CONTEST: Win an OGIO Renegade RSS 17 backpack!

Leave a comment below for your chance to win an ultra-modern, ultra-awesome OGIO backpack!

The OGIO Renegade RSS 17 backpack is a smart carrying solution for smart people. I've got one in for review and we'll be giving it all shades of abuse for the next week or so, but the folks at OGIO are so excited, they want to give you guys a chance to win one of your very own now, now, now. Here are the specs:

  • iPad Sleeve especially designed for new generation iPads
  • “Armor-protected” laptop compartment with a reactive suspension system fool-proof from drops, kicks and bumps
  • Fleece-lined valuable compartment for sunglasses, lenses or other delicate items
  • Dashboard organization panel with key clip and various accessory compartments
  • Hybrid-Unibody Back (HUB) Panel – EVA foam-molded back support for ergonomic alignment and enduring comfort for extended wear
  • “Sweet Spot” Shoulder straps with advanced foam padding optimally positioned for comfort
  • Expandable phone pocket for easy access to an iPhone or iPad mini, or any size smartphone or mini-tablet

And here's how to enter to win:

We'll pick a winner and OGIO will send you your prize! The give-away starts now and ends Friday, March 8, 2013, at 11:59pm PST. So hurry up and enter now!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 555 comments. Add yours.

Linda Woznick says:

My 9 year old son likes the entire design
& wants one for all his school books & lunchbag!!!!!

lostaggie says:

Love the dedicated ipad pocket...

iamgster2 says:

I like most is all the compartments and I've never won something before and that is why I would love to win this!

jessemnajera says:

Perfect for my MacBook , iPad , iPhone and all my other junk!! Was just shopping around for a better bag too.

ern741 says:

I like how well thought out an complete it is. Looks good too.

icecrystal23 says:

The iPad pocket and armored laptop pocket seem like great ideas for my commute!

GlennRuss says:

The sweet spot shoulder strap.

Blaze_Grim says:

The RSS backpack is just awesome. Is has everything someone could want in a backpack. Its just so spacious without a lot of bulk. Im a college student and I would have to say this would be perfect for me. I have some classes that require books and other my Mac. Im also studying photography and I need to take my camera to class as well. If I were to have this backpack, my life would be at ease. I would feel like I'm carrying less but having all the items I need on my back. It would mean a lot to me if I had this backpack in my possession. It is a life saver.

Vette Nielsen says:

I lost everything in California and have traveled tou Oregon with what I had left in my backpack. I love my backpack and need the compartments likr the RSS 17!!

wfa31 says:

It can handle both a tablet and laptop! and protecting them, which is very cool thing! and i also liked the HUB (Hybrid Unibody Backpanel) for ultimate comfort!

Since i travel a lot, and always need to have my mackbook pro with me! this could be awesome tool! can't have one because of the shippment!

MikeCase says:

The laptop compartment really catches my eye because of how protective it is. I would hate to have such an expensive thing get damaged.

pinpoint007 says:

I like the design...the benefits of its ruggedness is a given, but I like that its sporty, but still understated enough that I could use it at my office. I'd like to win this since my current bag's shoulder strap is broken and it keeps falling off!


tomdooley says:

Wow, thats a sturdy bag, great for storing your laptop, tablet and all. I especially like the re-inforced pocket for glasses!!

DeepSpaceKSA says:

I t is beautiful & holds more than what you except from just looking at it and does not forget anything for the techies. I want one because I like it.

scampi says:

Armor protection for all the mobile devices in one backpack is very nice.

Riduanua says:

i want one its so cool

popescuvictor1 says:

the thing I like the most is the look

baghramdunks says:

i love that it has so many compartments

dsump says:

I really like the tech thoughts that went into this bag. I think this bag will blow the doors off my 5.11 field bag. I'm definitely going to buy one if I don't win one.

bbsadaj says:

I like that Ogio products are so well made.

HAL 8950 says:

Love the suspension system to protect from the drops and kicks of everyday life!

Bill_Johnson says:

Definitely all the pockets! Allows for ultimate organization. Thanks for the chance to win one!

