Google Maps updated with Contacts search, faster local search

Google Maps updated with Contacts search, faster local search

Google Maps has recieved it’s first updated since its launch in December. Version 1.1 includes Google Contacts search, improved local search, and the choice between miles and kilometers for distance units. The English language version of the app is now available the following countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

Google Contacts search allows you to search for a friend’s name and have their address appear in your search if you have thier address saved. You will be taken to that address on the map when you tap their name. Search has been improved with the addition of quick search icons. Tapping the search bar will cause the app to display icons for restaurants, coffee, bars, and gas stations. Tap the right-most icon to be given more quick searches. Tapping your chosen icon will automatically take you to a nearby establishment.

The update is live on the App Store. Grab it and let us know what you think.

Source: Google Maps blog

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Reader comments

Google Maps updated with Contacts search, faster local search


That Contacts Search... is that searching Google Contacts, or your iPhone's contacts?? I believe it's the former - not the latter.

It appears to search your contacts in your Google account but only ones with an address listed, of course.

Works quite well here, nice update.

A good update, yes. But forcing you to have your contact information in Gmail/Google contacts, which not all of us do. I understand why, but I don't keep as much in gmail/google because they throw it everywhere in your pages in an effort to make it easier, but, at least to me, clutters everything up and continually pushes the Google+ which I don't use and have yet to connect to a single person there.

That said, for those completely ingrained in the google suite if services, nice update.

I'm one of those fully ingrained in Google-land, so this is pretty dang nice for me.

Now I just want offline maps. Then it would be 90% as good as the Android version.

It does not search contacts from Google Apps accounts. Very frustrating! I signed out and signed in with regular Gmail account and it worked flawlessly.

It does not search your contacts. Contacts on my phone have addresses but none they are not showing up. disappointed. I don't know why they don't just ask for access to my contacts on my phone.

agreed, this is crazy they only made it show google contacts for results. not everyone has those. luckily i do so I am happy this is finally here and no more copy and paste. but still baffles me why they kept it this way. of course they want you to use all google services. but for contacts, is it that big of a deal to search for the ones on the phone. hmmm

It's not baffling, it's business. Google chose this route to maximize the chances of people signing up for their services:

1) Release a 1.0 to consensus reviews of "better than Apple Maps, but one big flaw -- needs contacts in order to be perfect"
2) Release a 1.1 that fixes that flaw, but only if you have Google contacts.

There will be a non-trivial number of people who like Google Maps/dislike Apple Maps enough to set up Google contacts (or at least sync what they have over to Google as well) to make better use of the Google Maps application. Each of those users represents an opportunity for Google they otherwise would not have.

I'm not saying I agree with that decision, but I understand it.

More like

1) Release 1.0 "better tan Apple maps, but needs to access contacts on my phone."
2) Release 1.1 does NOT fix that flaw.

Regardless of reason or motivation, it's a half assed attempt in my opinion simply because it was not a solution to the problem. It's like if you have a flat tire and someone puts a spare on a different car: it's not a solution to the problem.

Nope - to use your analogy, it is as if you have a flat tire, and somebody offers to fix it for you, and keep it fixed, as long as you patronize their gas station.

It's a solution to the problem - just a solution with a string attached.

This is nice. But what the ALSO need to do is give us a feature on Google Maps that lets us add a map listing to our Gmail Contacts. It's SO annoying every time I have to copy and past the name, address, phone, website, and email address of a business into my Gmail contacts one field at a time. Please fix this Google! And on Maps you let us 'send to email', but ONLY if we don't use Gmail! That feature opens up an exchange window that works with MS exchange only. Really? No 'send to gmail' option? Or 'send to gmail contacts'?