AnoStyle iPad mini winner, and a coupon code for everyone!

AnoStyle iPad mini winner, and a coupon code for everyone!

Last week AnoStyle teamed up with iMore to give away a custom colored iPad mini and you entered by the thousands. Well, the contest is now closed, the entries have all been counted, and a winner has been chosen at random.

Before we get to that, however, AnoStyle has been gracious enough to kick over a consolation coupon code for everyone who really wants a custom color iPhone 5 or iPad mini but didn't win. Simply use IMOREANOSTYLESPRING2013 at checkout to save $50 on your order from

But right here, right now, we we're going to tell you the winner.

After the break...!

...And the winner of the custom color AnoStyle iPad mini is:


Who wants it RED.

Congrats to our winner, and thanks to everyone who entered!

If you didn't win this time, be sure to enter all our other contests because it could be your turn to win next!

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Reader comments

AnoStyle iPad mini winner, and a coupon code for everyone!


OMG I literally jumped off the couch and screamed for joy!!!!! I'm in disbelief!!! Thank you so much Anostyle and iMore for making my day... You guys rock!!!

Aww, I never win anything. Except for that dollar. And I needed a new iPad, my original one broke. It was the antenna