iMore app contest! Comment away for your chance to win a FREE iPhone!

Last chance! Comment to win a FREE iPhone!

Leave great comments during the month of March and you're entered to win a free iPhone!

Like we announced at the beginning of the month, the iMore 2.0 app is here! That's right, in 2013, iMore re-revolutionized our app, and we're thrilled to finally get it into the App Store and onto your iPhones! And it wouldn't be Mobile Nations if we didn't celebrate with a contest. So... We're giving away an iPhone!


Here's how!

How to enter!

  1. Download the free iMore app from the App Store - iTunes link
  2. Leave a comment on this post (or the original post, either is fine!) telling us you want to enter
  3. Start leaving high quality comments on all the other articles that interest you

How we'll choose the winner!

  1. We'll randomly pick an entrant from the comments on this post or the original post).
  2. We'll check their iMore profile to see how often and how well they commented this month.
  3. If they're awesome, with tons of high quality comments, they'll win a free iPhone (technically a $500 App Store gift certificate).

Why Step 3? It removes spammers, trolls, litterbugs, and people who simply post "FIRST! ZOMG I WANNA WIN" on every article from the mix, clearing the skies for awesome community members like you!

Contest ends March 31, 2013 at 11:59pm PT, and our usual rules apply.

So start commenting!!

That's it, that's all! Get the new iMore app, comment often, and comment well, and you're entered to win a FREE iPhone!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 593 comments. Add yours.

iscaro says:

Just learned about iMore a few days ago and I already love this website and community of iPeople!!! ^_^

Basel Runner says:

is the competion also open to imore reader in switzerland?

Robert Arghhh says:

Just learned about this contest. I've followed iMore (TIPB) forever. I look forward to the shows, there's always something useful.

travo112 says:

Thank you guys for the many amazing opportunities you give us. (I am just recently coming back to the iPhone community from android... Again...) :)

theonlychoman says:

Would love to get a new iphone for my son who is such a good kid given that he has to deal with a medical disease that requires him to be homeschooled compounded by a life-threatening allergies to all dairy.

Kayl_Galaxy says:

Been an android user for about 2years now. Would like to switch to IOS this time. Android's becoming boring already..

chadjnewton says:

Yes please!! Been loving this blog since I got my first iPhone - a 4 - when it first came out and I still have it now, could do with an upgrade . :)

sjsikimeti says:

I would love to win an iPhone!
Man this site is uhmayzing!

jethr0 says:

I want to enter the contest. I would love to win an iPhone 5.

jngmin00 says:

Why cant I comment from the app? :(

rkd2398 says:

I would love a new iPhone 5!

xinn3r says:

Never won before in my life, fingers crossed for this one!

IqWaN says:

woah... amazing, would like an apple device.. currently a bb os device holder

stevedee says:

Yep, you just chose a new BBOS Z10, congrats, so did I, but the dark side does look like fun, doesn't it!

slyles says:

I love the app and check in a lot to see what is happening. The chance to win a iphone would be nice and a help in this day. iMore you guys rock...

prajeshm says:

Would love to win an Iphone.
Thank You imore! great workn guys :)

sweetlee00 says:

This app is GREAT!! These contests are AWESOME!!

Hawk2202 says:

I am officially entering the free iPhone from the most reliable and awesome website!!

expanium says:

Please consider me :) Would made my year!

meynardandres says:

Imore is the best site....i love to win an iphone5 hoping..

Tywone says:

I will take one please, Free over here!

Gtech21 says:

Awesome awesome awesome site. I need this in my life right now with all that is going on! Let iMore be my new playground of knowledge.

jackrabbit1 says:

I discovered your website from listening to Rush Limbaugh one afternoon, checked your site out, and really love it. A few days later, I learned the terminal command that allowed me to rid my new retina MBP of the annoying delayed wake from sleep deal.

I look forward to advanced and drilled down tips and solutions from iMore in the future.

Keep up the good work!

Jaguarr40 says:

I am going to comment for the free iPhone givaway. Thank you.

delanscott says:

I need a new Iphone but my Wife has initiated a sequester on my debit card

weldonhd3 says:

I'm in it to win it baby! ! ! I'm holding a 3GS and am in need of a serious upgrade! ! !

firebirddmt says:

Thank you for free iPhone!

