite says:

That flat black looks pretty good. @aeewhite

Bobbell69 says:

I,'m thinking blue for me please.

My twitter is @bobbell69

fadydizzle says:

I'll go with Blue if chosen. @FadyDizzle on Twitter. Thanks!

bustermin says:

Blue Steel, @minkota7399
Thanks again for another great contest!

GiRARDsays says:

Flat Black

Twitter: @GiRARDsays

rhaezorblue says:


Blue plz :)

scottblundell says:

Flat Black FMW!


Thanks for the opportunity!

idarn311 says:

If I win I would really like the Red one :) my twitter is @idarn311

caseyj10 says:

Blue steel all the way!

gvndeb60 says:

Copper!!!!! @GavinLHall

Themellowman850 says:

I would love green

rchartier says:


twitter --> @ryanchartier

Thx iMore and AnoStyle

dgreening says:

Orange would look on a white mini

VanSnipes says:

Violet for my Lady :)

albarghouthi says:

I'd love on in Blue Steel plz.


Hurmoth says:

Blue Steel looks awesome!!!

BeyondtheTech says:

My youngest daughter loves the Teal version. If I win, it's hers!


chengsz says:

Gotta go with Flat Black for Vader Black ipad mini to go with a vader black iphone 5


trickedoutdavid says:

flat black please

haffeypa says:

flat black


bklyn_babs says:

Love the pink!


Webcrsn says:

The Blue looks magnificent.

BrianTn1 says:



Talby says:

I'd have to go with blue steel

Brad Hall says:

Easy, Blue Steel
Reminds me of Zoolander, and is an awesome color.

Facebook: brhall

dlarocca says:

I'd love to have the Blue Steel one.

Here's my Facebook:

Thank You :)

poste says:

Love the blue @jennifero_neill

saurabh chhabra says:

i never owned an iPad,could you remove my sadness by giving me one with red color.i would be very grateful to you!

lesherbes says:

Absolutely elegant PINK!



RemkoH74 says:

Would love one in Blue Steel! Looks beautiful!


rmhess33 says:

Yes please! Copper! twitter: @denvergambler

djayme7 says:

blue blue blue suede shoes

darkmoonz says:

blue steel looks fantastic (as do all the other colors) (:


dmt316 says:

Blue looks fantastic!!!

wlossw says:

@wolfganglw gotta go with gold.

thatguykc says:

Gotta say that the Blue Steel looks very smooth. Now I need to go watch Zoolander.

zma15 says:

Black version please!!

jkomo001 says:

blue please :) thanks for chance!

Jeeverz says:

I would LOVE LOVE a Hello Kitty Pink one :) to match my iPhone!

Ellis Cohen says:

Blue Steel !

Thank you

kamisamaa says:

I want a blue one :)


Lordthree says:

Green please! I'm following!

crawlin_fingers says:

Red would be nice!

Twitter: @crawlin_fingers

jobu3434 says:

The FLAT BLACK option is sicktastic!

hugoalonzo#IM says:

Would like to have a Darth black mini, since I never downgraded from my 3rd gen iPad. @hugoagonzalez

pedzad says:

I would love the Blue Steel iPad Mini!

KekoaLani says:

Aloha, these colors are great and hard to choose from. I would love to win the teal one for my fantastic daughter who is working so hard on learning InDesign right now in one of her college classes. She deserves one because she never gives up and is always trying to learn something new. She is also one of the top graphic designers in her class and I am so proud of her! Mahalo AnoStyle for the chance to win an iPad mini in one of your fantastic colors!

FiboN says:

Copper on a white Mini

joyfulmom2 says:

I would love the "Violet" color one.

orvino says:

Gimme Flyers Orange Baby

DexterDog says:

Blue Steel - so Zoolander!


matb.num37 says:

My gosh! Would absolutely die for a red AnoStyle iPad Mini! Please let me be the lucky person: @Hey_Mat

JeremyHoutz says:

Blue Steel

Love you!

mikeram112 says:

Black and red!!!


quangvtruong says:

I want a blue one


dvasquez1475 says:

49ers red! Go Niners!


