New Iron Man 3 trailer is high on tech, low on laughs

The last Iron Man 3 trailer looked disturbingly like a Dark Knight Rises rehash and while the new one is slightly more fun, it still doesn't show much of the humor of the first two films. Given how belabored and off-key Dark Knight Rises was, I'm nervous.

Still, it's Old Shell Head looking even more Golden Avenger than usual, with War Machine getting the Iron Patriot paint on, and the often superb Ben Kingsley crammed into the many clichéd rings of the Mandarin, so while a lot could go wrong, there's still every chance the mighty Marvel movie machine gets this right. Or right enough that, come repulsor and uni-beam time, I won't care.

Iron Man 3 lands in theaters on April 25 or May 3, depending on where you live. In the meantime, there's tons of great content to load up on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Here are some of my favorites.



  • Iron Man: Extremis - $10.99 - Download now
  • Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle - $15.99 - Download now
  • Iron Man: Armor Wars - $15.99 - Download now
  • Iron Man: Iron Monger - Not available digitally, out of print in hardcover. Collects Iron Man 163 - 200. Marvel, get your prints together!
  • Ultimates 1 - $10.99 - Download (If you like it, get volumes 2-4 as well.)


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New Iron Man 3 trailer is high on tech, low on laughs



MOBILE NATIONS dude. iPhones and iPads. Nobody cares about comic books. Superhero movies suck and ARE ALL THE SAME. The Dark Knight (2008) was the only great superhero movie.

STOP making this site "Rene's personal comic books and Apple blog". STOP with stories about Apple employees. STOP with the stories about Apple corporate nonsense. NOBODY CARES. Is this not a tech website? It seems like more of a fanboy site most of the time.

Gadgets and apps, Rene. Remember that.

This site is a joke sometimes. Would be great if you could realize how stupid many of your posts are.

If a particular article doesn't interest you, its a much better use of your time and energy to just skip it rather than become enraged about someone's opinion on a comic book movie trailer.

Sorry if this story didn't interest you. No offense was intended. We try to cover a wide range of topics because we have a wide audience. If this one isn't to your tastes, please hit the previous or next story. I hope they're more to your liking!

Thanks again for being a reader!

Chill Skinny_Pere! Don't read the story for God's sake! To Renee:Appreciate the extension to geek news actually, keep it coming.

A superhero movie is only as good as its villain. Put a mask on the actor playing that villain and you hide most of their acting skill. They turn into a mannequin. That's the problem with Bane (and Green Goblin, etc.)

There are exceptions to the rule, e.g. Darth Vader. Then again, George Lucas wouldn't know real acting skill if it crawled out of his pants. So the more masks in Star Wars the better.

Haha, it had its moments but Nolan never got the Batman character, and Dark Knight Rises meandered far more than the previous films.

The problem with being a costumed/masked hero of any kind is in either voluntarily revealing your secret identity, or it being somehow discovered by the bad guys. This is what made The Dark Knight Rises a "belabored" movie and this has become a problem for Tony Stark, which is obviously going to have ill effects on this movie. There's a reason to keep the secret identity of a costumed hero, secret. The story does not become more interesting by unmasking a masked hero. There simply is no benefit to doing so. If the intent of doing so is to make the hero "vulnerable", "approachable" or even "believable", that just doesn't work. It didn't work in "Batman and Robin", "The Dark Knight Rises", and I doubt it will work well for Ironman 3.

Is the time limit to edit comments, ten seconds? Jeez.

It occurred to me that the entire premise of Iron Man 3, how Stark's ego influenced desire for attention drove him to make the ill fated decision to reveal his secret identity, place the people he cares about (most notably, Pepper), in danger and require him to reassess that decision while dealing with the fallout from it (Mandarin's actions). There's plenty of action, tech, and visuals to keep the movie from sucking, but hopefully it doesn't become anywhere near as "belabored" as The Dark Knight Returns. Of all of the Batman movies, this last one is the one that I've only watched once and have no desire to ever see again.

They unmasked Iron Man at the end of the first movie, however, and he's been public in the comics, mostly, for decades.

It's a different dynamic.