Finzor says:

I used to work at Best Buy, and sold countless iPhone 5's.. all the while burning in jealousy because I didn't have one. I would love to push the little green monster down :-)

acegi1983 says:

I would love to win. I could use a new iPhone

Puakia says:

I have just joined your community and look forward to participating. iMore has replaced another site as my new home page and go to source for news and views! Thanks for hosting a fun contest. Being invited to enter is a real treat, I only wish I had known earlier in the month so I could comment more. Enjoy your Monday and thanks again!

mjsavage says:

Love the app and ready for a new iphone.

flyingember says:

This is my comment amongst all my other comments

pinpoint007 says:


Just kidding. Seriously, I'm entering, but to be honest, I don't have the time to post a lot. I do read the site (and peruse the comments section), but with my full time job I usually don't have the chance to write up nice comments/opinions.

jlb21 says:

I did not win the $300+ million in Powerball this weekend. So I guess I'll have to settle for entering this contest. ;)

Would love to win an iPhone 5 which would go right to me wife as her first smart phone ever. If I don't win, I am buying her one at upgrade time in June, but it sure would be nice to win one and put that saved money towards a Mophie for her and some other awesome accessories that she will want to purchase from the iMore store!!!!!!

yewryios says:

I've been saving money for months to get my FIRST iphone so it would be awesome to get one for free and use that money to buy a macbook air.
Love the iMore app btw.very practical.
: )

fabco99 says:

would love to win a new iphone been watching this site and all mobile nations for yrs been trying and iphone 4s but finding the screen a little small @ 3.5" would love a 4" iphone 5 thx

lcargile says:

My wife sure would love you guys if I win this. Shes on an iPhone 4 thats seen much better days and she desperately needs a new iPhone. Either way, thanks so much for the site and the opportunities to win new stuff all the time.

Yuval Kolan says:

Happy pass over Iphoners !

Kostizen says:

Would truly enjoy what is not possible otherwise. Thanks for the offer.

EdConnellJr says:

Roses are red violets are blue iMore is awesome and a new iPhone would be too!!

MacIntense says:

I really want the iPhone 5 come on iMore help me out that way I can read and post on 4g LTE it's fast

Balzacbee says:

Sure, an updated iPhone would be lovely.

gtricecakes says:

New to iOS! Would love a new iPhone!

drivevultures says:

I've been an iMore (TiPb) fan for years!! Love the podcast, love Zen and Tech, I love it all!!!

Uniq Photos says:

I Need to replace my iPhone 4! It's aging

linsiris says:

iMore never seise to amaze me! I really hope I get the chance this time, would make the perfect gift.

fire6 says:

Love the new app. Would really like a new iPhone.

LLGolf01 says:

Free iPhone Please! My wife would love it!

tomoneus says:

Keep up the luck of winning everyone ! If I won, my bro sure needs iPhone so badly ( He hates his old phone )

dlarocca says:

I'll take any chance I can get for a free iPhone.

pstmstr says:

I'd like to enter the contest

vinayak0521 says:

I will be happy for anyone who wins an iPhone in this contest because its not just any phone. Its iPhone. It is the best ever gift a person can win at present or even in the future!

Werner Jimenez says:

IMore the best site ever. This iPhone is going to be mine. Thanks iMore keep it up!

santil0502 says:

I am interested in this contest... Thank you for such an awesome page!

lafountain says:

Since it likely won't be me, let me just say Congratulations to whoever wins. No doubt the 5 is an amazing device, wife is eligible for an upgrade in May, I know she is looking at the 5 as one of her devices, though have no idea which way she will end up going in her phone decision. I just pay for the phone, let her choose her own device, unless she wins one.

bullysmoke says:

I'm in. Not a spammer here. Don't comment much but imore is my top news source for Apple and we are a 3 iPhone, 2 ipad minis, MacBook Air house.

smuch738 says:

Please pick me. I've wanted an iPhone for soooo long. Thanks

lucky8919 says:

Too many comments! Not a single chance to win :(

nomisma says:

Wow, a chance to win an iPhone 5!

