How do you type on the iPhone: Portrait or landscape? [Poll]

How do you type on the iPhone: Portrait or landscape? [Poll]

Last night we asked you how you grip the iPhone while typing, and tonight we're continuing our typing series by asking you about your orientation -- portrait or landscape?

Apple says they designed the iPhone with one-handed ease of use in mind, and maybe that's why it took them until iOS 3 to make landscape mode persistent across most of the built-in apps. But for a lot of people, the extra-wide, Cadillac-style typing experience of landscape is exactly what they want, number of hands it takes to hold and use it be damned.

For others, it might depend on the app. Portrait for on the go or quick stuff, landscape for speed-texting or longer-form writing.

When you want to get your type on, which orientation do you hold your iPhone? Portrait or landscape? Vote in the poll up top and give us the details and why you do what you do below!

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How do you type on the iPhone: Portrait or landscape? [Poll]


I only use typing when I'm in areas that I don't want everyone to know what I'm saying for I use Siri a lot. Siri has been great for the most part and the more its used she gets more accustom to how I speak. Not having to type is great. I don't stumble on what I'm trying to get out as much.

I can relate to that. Siri seems to be working great so far even in a location such as Pakistan while connected over a mere GPRS/edge network...
I do type in portrait mostly though.

I'm definitely more of a portrait guy. However, I did type the foreword to a friends book on my iPhone 4 in landscape. With that said...long live auto-correct and word recognition!

I mostly type in portrait.. It's just easier, the phone is already in that orientation. I'm used to the exact spacing of the keyboard in portrait. If I'm feeling a little spontaneous or adventurous though, I'll occasionally type in landscape just for the fun of it.

With that last sentence, i take it that you live quite an exciting life......

I know (hope) you were being sarcastic

I mostly use portrait. To me it's more convenient cause the phone is already being held in portrait. Even when I use both hands to type I find it more natural in portrait then I do in landscape.

I feel like iPhone 5 is about "one row of icons" too large for one handed navigation. I'd go back to the smaller screen if I could.

I have 2 4S' that aren't being used......I'd happily help u out with that unfortunate burden that larger 5 has bestowed on u with a trade. I could use another 5

I like portrait because I can see more of what I'm doing while typing and it feels natural to me.

Portrait seems more natural to me because I'm really used to one-handed typing. Not only that, but it seems that I can see more of what I've written than when I've tried landscape. Trust me though, I realize that might be more of a mental thing than an actual occurrence.

Portrait. I was one of the complainers about how much I wanted landscape for texting. By the time it rolled around, I was so used to portrait, I always forgot I even had the option, and when I did remember, it felt funny.
Still barely ever use it. And the fact that you can't see hardly any of the message window in landscape kills it's usefulness in my opinion.

I hardly find myself typing on landscape. Just used to it that way just because most of the apps don't really rotate to landscape mode so it's always in portrait. Plus it's much more convenient to type in that way. For sure you will need to have two hands typing in landscape way lol.

Portrait all the way. I think the novelty of being able to type in landscape wore off years ago. At least for me. When I got my first touchscreen smartphone and was able to type in landscape I absolutely used it. But after a few months I tried going back to portrait and realized that I was way more efficient with portrait. I haven't seen someone type in landscape in a long, long time. I think this is mostly due to the fact that phones are becoming larger and larger and holding them sideways is harder to type (I could be wrong).

When I got my first touch screen I was all about typing in landscape, now the iPhone has kinda re-trained me to type in portrait since most apps don't have an allowance for landscape. I have big hands and fingers so it is not an exact science but auto correct saves the day. I feel better typing in landscape but muscle memory now causes me to make even more mistakes when I try to. Using Siri and voice dictation is becoming more prevalent when it is quiet and especially when I'm alone so I don't feel like too big of a dork.

i don't know why you guys make poll answers with qualifiers. For example it may depend but it doesn't have to depend on the app. It may depend on mood. But you're answer forces people to pick and an answer that may not be accurate. It be wrong then to assume that for these people it's simply the app that's determining how they type. Maybe they simply type based on if they have a free second hand or not.

Landscape mostly, though I do text in portrait whenever I am obligated by the App (*cough*Facebook*cough*). And no, it doesn't weird at all. By looking at some of these comments, I can see why some people wouldn't want a 4.8 inch iPhone.

Going thru the comments, it seems like a lot of people rocked out with landscape typing when they 1st got their iPhone....I bet a lot of these people came from a "feature" phone with a physical/slide-out keyboard (voyager, sidekick, the V, etc.....) & it was a lot easier making the switch from physical to touch screen.
Just an observation

Portrait for most cases , some landscape depends on how much and why.
after reading these article i'm going to start using Siri don't know why I don't.
Probably take a little getting use to but what a time saver.

Don't have an iPhone yet because I am waiting to win one from iMore. But when I did have an iPhone 3 I always used portrait and will continue to do so.

I use portrait when I absolutely have to, since some apps don't really give the option, unfortunately. However, do to an injury, the thumb on my dominant hand doesn't bend, so one handed typing is complicated, inaccurate and rather unbalanced. I really wish all apps had a landscape option. (ie. Facebook, etc) I've actually chosen many apps because of the option to use landscape typing.