Art Tuazon says:

WOW. I love that backpack. Go make me a Dora with that backpack

Nurseguy76 says:

This is SO COOL!!! I WANT ONE!!! PLEASE!!!!

jestnut says:

I love the amount of dedicated pockets. Ipad, media storage, and EVEN sunglasses, that is a well thought out bag!!!

ggulick says:

Quick access phone pocket.

pidjay says:

Pockets for iPad, MacBook and my sun glasses! And enough spare space to add a load full of documents :]

gigiboy says:

I love the strategic positioning of multiple pockets. It'll be extremely comforting to know my gadgets are well protected. My gadgets AND my spine. :)

citron1 says:

Bam! Coolest backpack I've ever seen. I have something to put in every compartment.

gammills08 says:

I love the pocket for my iPad and iPhone. I carry a lot of electronics with me so this would be awesome.

jcb18 says:

I like how much OGIO put thought into protecting your gadgets.
- Armor protected dedicated laptop compartment with RSS fits most 17” laptops
- Integrated foam panels keep your electronics and other valuables protected
- Padded iPad™/tablet/e-reader pocket
- Crush proof Tech Vault pocket with soft tricot liner


HardBoiled says:

I like the dedicated, armored compartment for the laptop: "Armor protected dedicated laptop compartment with RSS fits most 17” laptops." Nice!

Hoosier says:

nice backpack...what can't it carry

BravoKiloUno says:

I have a (low tech) ogio backpack already...very durable. would like this for work and part is suspension sleeve for my laptop. sweet!

cheesey69 says:

Can't pick one thing, but being able to carry my laptop and my ipad, that will enable both my son and I to be entertained wherever we go

chrishull says:

The way every thing is laid out for such great accessibility! I need this bag for taking on flights.

martinp13 says:

I love the plethora of front compartments. Easy to get at the little stuff without digging in the main black hole.

iDonev says:

Um... I don't NEED the bag, but I wouldn't shy away from it either!

QuezXLV says:

I'd prefer a backpack like this to my current shoulder laptop bag.

jmripollg says:

Wow, very nice! Love all the different compartments. I don't sign up for contests very often but this one is totally worth it!

Alpay AKYOL Taraz says:

i really like this huge backpack but not sure does it look for persons older than 36.

brmperc says:

I love that I can carry my 17" MBP, my daughter's iPad, and all of the snacks, paper, crayons, and assorted detritus that she wants/needs everyday as we trek through NYC!

Kim Heang says:

the design is quite interesting, and all the seperate pockets are logically well placed. would love to have one for my everyday school and for my trip (with my 15" laptop). hope luck for me...

Nelimungous says:

Perfect for my new college student! The phone sleeve on the strap is a great option! Thanks for the chance to WIN!

ChaosShadow says:

Love the shoulder straps and the abundant amount of storage space!

moremore says:

Backpack looks awesome. I like the fact that it has a sleeve for my iPad.

sprocket2107 says:

The Hybrid-Unibody Back panel. I had spine surgery 2 years ago and finding a backpack comfortable enough for my back is tough. I believe this would be a game changer.

VinWin5 says:

I love all the compartments! I could really use this! I hope I win!

by1333 says:

I was just looking at backpacks on a different site.
Could use this..


This bag is amazing everythin you will need is there business o personal use this is the bag you need

justwes says:

What do I like about it?

I can fit ALL my stuff in it and then some.

Matt_M says:

This would definitely be great for all my iNeeds. I am always on the go, always on the streets, from riding my bike to my friends house, to walking to the nearest coffee shop to work on my macbook, I have been to the OGIO headquarters here just outside Lehi Utah, and there bags are always top quality. My favorite is all the pockets would be a great for carrying all my iDevices and they see like they would be very well protected. My other bags just are not doing the trick.

NickeyO says:

I love all the individual compartment for organization and safety of devices/belongings. Great Bag.

l108g says:

What I like most about it is the HUB (Hybrid Unibody Backpanel) for ultimate comfort and it would be my dream backpack for mobile business...Thank you!!!

gsaggioro says:

I love the overall design, all the compartments, and it looks very comfy!
Hope to be the lucky one!

raysivley says:

Id Love this backpack!!! Mine is coming apart and I need a new one. The armor protection is a sweet deal and I love all the space for carrying everything you could possibly need. Great for the business/sales guy on the go!

petebretzke says:

My backpack has becomes more of a traveling office than simply a computer bag. This model from Ogio looks like it has everything I'm looking for in a backpack

manutd7 says:

There appears to be a designed, real-world purpose to each pocket and compartment. Most bags have random pockets and sleeves which do not necessarily fit real accessories or devices. Love the layout.

teocady says:

Won't know till I try it.