NAMISH says:

I don't think I ever posted on the original thread letting y'all know that I wanted to enter... So, HECK YEAH! Count me in...! ;)

outsidein13 says:

This would be great, my girlfriend needs a new iPhone so she doesn't go to the other side and get the new galaxy.

kremsku says:

I sure hope members from Europe are eligible too... =) Count me in!

phillip_u says:

Would be nice to win. Count me in.

phillip_u says:

Just some feedback. Not sure if the rest of you encountered this. I'm new here. I downloaded the iMore app. Couldn't find a way to register using the app so I came back to my desktop to register. No problem there aside from the antiquated use of unique usernames. But then I came back to the app and couldn't log in. Apparently, after registering you need to go back to and click the sign in link since the registration process is actually for mobile nations. This is not very intuitive in my opinion.

phillip_u says:

Also, when comments are many, the app is quite slow to load them. Plus, the checkbox for receiving notifications to my replies is absent in the app.

jweight4 says:

Throwing my name into the mix. Would love a new iPhone.

rdstryr says:

I'll need this for an iPhone 5S!

pez2424 says:

Glad to have Rene on MBW now... Adds a little flavor to the mix. Great website too

Medic2378 says:

Just got an iPhone 5 for my wife and now I'm obsessed with getting one for myself!!! Love the phone and he imore app!

peggedin says:

I didn't know there was an app until now... downloading it today!

TekNiKal says:

Super cool! I love contests! Enter me FTW!

thestillwind says:

I always come here to get news about apple mobile products, always up-to-date and always a lot of information. Having contest like this is just totally amazing, no other site gives us a chance to get a iphone for free… anyway thx and continue the good work.

david376 says:

(If I win) My First iPhone! :p

david376 says:

(If I win) My First iPhone! :p

draiken says:

Yesss a free iPhone that would be sweet indeed

John Service says:

Hey guys - really love the UI of the iMore iOS app.

whiskeyfox says:

Count me in. Thanks for publishing great content, iMore!

Rahul Pun says:

i could know its feature if i got one......

david376 says:

(If I win) My First iPhone! :p

david376 says:

(If I win) My First iPhone! :p

david376 says:

(If I win) My First iPhone! :p

parpart33 says:

iWant a new iPhone 5 to upgrade my iPhone 4S... my Dad wants an iPhone and the 4S would be great to give to him if I win!!!

Jake90087 says:

Oh, yes please! I love free stuff! Plus I have an iPhone Four...

Torres Juan Camilo says:

I should have register months and months ago ... damn it... I leave the app and/or the site open and come back to it many times a day + l the great posts, blogs info, shows etc ... Macbreak, and all that's Twiit Iphone/Pad related (that I usuallly follow through pod cast) but Its hard to keep up with every single bit. Regardless of the contest thanks for all the Iknowledge you share with all of us. But if you can ... gear me up with a 5! (since I have a 4s I was waiting for whatever other Iphone comes out next but I wouldn't spit on an Iphone5!)

aaronazizi says:

I would love one please!

UniQphoTos says:

Could use one to replace my 4!

counterculture says:

And here's to another chance at winning an awesome gift from the folks over at iMore! :-)

sLipKn0t says:

Would love to win a iPhone! Nobody ever pays me in gum!

Lux148 says:

I'd love an iPhone 5 ;) that or a 4S, wouldn't bother me since im not picky!

karlott says:

Hello, I am commenting...over

MaxiumGrimm says:

if it's free, it's for MEEEE !!!

jperonto says:

I would love to win an iPhone! Thanks for all of these great giveaways! Great website!

Waleed Swaileh says:

I Wish To Win This iPhone , So I Can Develop Apps For iPhone :D

saurabh chhabra says:

i would love to get a new iPhone in black color!

nheilweil says:

Meesa JarJar Binks tinks me gunna win dat iPhone!

ef4ervescent says:

Great contest. I check for the latest news a few times on iMore.