Osterlaus says:

Wohooo, these look good :) I'd like a blue steel one. Following you with @nicohaase

songbird says:

flat black please!


apache3030 says:

@dborrajo wants it yellow!! Good luck for all!!

sarder says:

Flat black please! I used the facebook like route Jeremy Sarder

zer0th says:

Teal please!


drewsammie says:

Orange please


UpdateiTNow says:

Followed both on twitter
...would love to see it in orange (please?)

Niels Dam says:

Definitely 'Flat Black', the color the iPad Mini should have been from the start.


TimothyJ32 says:

Would be looking to use working around the golf course. Big fan of the green. Great looking product! @timothyj32

gregauerbach says:

A flat black one would be so awesome. Thanks!!

~ @gregauerbach

DJYouso says:

Rose Gold would be nice!


therealmatt84 says:

Flat Black....need that vader black....

Raj Sadhra says:

I would like my Ipad mini in Blue Steal please! :-)


Tommy says:

@Tom2_2 on twitter.

jvernwald says:

I think I'm liking the red!

Officialdjdio says:

Would love to get an AnoStyle'd GREEN iPad mini since everything from my DJ logo to my eyes include the color green! :) hope to win this one! My twitter is @OfficialDJDio

iSRS says:

SORTING ANOSTYLE: Hmm, difficult. VERY difficult. Plenty of blue, I see. Not a bad red, either. There's teal, oh yes. And a thirst to be gold. But where to put you?
@srstarbird73: Not green. Not green.
SORTING ANOSTYLE: Not green, eh? Are you sure? You could be great, you know. It's all here in your head. And green will help you on the way to greatness, there's no doubt about that. No?
@srstarbird73: Please, please. Anything but green, anything but green.
SORTING ANOSTYLE: Well if you're sure, better be… BLUE STEEL!

Twitter: @srstarbird73
Facebook: shawnstarbird

danielcee3 says:

i want the blue ipad mini, @danielcee3 on twitter and on facebook

godfada says:

I want a flat black! TY!

darcian72 says:

Blue Steel, please. :)

@ derekwallace

markrgers says:

Flat Black.

Twitter - @markrgers

2BTs4Me says:

I would love the Blue Steel! It's gorgeous!


leodagamer says:

I really like the blue steel


Eric Edwards Jr says:

I would love the Flat Black!

aegraham says:

I'll go w/ Copper, please...


sledsworth says:

Green, please! :)


bradjbarnes says:

Gold please!

Twitter handle: @bradjbarnes

jorro111 says:

Flat black any day!!!!!

lniffin says:

Flat black!
Twitter: @lniffin

magaszka says:

teal will be great!


joelsofly says:

twitter: @joelsofly

alfinky says:

Rose Gold

zebulun12 says:

Steel Blue please. Facebook login Gregory Pitts Sr.

rdawson13 says:

Whoa, really like that Copper one!

Thanks for the opportunity.

Twitter: @rdawson83

daw1zard says:

Violet please - @TroyHixon (twitter)

snipper9 says:

Twitter: @akatwater

kennerknecht says:

Blue Steel FTW @Kennerknecht

YouveG0tMal says:

The blue steel is not only my favorite zoolander face... also my favorite anostyle color!


smccloud says:

Steel Blue
twitter: @shaunmccloud

benlee78 says:

Blue Steele looks sweet!

jhulgan says:

Pink for my daughter :)

daviskacer says:

blue steel please. I'd love to win one of these.

b_conley says:

Blue Steel please! :)

cs2213 says:

Blue Steel

eNavaC says:

I would like the Blue one!

paulthefencer says:

I'd like a blue one, please and thank you.

drewmakesmusic says:

Blue please!


redhawk79 says:

Red would be pretty awesome!!! @julesgails79

corsa180 says:

Tough choice between Blue Steel and Flat Black. Think I'd go Flat Black.


JivNatividad says:

Blue steel :)