Schuthrax says:

I like all the space, it would be really helpful for motorcycle commuting.

ja29#AC says:

I really need a new bag for work. This would be perfect for all my gear. Love the protection it would provide for my laptop and ipad.

deeptali says:

This is wonderful, thanks imore. Would like to have it if I am lucky

shinuyuki says:

I would like the ability to have all my technology in one bag without worrying about them being damaged.

Xanaduto says:

Sweet backpack for techies, love it

Unkept says:

I must say the integrated foam seems a good idea for the amount of electronics I carry on a daily basis, not to mention the laptop compartment would finally be large enough for my laptop!

scuebydue says:

I like how the pockets are crush proof. I travel and take a lot of devices. Its a must

MelleyMan says:

Looks like they designed for people who actually USE backpacks. Love to have one!

evans1499 says:

This would be awesome to use to carry all of my gadgets to work.

felipekesar says:

I think the fact that there are so many pockets for the organized techoholic is absolutely superb

dawggg63 says:

Awesome organization & protection. (bookmarked in case I don't win)

Syep says:

I love the crush proof Tech Vault pocket feature!

rowdys03 says:

It's well padded for multiple devices. Major plus!

RoboWarrior says:

I enjoy the large amount of pocket and dedicated gadget pockets, especially the iPhone one. This will be a great upgrade to the backpack I currently use for school.

BigLan says:

Wow, this backpack has more pockets then Batman's utility belt! A must-have item!

serwan says:

I like this bag coz of plenty of packets and as uni student i can use this bag to keep my ipad, macbook and notbooks ad well as other utilities and its design is fantastic

martuca says:

Soooo many pockets, so little time!

ernbrdn says:

I love my ogio backpack, but would love an upgrade.. This bag adds a few new features to the one I currently rock and would love to have my gear stowed in this bad boy.

brent86 says:

Gotta love the Padded iPad/tablet/e-reader pocket!

zerog46 says:

This would be awesome to win!

gallagru says:

it's got room for pretty much everything i need to take with me on a regular basis. all the padding will keep my gear safe!!

Deval Chhaniyara says:

I lug my laptop around a lot and have a habit of carrying a lot of gadgets. This bag offers the protection that others don't and it has a special compartment for my iPad. I was sold with these two points :)

vsti says:

I really like the design of the backback. See, most of those backpacks with lots of space do not look that good. And since i travel a lot in my weekends I really need some room in my backpack! Looks like an awesome backpack where I can store all my stuff properly :)

Markedus Marshall says:

The bag is great-looking. It has so many compartments for my: iphone, Macbook, ipod, and ipad mini. Besides housing those gadgets, the bag offers plenty of room for books, beverages, and other necessities. It looks real nice and roomy. I'd love to have that bag instead of the current bag I carry that has hardly any room for all the gadgets I have.

guillaume_th says:

love the organization , really incredible bags. congrat OGIO.

dkjicsow says:

I love how it has a special storage for my phone. I want this so bad!

asciotto says:

come on, an expandable phone pocket?? I must own this

Katakook says:

I love that it will be able to hold everything I need. As a carry-on for a flight or an everyday backpack for school and work.

quacker24 says:

The best feature is the ability to place multiple electronics in and still have lots of space to fit other storage.

MacsRule says:

Just what I am looking for - Secure, Substantial & Sturdy. Please could I have one!

redsandvb says:

Like its toughness, lots of pockets/room, keeps everything safe. Need one because my old bag is pretty much dead...

applejosh says:

Other than the padded iPad pocket, I really like side pockets and water bottle holders. It's little touches like this that make a backpack truly useful when traveling.

masongrant55555 says:

I love the look and feel of it, plus its big enough to hold all the reasons I love iMore!