NickyTerentino says:

I love the new app it's very easy to catch up on my apple news

PassOutPete says:

Still not quite at 400 people, so the odds are still wonderful. Even just the opportunity to win an iPhone 5 is amazing! Without even owning an iPhone 5, months ago, I began acquiring accessories for my 'future' iPhone 5. I kickstarted the AL13 Premium UltraThin Aerospace Aluminum Bumper and I ordered a GelsSkin 'motherboard' for even more protection. All I need is the iPhone 5! My discounted upgrade through AT&T is still months away so this would be the icing on the cake.

mdub311 says:

I guess it's time to start commenting more. I'm in!

kevin1990e4 says:

I've been following this site for awhile now reading all the news on the new iPad that should be launched soon. Saw the contest so I figured I'd enter. Thanks imore!

trtmazda3 says:

Awesome contest. Glad to see that the ZOMG FIRST!!!!1111 people won't clog up the walls.

robocouch says:

This blog was recommended to me. I am very interested to see what it has to offer. And yes, winning a new iphone would be lovely!

Kmwhite says:

I would love the new iPhone!! I am a huge Apple fan and love all Apple products. The iPhone is the most stylish and technically advanced cell phone around.

Strings78 says:

Great app and great website! So glad that i stumbled upon it!

JesseFont says:

Great app, excellent site. Hope I win!

EricS1000 says:

I would love to have a new I-phone. I just downloaded the new app and am looking forward to keeping up to date.

aclubb says:

Cool site. I heard about it on the Rush Limbaugh show. Of course I want to win an iPhone!

AnneO says:

I would like a pal to go along with my iPad. Thanks

News_Dr2521 says:

iMore is the only iPhone subject dedicated app that I have downloaded on my iPhone. The tutorials/how-to sections are really a boon to those of us who want to get the most out of our iOS experience. Thank You for all that you do!

Mariam936 says:

I would love to have a new cell phone!

Iphone7291 says:

Such an awesome app!! Would love to win the new iPhone.. hahaha

Janine Casipit says:

Meeee! I alwaysdreaming about getting an Iphone I never had one. Because It is too expensive. Please pick mee! :((

Larry Pager says:

Sign me up! I wanna play too!

kangoljas says:

Awesome I would love to win

RyanR says:

I'd love an iphone 5....! :)

Corfy says:

I like the new app. Really like the ability to pause a podcast in your app. In the other app it was all or nothing. Sometimes your podcast takes a long time to get into iTunes so I check here an sure enough a couple of new ones, now I can listen and pause yay!

jake501 says:

Yes.. Great site.. Great app.. Put me in!! Thanx

MrCornfed says:

I hope my anti-Limbaugh comments are considered quality!

Antony manoj says:

i phone very useful for life long so it is the best in the world

Bionicsix says:

The winner can use the new iPhone on the Uncarrier.

alexf1man says:

This is amazing - I love all the colours you provide to an otherwise black or white line of products (putting the more into iMore!)

tqmcguire says:

I think I need to start commenting more. :) I've got iMore open all day reading. It's an invaluable source so I hope to contribute more. :)

stevedee says:

Sounds like a lovely contest. I am tech support for my wife, who already rocks the iPad and iPhone, but since I have nothing to d/l the app to, I guess I can't enter, although on her behalf I surf the comments, articles and help on here quite a bit.
Mighta made a convert!

Russ Konrad says:

Excellent site! Very informative!

MGFreud says:

Oh no no pick me instead!!!

KsokLabs says:

BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, say no and pick iPhone :)

safri031 says:

OMG, let it be me for ones

Somin Wadhwa says:

Thanks a lot for the amazing give away! I've never used an apple product though, I still love em! :)

ctturner70 says:

I am always adding great comments because iMore(TIPB) is awesome and you can clearly only leave great comments. Send me that iPhone.

cunningbrad says:

It was the best of time, it was the worst of times...and what I mean by that is, my wife once had an iPhone that she was at peace with but she bought into the Android hype and now she is at war...with her phone! Please help me restore the PEACE! This paltry novel has gone on waaaay to long!

julcmar89 says:

I would for a new iPhone. Please let me know 'when' I win!!!

JimmyNg says:

I want one.

