Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch leaving to join Apple

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch  leaving to join Apple

Adobe's CTO, Kevin Lynch, is leaving the Photoshop and Flash maker to join Apple. CNBC's Jon Fortt got the statement from Adobe:

Kevin Lynch, Adobe CTO, is leaving the company effective March 22 to take a position at Apple. We will not be replacing the CTO position; responsibility for technology development lies with our business unit heads under the leadership of Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. Bryan Lamkin, who has recently returned to Adobe, will assume responsibilities for cross company research and technology initiatives as well as Corporate Development. We wish Kevin well in this new chapter of his career.

No mention of what Lynch's role would be at Apple. Given Adobe's recent focus on software-as-a-service with Creative Cloud, perhaps online in Eddy Cue's division would be an obvious place. Apple tends to subsidize software costs with hardware, however, so the subscription part could likely be much less important than the cloud part.

More if/when Apple or Lynch comments, or his new role leaks. In the meantime, speculate away!

Update 1: CNBC has updated their story, and reports that Lynch's title at Apple will be VP of Technology, reporting to Bob Mansfield, SVP of Technology. Mansfield runs the hardware guts at Apple, including chipsets, which, if accurate, seems like an odd place for a software guy like Lynch.

Update 2: According to AllThingsD, Lynch will be coordinating between the software and hardware teams.

Source: CNBC, AllThingsD

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Reader comments

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch leaving to join Apple


Way to go, Kevin! I used to know him from when he worked at Frame Technology. On the Mac version of FrameMaker.

Inneresting...I personally HATE the CS in the cloud nonsense, call me an old fogie but I like my software on my machine, and backup copies on discs.

Another large company exec. jumps ship to come to work for Apple. Many people can say what they want about Apple but why do all these high powered executives want to come to work for Apple? Hmmm Just sayin.

I thought there was some agreement or something that didn't allow for this to happen. Isn't this called poaching or something? Either way, you can expect Apple products like their movie editors to get a boost. Perhaps even flash. Maybe.

Looks like a strange hire when viewed in regards to Flash. But I read somewhere that it's Lynch's expertise in moving services to the cloud that Apple is after and if that is the case, then hopefully it is a good move because Apple is woefully inadequate there.