MichaelBass says:

I could also use it as a bike bag for riding to and from work.

Raptor007 says:

That is one badass bag. Considering my current Ogio case and Timbuk2 bags don't fit my new 17.3" laptop, and I really need a new bag to accommodate that along with the iPad 4 128GB I will be ordering soon this does look like a sweet bag indeed. Compact, but tons of storage and great padding for the shoulders.

Jejoro says:

Pick me! Pick me!
I have never win anything my whole life...!!!

cntacuff says:

need this to carry all of my work accessories

blackddog says:

Looks like a nice bag. It has space for my macbook pro and tablet. Along with many other things I may carry on the go.

Colson_D says:

I like the look and the ruggedness of it. I also think the valuables compartment is pretty sweet.

johnnymac says:

Bottom line - I need this. I'm rocking an old Sierra Designs thing and its time has come and gone. Make me happy Ogio!!

mariasteva says:

This bag is really awesome. It looks very strong and ergonomic. I like how they have "safe" compartments for notebook, tablet, or even an expandable phone pocket. Do want this!

TxGoatHead says:

I like the pocket on the left shoulder strap for my iPhone. It would be great if I could win this!

Colin Jeffers says:

Wow. This is an awesome bag. It seems as though it as built with me in mind lol. A compartment for my MacbookPro, iPad, iPhone, space for my chargers and even my sunglasses! LOVE it! With such attention to detail (in terms of compartments), it would be much easier and quicker for me to access my devices and put them back into their compartments when going through security at the airport and otherwise.

bradly keller says:

I have had an OGIO bag for years. They are high quality construction with lots of useful compartments. Can wait to get this bag!

chaddivis says:

I like all the different compartments, but the best one is the laptop compartment. This backpack would make my life much easier when I take my bike. I would now be able to take everything with me.

GavinCampbell says:

My favorite feature is all of the compartments. It beats my current bag where I just throw everything into one place all together.

Matthew Sherman says:

Great look, plenty of functional compartments.

IcantCanything says:

Looks like I found my next backpack it doesn't matter if I win or have to buy it! I need one.

Danocamera says:

The expandable phone pocket, to be sure!

Hayden Carl Dela Cruz says:

it will be the first here in the UAE if i win, it has a good compartment for may apple products that i carry everyday at work.

heynik88 says:

I like that it has pockets for all the extra stuff beyond a laptop, like your phone, sunglasses, a water bottle, etc. Looks really comfortable too!

texaszman says:

I love the sheer number of pockets for all my gear, including laptop AND iPad. Very Cool.

RobertsDP says:

I like the iPad compartment... I always hate searching to find the Pad when the pack full of stuff... this is way more organized

cMc says:

Great overall pack, love all the pockets especially the placement of the phone compartment.

overide2 says:

Love the sunglasses compartment and front iphone pocket.

Oliverf says:

What an awesome bag. I love the adjustable sternum strap and protective hard sunglasses compartment the best. This bag trumps my Swissgear by a mile!!!

abc1111 says:

The Renegade bag has padded mouse/digital camera pocket. I don't have that in my laptop bag.

Chromonologist says:

Goes to show RSS is not dead! Man I love Ogio bags! My work gives them out for safety awards, but I have yet to win one. Hopefully my luck will be better with iMore.

jmalloch says:

So much room to carry everything that a tech junky could possibly need on a daily basis.

2k3sgm says:

toss me in the mix for a backpack. I could use a new one.....bad!

AhmadSameer says:

That's a nice bag! . am I likely to win ? I am not living in the US :(

clos101288 says:

The weakness' of this bag are yet to be and will likely never be realized! It has everything anyone could ever need and does so in a simplistic fashion. For example, OGIO takes into account every minute detail such as a protective sunglass compartment, to a seamless strap to keep you beverages in place. This backpack would be perfect for a law student like me that walks down the streets of Chicago with a subpar backpack that can only carry a quarter of my bible sized textbooks. Please have my back and help a student get his books to school in a succinct way!

silmizuno says:

there is basically a pocket for anything and everything. win.

Steve Trotto says:

The RSS-17 will carry all my equipment when on the road. Love the styling and you know it is a quality product.