I would suggest doing more featurettes like idownlodblog and cultofmac. Things like jailbreak tweaks or news, opinions, etc. I've been going there more and more and less and less to imore.

khl says:

Just downloaded the iMore app. It's nicely designed. And it shows the timestamp in my timezone which is great. Thanks iMore!

Miroslav Zekanovic says:

Greetings from Serbia!
Apple products are so rare in our country, rarer than UFO. You can change it for the better, send it over.
Man, ... I really need an iPhone ... REALLY!! I promise to look after him. :-)
Excellent site, ... all the best!

rwl420 says:

Try the app section @iMore...I always find something interesting there. Great reviews.

Ashley Miller says:

I would love to win.... please please please . I've been trying to win an iPhone or iPad for the longest

Rob M1 says:

As an Android user looking for greener pastures I would love to give the iPhone 5 a try as I am currently torn between that and a Z10, both phones look pretty nice, but I am leaning (slightly) to the Z10 as it appears to be a better platform for getting things done. A free iPhone would obviously swing the balance in favour of an iDevice...

elcoholic says:

Still loving iMore ,more than the the other sites like this.
Apple Insider , Cult of Mac don't have a chance

elcoholic says:

I'll keep on posting hoping to win the Iphone 5
love to have the newest device

elcoholic says:

Still entering to win the best Iphone made so for from the best Iphone site on the net.

elcoholic says:

Love reading all the iMore articles
iMore team is the best

elcoholic says:

I don't see anywhere that says you can't enter as much as you'd like,
when I could win an Iphone 5 or just even any contest I'm up for trying
get to read all the great content of the iMore site what a great combo

elcoholic says:

Was having trouble posting to iMore but not no more so making up for lost

elcoholic says:

I- ngenious
M- ore
o- utrageous
r- eadable

elcoholic says:

E- nterainingly

SmallCoinGaming says:

I hope I win, it would be fantastic!

PassOutPete says:

The suspense is killing me! Who's gonna win???? But on a light note, I've actually learned a bunch of things about my iPhone 4s over these past 2+ week! iMore has defiantly made my top 10 bookmarked sites.

Reshmamaryxalxo says:

please de do ....please pick me for iphone 5...want v.badly

tannera54 says:



I would love to win. Omg I love u imore u guys seriously rock ;)

collegehooligan says:

I'd sure be happy if I won this iPhone. :D

Analog Spirit says:

I'd like to win an iPhone 5 32GB, in white. But a 16GB one would be sufficient too, as I don't have a lot of apps, music, or other stuff. Right now I have no smartphone at all since my Android phone got destroyed at work a couple of weeks ago (long, bizarre story there), and I'm currently reduced to using an old Samsung flip phone as my backup. So I could really use a new device. I'm on T-Mobile USA, so on the off-chance that I should win, all I ask is that it be a GSM iPhone so I could use it on T-Mo.
And thank you, iMore, for this site and all the Apple-related news and technical info you provide (I've been reading it since it was called "The iPhone Blog").

makziweng says:

i want to enter!
hope iMore app at App Store campaign!:)

Adarsh Raj says:

really a good site for i phones specially android wow man i like it very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Adarsh Raj says:

i heard about this contest its really good i have been watching for it

Adarsh Raj says:

i heard about this contest its really good i have been watching for it

Adarsh Raj says:

i phone 5 man its the phone whole world wants and this contest take the hearts of millionsssssssss

rwl420 says:

iMore is one of the best places to get in depth info on your Apple devices. Truly a great reference and website. Thanks iMore!!!!

GaiusPrimus says:

I would also like to enter said contest!

alphalife says:

I would love to win a shiny new iPhone. Thanks for being awesome. Love the podcast and the site.


Bradley Ferreira says:

Love the new iPhone. Have tried the evil empire (android) but always find myself loving iOS so much more

Bradley Ferreira says:

I love the new iPhone. I've tried other devices with another operating system but nothing compares to ios

Adarsh Raj says:

hope to win luck by chance

galvanjohnny says:

Still reading iMore on an iPhone 4! Help me out iMore.

rwl420 says:

Check out iMore's "How To" section. Great step by step tutorials that even I can follow!!

