Staples begins selling Apple accessories

Staples begins selling Apple accessories

Everyone's favorite office depot, Staples, has started selling Apple accessories. Covering a wide range of products, items such as iPad Smart Covers, Airport Base Stations, and Apple TVs can be found on the their online store.

Staples is also offering various power adapters and cables, along with headphones and the Nike+ iPod sensor and kit. Staples has sold Apple products internationally for some time, but this is the first time they have done so in the U.S. These items have yet to show up in physical Staples locations, but with this new partnership in place, it can only be a matter of time before they do.

Anyone going to find buying Apple gear at Staples easier or more convenient than going to an Apple Store or existing partner, like Best Buy?

Source: Staples

Joseph Keller

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There are 4 comments. Add yours.

Dudley228 says:

I have a Staples closer to me then a Best Buy so I would buy an Apple product there if I needed one.

Zeroplanetz says:

I prefer Office Depot over Staples though. Just sad there falling behind the times.

BP41 says:

Nice. I get a corporate discount.

gvndeb60 says:

I wonder if their coupons will exclude Apple products like most of Best Buy's.