Google opens their Maps SDK, lets developers replace in-app Apple Maps

Google opens their Maps SDK, lets developers replace in-app Apple Maps

Last night Google updated and opened up their SDK making it possible for any developer to use embedded Google Maps in their apps instead of Apple's Maps. According to Google's Geo Developer Blog, some new features are also included in the updated Google Maps SDK for iOS:

This version of the SDK includes support for ground overlays, gesture control and geodesic polylines.

Just like Apple replaced the original, Google-powered Maps app in iOS 6 with a new, non-Google powered version, the embeddable maps made available to developers in iOS 6 were subject to the same change. While users could switch to different maps apps if their wanted to, for developers who wanted to use different maps data, it wasn't as easy. Now it is, at least more so.

Since Apple's iOS 6 maps have struggled with point of interest data and overall accuracy, Google will likely find a receptive audience. If any developers are planning on switching, let me know how easy the process is, and how you find it works for your app.

And for users, any apps you hope to see make the switch?

Source: Google Geo Developer Blog

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cdwellr says:

Rene, what kind of case is that?

PilotPhil81 says:

I would rather use apples maps. I am done with google.