Brint Callaway1 says:

Very Nice. Would make the day much easier!!!!

gr1337 says:

I love the special pockets for anything. Really smart backpack.

therealelv says:

I want it so Ivan all 3 iPads and my mophies with me where ever I go

bbskh says:

Pockets for all my stuff. Very useful. I could really use this.

joker1138 says:

Pockets pockets pockets!

RPayne617 says:

unlimited compartments.....would be great for travel

saichick04 says:

This would be great for when I travel! My Jansport is on it's last leg!

garynky says:

The main reason I would like this laptop is the level of protection provided to all of the tech I have to carry on a daily basis. That's always my main concern when carrying my MacBook, iPad, etc....


33497746 says:

Lots of pockets + Free!!! I want it!!!

xikle says:

Having seperate pockets for my laptop and my iPad Mini my favorite feature of the backpack.

tjlambert says:

Yes, a suitable world traveller.

Chut18 says:

I love the style of this Bag

rbohl says:

A great looking back pack. It has more pockets than I have gadgets, but I alway like a challenge!

Nathan Grey says:

The multitude of storage pockets. I especially liked the additional storage area for mice and cables. I love my Macs but most cases don't provide good storage solutions for cables and mice.

valoryross says:

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yocubed says:

wow that thing looks really awesome. I love the amount of pockets and padding in it. Would love to get my hands on it to carry all my tech gadgets

RocketmanNY says:

Incredibly smart and efficient design. Best pocket layout I have come across.

alexfisher says:

I love all of the compartments and pockets. I would have a place for everything!! Would love to win this and rock it out

xtremeled says:

I need something bigger for the iPad and I really need to win something to give my life meaning

blackhawk205 says:

My iPhone, my iPad, and my MacBook pro all in one protected pack!! I gotta have this!

onlineboypr says:

As a Mobile DJ this will be a perfect gift for me

sscors27 says:

Overall protection of my favorite tech gadgets. I can't read Imore if my Idevices are broken.

steenrock01 says:

Like the pockets, especially the one for the iphone / ipad mini!

Matthew Tanner says:

It's very simplisitc and that's why I want it

fduhart says:

It is simply the best backpack ive seen! I hope I get it!!

estroh says:

I like how versatile the bag is with many pockets for separate gear.

cbase says:

Love phone pocket on front strap along w/ adjustable chest strap. Separate well protected laptop and iPad sleeves are a necessary combo. Overall a well thought out bag w/ a number of very smart additions! Pick me please! Lol

NotHomer says:

Being a person who likes everything to have its place, I would have to say all of the pockets are my favorite thing about this bag.

Philipntx says:

I like that it can hold everything!

themacmonk says:

Wow, this looks AWESOME, and I'm not normally a fan of backpack laptop carriers!

Styles3576 says:

Would love this bag. I'd mate it with a mophie power pack & take my motorcycle for the LONGEST ride.

ruscolinni says:

This is the perfect bag for work.... Can easily carry all my apple products!

haileysmom26 says:

I love the water bottle holder, however, my favorite thing is the organization that comes with this new backpack!

billtc says:

I like the Armor-protected laptop compartment and want one because I just broke my macbook air which was in my nike backpack

xjubeix says:

As a freelance Social Media Contractor, I don't have an "office" when I leave the house, and this backpack looks perfect to take the office with me (macbook pro 13" and iPad, flipcam, and more!). Love it!

ricksuttles says:

The overall design of the backpack is great! Plenty of storage without compromising on the details and look. I would love to have one! Thank you!

erikbock says:

I love the Ogio backpacks and I need a new one.

shockwave88#IM says:

would love to win perfect to go to work and go on trips have many different pockets :)

bheetebrij says:

I love how it has pockets for organising your gear in the bag. I like things to have their place and know where to look for it. Great stuff!

Iphone7291 says:

I really like that it is stylish and it has protective areas designated for a laptop and iPad. I want this so I can keep all of my apple products protected when I'm on the go!!

danieljihoonchoi says:

I like how the bag looks tough on the outside yet keeps your valuables nice and safe with its fleece lined compartments.

