Incredimail for iPad review

Incredimail for iPad review

Incredimail is a visual email client for iPad that displays your email as a collage of snippets of text and photos from your messages. With Incredimail, you can see more of your emails at first glance and easily flip through your messages.

Incredimail offers full IMAP and iCloud support and features a unified inbox. You can also choose to look at individual accounts from the sidebar. When browsing through your email, they are displayed as a collage of boxes that contain previews of your messages. If you've connected your Facebook account and you have an email from someone who is also on Facebook (same email account that the user has registered with Facebook), then their profile image will appear. Incredimail will also display photos in message previews.

When you tap on an email, it'll open up full-screen with options to reply, forward, star, or mark as unread. If the email is part of a conversation, then a preview of just those emails will display first.

In addition to email, Inredimail also has a photo inbox. This inbox currently only supports Facebook, but they have promised to add more services in the future (hopefully Instagram!). From the Photo Inbox, you can view images posted by your friends, like them, and share to Twitter.

The good

  • Full IMAP support
  • Unified inbox
  • Visually organized inbox
  • Send attachments
  • See previews of your email messages
  • Facebook Faces on emails from Facebook friends
  • Link previews
  • Conversation threads
  • Live search
  • Photo Inbox (currently only supports Facebook)
  • Email stationery

The bad

  • I would prefer continuous scrolling instead of page scrolling (an option for either would be great)
  • As of now, Photo Inbox only offers Facebook support

The bottom line

Incredimail isn't powerhouse mail client; rather, it's for those times you want to take your time and browse through your email. If you get a lot of photos, links, and attachments, the visual layout of Incredimail is a great way to enjoy your email. I have chosen not to add any of my work email addresses to Incredimail and love to use to catch up on those fun emails I put off to look at when I have time and to browse through Facebook photos.

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Reader comments

Incredimail for iPad review


Seems impressive. I like the GUI very much; seems extremely user-friendly. The best part is that it offers a tremendous amount of information on the screen without making you feel like the screen is utterly cluttered. It's a shame there is no iPhone version.

I remember when everyone was screaming for IMAP support, as POP3 was the standard way back when. IMAP offers folders, which was a major plus over POP3. That being said, I like this app, but it's gotta have Universal support, especially if I want to have a similar experience on my iPhone and not have to "resort" back to the native Mail app.

Thank you for your feedback!
Incredimail currently doesn't support POP3 accounts.
The option of moving messages to a folder will be available in the upcoming updates.

A lot of providers use pop3 instead of imap. For example Cox. However pop3 doesn't sync across email clients.

It's visually appealing, but I don't get a lot of images and such from contacts. This content mostly comes via social media. Nice idea though.

Reading all of the hubbub, I had to give it a try. After almost a full day of using Incredimail I had to switch back to my generic Gmail on iPad. Visually it was stunning, but it was lacking so much that I was already accustomed to. Maybe after several updates and tweaks I would consider switching back.

We recently updated Incredimail app by adding an unread & spam folders. More features will be available soon in the next update.

It looks great on iPad mini!
I couldn't find any good email app when I had an iPad mini . There is a several good gmail client apps for iPhone such as gmail from google, mailbox and so on.. But this app is absolutely good looking on iPad mini and that's what I've been waiting for

It's looks a little like what Flipboard is to news gathering - pretty cool looking but a tad gimmicky? Perhaps i am being cynical. I guess the counter-point would be to ask "who said email had to look so dull?" It's good people are thinking of new ways to interface such a key tool in everyone's life.

I tried it as well. Several accounts wouldn't load until after I tried 4 times. Even then they did not update correctly, showing several emails that either had been deleted or moved to folders. And there is signature support. That's pretty absurd. Another app that was released before it was ready. Do these people beta test them at all?