Apple TV update brings bug fixes, redesigned Hulu Plus

Apple TV update brings bug fixes, redesigned Hulu Plus

The Apple TV has been updated to software version 5.1.2 with fixes for a number of security bugs, but the big news in this update is the Hulu Plus app which has been completely redesigned.

When opening Hulu Plus, content categories can be found across the top of the screen, separating TV, Movies, and Kids programming for quick access. There is now a “Shows You Watch” section on the first screen of the app for easier navigation to the programs you watch regularly. Hulu also added a couple of small but very useful tweaks for controlling playback. First, when you find the show you want to watch, just highlight it and press play to start playing the latest episode. Finally, during playback, hold down the “Select” button on your Apple TV remote to bring up the Subtitles and Audio options.

To update your Apple TV firmware to the latest version, go to Settings > General > Update Software.

Source: Hulu

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There are 35 comments. Add yours.

jeff.dallas says:

I hope they fixed the issue when watching movies from ITunes...

T Bram says:

Thank you for all that descriptive information.

entwined82 says:

If you're jailbroken don't update. No word yet on if this new build can be jailbroken. I'm going to guess no.

entwined82 says:

Thanks for posting that, so yeah, looks like 5.2 is it for me for a while. Glad I'm not much of a hulu user.

usher2005 says:

Hulu is not available in Canada only US/JAPAN so this update is for US only. Why does Apple to this to us Canadians

CORYK333 says:

Answer is in the question.....because you're Canadian

T Bram says:

It's the content owners. It's not Apple. Do you actually think Apple has any say in where Hulu does and doesn't do business? Honestly?!

BrianTufo says:

Finally a device I can update lol. I don't JB my Apple TV so going to update this soon!

asuperstarr says:

I hope it fix the bug of connecting to the device with app. I will update and check it out

PassOutPete says:

Thanks for the heads up on yet another update for me iMore.
There isn't really much difference. Or nothing that I've noticed yet. After about a weeks worth of playing around, I'll know then. The remote however, seems to be a big more responsive.


AppleTV is one of my few toys. I don't have Hulu Plus but I have noticed its faster responding to the remote and a half second faster loading from iTunes. I'll take what I can get.

usher2005 says:

Ya Hulu plus is not available in Canada so why do I need to update

T Bram says:

Because this is not the Canadian Wide Web, hoser.

moroboshi says:

Apple only cares about US customers. It's always been that way, and always will.


I updated this evening and haven't noticed any significant differences.

iSRS says:

Never had an issue with Hulu plus on my TV before. After the update, getting the same error I get from Netflix occasionally. Hulu Plus is unavailable. Try again later.

ArtVandelay0001 says:

To the moron American who replied to the Canadian "it's because you're Canadian" is it any wonder the world hates and I mean hates arrogant America?? With your 900000 trillion dollar arrogant debt? Not to mention politicians on the take and let's not forget slick Willy and his intern. That stuff does not happen here. Americans could only be so lucky as to be here. Just ask any celebrity who has spent any time here. Jackass.

T Bram says:

I gotta love the caliber of the comments from the north as well. Pure genius, eh?

slyrobber1 says:

Well at least we have time to comment. Up here we aren't spending all our time playin banjo and didling our cousins and sisters. Here's your sign. By the way, the use of the word caliber is also interesting. Another fixation you Americans have guns. Talk about penis insecurity for the boys or envy for the women. Thank GOD I don't live there!!! I also visit the zoo on occasion but hell if I want to take up permanent residency.

CORYK333 says:

Mounties.....nothing more needs to be said

west3man says:

I was going to say that it was a harmless joke but these responses makes that fall kinda flat.

shinuyuki says:

I think the biggest bug was me struggling to connect a device to an app. Was a horrible experience.

west3man says:

We have the latest Hulu+ interface but we didn't update.

voodoo_ca says:

I wish the apple TV would stop asking me to update - it gets stuck on that screen when I start it up on occasion. When say no, dont ask me again until there is a new update, or I want to be updated.

ern741 says:

Apple TV is a good product. Dying to see a great Apple TV product. Doesn't need to be an actual TV set. I think it's better to stay out of that hardware game.

AdrianGabeChen says:

it would be great if there was a regular hulu app. I would watch tv on that thing all day

Tmil2000 says:

i think the apple tv could be the next most popular item right i think the samsung smart tv is best tv i think what apple should do is make a aculal Tv with the built in system with a wiimote type controller isight camera, siri, maps. iPhoto, and other apple made apps and instead of making a new generation so much i would just EPICILLY make a new system like ios or another idea is when im on a road trip or something i like to watch tv so apple should make a 7" portable unibody Tv for trips like that but make it only like 750$ maybe that could be the nextbig thing

moroboshi says:

Punctuation? Your post is unreadable.

moroboshi says:

Perhaps someday the Apple TV might be a useful device for those of us that don't live in America. Here in the UK, we have two absolutely essential services, think of them as our versions of Hulu and Netflix. Those services are the BBC iPlayer. the Amazon LoveFilm. Any streamer missing either (or both) of those, is dead in the water here. ATV has neither.

All we get in the UK from ATV is Netfllix UK (which House of Cards aside, is abysmal), and the iTunes store.

I use my Xbox for my streaming needs, as it has most UK streaming services. It's very slow though - the 8 year old hardware is really bad at this app type stuff. Content is king though, and the Xbox has the content.

Why oh why won't Apple just open up an ATV app store?

Spain5702 says:

I'm not sure i like the new Hulu interface. I hope I get used to it.

antfelici says:

I do like my Apple TV but it lacks channels and apps. Until they do, I will still favor my Roku 3.