J B Cooper says:

It's padded and light. I have two issues with most backpacks; protection and weight. I have high tech gear that needs protection, as well a health condition that sometimes makes me weak. I don't like extra weight when that's sensitive to me, but then no one wants extra weight anyway.

kbaigio says:

ability to organize and easy access..

rohit rao says:

I am literally drooling over this superb bag, alas i can't afford it . I love the smooth compartment fo iphone . iMore please help me get it.

thedzfamily says:

Has lots of tech awesome pockets and compartments for all of my stuff!!!

Ian Boodhai says:

For a person that commutes with tons of devices and accessories this is a great bag, love all the compartments and the laptop compartment is unbeatable.

Digimelt says:

Really liking the way they designed the airflow on the back of it and the shoulder straps. Looks very comfortable to wear even loaded down with all of your gear. As much as I travel through airports, these points are always very important to me.

thechucklingcod says:

This is the most functional backpack for traveling!

smccloud says:

The "“Armor-protected” laptop compartment with a reactive suspension system fool-proof from drops, kicks and bumps"

AVHemi5256 says:

This looks like a fantastic bag. I would love to win one.

leocapot says:

It looks awesome. The iPad and laptop conpartment are amazing. Also, the iPhone holder next to the straps is beatiful.

keishou says:

I love all the compartments it has without being super bulky! It will definitely get good use with all the gadgets and items I would carry around.

rkd2398 says:

Wow that is an awesome backpack. All that protection!!! I would love to replace my current bag with that.

authentic103 says:

I've been thinking about getting a new bag and this would be perfect!

suen says:

It has loads of compartments and it sure does is gonna be comfortable with the sternum adjustable strap. Not to mention the military vault. This is the perfect backpack for me.

ml814 says:

There is a place for everything. The design was very thought out.

meyerch5 says:

protected laptop sleeve! when i travel, that's what i worry about most, one big knock to the MBP...

Sph33r says:

I like the iPad pocket, I need one of those.

RoxanneIsNumber1 says:

I don't know what specifically I like most about this backpack is, but the reasons that I would want one are the ruggedness, amount of compartments, and specific pocket for the ipad.

sgillila777 says:

Favorite feature? I would have to say the "Armor protected dedicated laptop compartment with RSS fits most 17” laptops". I'd primarily be using it to carry a laptop, so best to have it armor protected.

yacoby54 says:

Having multiple devices for both personal and work use I need a bag with ample space and support to carrying all of the devices. At any given time I have my work laptop, two iPads, an Android tablet and 3 smart phones (2 business and 1 personal). The Renegade backpack has enough space for all of those devices plus room for my sunglasses (which is an awesome feature) and my bluetooth keyboard & mouse.
This bag has it all and I would love to own one!

seandre300O says:

I have to carry multiple devices for work. I like that I can carry all of them and they are all completely protected and easily accessible.

Pedals says:

I have had a few Ogio gym bags and it's a quality, heavy duty product. I like the looks of this backpack and can see the Ogio quality in the pictures. It looks like a great backpack filled with nice features.

CR4V3 says:

I love the suspension laptop compartment.

socal5vee says:

Great design!
Definitely took into consideration what every on the go tech user needs. Love the phone pocket incorporated into the front shoulder strap.

Hywelbane says:

I love the compartmentalization which would make it easier to find items quickly (Such as a power adapter or external hard drive)

Dionte says:

That looks awesome, I love how there is a place for everything.

Matthew Trimble says:

Looks like I great bag. I use an OGIO golf bag and love it!

naitsuap says:

My backpack is my life so if my house burned down right now I'd still have everything important already with me and this backpack is amazing with all that padding, protection, and a plethora of pockets to keep my crazy world organized.

Machine gunport says:

Love the laptop compartment, would be great for travel.

mimspkt says:

Reasons to upgrade.
1) I already have the older Renegade
2) Laptop retrieval from the top
3) iPad sleeve
4) Mad pockets

langley182 says:

Pockets. I love pockets. Everyone loves pockets.

novakjo1 says:

I love the fact that this backpack has a pocket for EVERYTHING!!! No more having to make a generic pocket work for the various electronics and accessories for my devices.

matts3345 says:

The amount of pockets and the durability are the best things for me

Wolverican says:

My favorite part of the bag in the protected storage compartment. Perfect for carrying fragile items.
They didn't waste an inch of space on this thing. Genius. Pick me!!

johnbooth3 says:

The questions should be what not to like. I like everything about this. Top load laptop, for up to 17". Dedicated iPAD pocket, side pockets, padded electronics area. I could go on but I will just drool and pray I win this.

kamisama14 says:

It has so much pocket and one for my iPad too :)))

jags101 says:

i love how much space this has, working in radio i carry all types of equipment and just plain stuff so i love a bag with a lotta room!!!!

iarv68 says:

Very nice. I'd like to have one to put all my devices. Lots of pockets.

jeffmilton says:

Looks as rugged and stylish as the messenger bag i used to have and miss. $150 is a fair for the quality.

beggari says:

My current bag is old and falling apart. Don't want my goods falling out! Thanks.

eurafega says:

the Quick access expandable phone pocket is perfect for me, because living in Montreal is quite difficult with all the stuff you have to carry during winter.

07GD SFD says:

I like the fact that they took into consideration all the various uses it can serve. I'm taking a trip soon and this would be perfect to help carry my iPad, iPhone and I especially like the soft-lined pocket for keeping my sunglasses in. The perfect carry on bag!

heatwave16 says:

I'm a big Ogio fan. I love that it has a dedicated iPad sleeve!!! That is perfect. Plus, I love all the compartments. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect bag, and this a great choice.

khl says:

I like having separate pockets for a tablet and a laptop.

Unreal.images says:

Love the amount of pockets there are in that bag. This bag is perfect for people like me, that carries a whole lot of cables.

Braun00 says:

Capacity and Armor protected dedicated laptop compartment with RSS

jshanik says:

this is a bag for now and the future. Designed for the person on the move. Can i have one please?

donaldarchuleta says:

Looks like it has functionality but I like the iPad compartment!

Todd Corkum says:

I can't decide on just one. My three of my favorite things, 1. suspension Laptop sleeve, 2. Tablet sleeve and 3. built in sunglasses holder.

baloghjz says:

I love the sunglasses pocket on the top of the bag!

arin.failing says:

This is perfect for an Apple fanboy, such as myself. It will hold each of my iDevices securely. I wouldn't have to find a backpack with only a tablet pocket, or only a laptop pocket anymore... not to mention, I can place my iPhone in there, as well! And if I end up getting an iPad mini, I won't have to worry about having a pouch too big or small for it!

malone18#IM says:

I love all the specialized compartments as well as the overall look of the bag. It's durable and fashionable.

cyberdragon666 says:

I like the 17 inch laptop pocket. Very sad that Apple no longer sells a 17 in Macbook Pro... Love the organizational compartments though!

Legellan says:

Love that it fits a 17" laptop!

Jason Reisch says:

Plenty of storage options for my work laptop and personal tech, et al. This bag easily beats my work-issued Targus backpack and takes its lunch money, the Targus having been an inferior replacement for my Booq bag which was a damn good bad itself.

Jeffoquinn says:

I know this bag will be awesome. I have numerous Ogio polo shirts and they are by far the best shirts that I own. I get compliments on them all the time.

CantPutt9 says:

Love the look and protection it gives my devices.

Pancakes68 says:

It would be awesome to win that!!!

prewanabe says:

I love that it is designed to carry both an ipad and a laptop. That would come in handy as I travel.

zachslusser says:

i like the look of this bag and the storage space. I'd like to win it.

dahofmann14 says:

By far the think I love most is the capability to take all my Apple devices everywhere I go. I have over 10 devices and now I would have room to store it all!

psiclne says:

I love that it has a pocket on the strap for my iPhone. I want it because its has many more pockets than my Oakley.

ynish says:

I travel all the time for business and I'm super OCD. I'm always looking for pouches, etc to organize all the knick-knacks in my backpack or briefcase. This bag is compartments galore and will solve all my issues. Good job OGIO.

my74034 says:

So many compartments, this is truely a tech lovers backpack. The sunglass compartment is a great feature, but my favorite is the smartphone compartment on the shoulder strap. Quick easy access.

iKNS says:

Nice overall design especially the easy access pocket for iPhone or iPad mini.