AnneO says:

This is a great contest ,and I will be able to be like part of my own family, since everyone in it has an iPhone.

elcoholic says:

iMore great articles everyday, the time is drawing near for the iPhone 5 give away

jlw0211 says:

I would love to WIN an new iPhone from you guys. Please please let me win!!!!!!!!

auribe14 says:

Would love a new iPhone. Don't comment often, but hopefully insightful when I do.

rtmartinez24 says:

Ok. I'm getting ready to make the switch back to iPhone from android. I miss the platform and hate the android fragmentation. I need a new iPhone!

lrjopc says:

I just learned about this site. Sign me up for the contest.

mmartinet says:

I was introduced to iMore and the Mobile Nations family through TWIT. Since that point I have become a regular reader and love the site. I want to win the iPhone, but above that, keep producing amazing content.

Laj13ny says:

I have the imore app follow everything news you put guys love it love all the informations you guys put especially the contest who might win the prize, hopefully i get the chance to win but what are the odds lol.

digitalhomeboy says:

Since moving off of BlackBerry after 6 long years I don't regret the move one bit to an iPhone. The quality and app selection will meet anyone's fancy, but honestly without iMore I will admit (much like CrackBerry was for me) I would be a tad lost on the numerous news coverage. It's great to have a central news hub to go to consistently and the iMore app helps to close that gap.

Dark_Blu says:

Winning isn't everything. It's the difference between achieving what you strive for and watching someone else achieve it instead. :-)

PassOutPete says:

Good morning fellow contestants and good morning iMore! Will the iPhone 5 contest reach 500 people??? Stick around and find out people!

Pyrodawg says:

So need a new iPhone my wifi stoped working and its out of warranty!!!!!!!!!!!

dinosaurpaw says:


mk3s says:

iNeed to win this iMore than everyone else!!

Miroslav Zekanovic says:

One proposal for the new iPhone: It needs to be "radically new," of course, and as such should have a new name. I think that 5 nice, round number, and it must stop!

sziv56 says:

WOO HOO.... I'll take an iPhone!!!

Miroslav Zekanovic says:

Oh yes, I forgot. I recommend "humanoid" for the name of the new iPhone. A synonym for the word android but better! /:-)

Smurfy71 says:

OMG, pick me please!!!!!!
Just kidding, I read rule #3. I don't post often, still fairly new to iPhone but I love it. I think my son should have one and that's why I'm entering.

iMaciNTech_com says:

Tigr2003 says:

I would love me an iPhone 5, and a side order of poutine please Rene!

also love the new iMore app.

Anna J says:

I have always been an Android and Blackberry lover but never an iphone winner. Would love to have this phone because i never had an iphone before. Hope i could win this phone. It would help me a lot.

ckillam3 says:

Please enter me in the contest for the new iPhone.

rizaldi w says:

it's the thousand times for joining this kind of contest for me -_-
hope i can win it
i'll give many comments, just wait them :D

26dot2 says:

I'd like a chance to win an Iphone. Sometimes it can be difficult to get access to a wifi connection with an iPod Touch in order to stay informed with the Imore app.

jakeless.123 says:

Wow! You guys rock it hardcore with these giveaways! I would love to enter this. (Better late than never) Big fan of the site and all the editors. iMore has become THE go to site for me on everything Apple. Always love to hear the podcasts and hear your insights into apps, reviews, news, rumors, how-tos, and all the other techie related material. Keep up the great work!

jakeless.123 says:

Wow! iMore, you guys & gals rock it hardcore! I would love to enter this contest (better late than never). I follow all your stuff from podcasts, to news, reviews, how-tos. iMore IMHO is THE site to go to for anything Apple. There are a lot of well rounded respected sites out there that are done very well. But there is just something about the way you guys bring it to the table that draws me in. Kudos to you all and best wishes on many more years!!

Edward Chan says:

I want to switch! Please pick me!!!

rwl420 says:

The 'Reviews' section on iMore can really provide unbiased reviews of products, apps, and those accessories you dying to get. Check it out!

Art Tuazon says:

Iphone's much better than Samsung, EVER!

Miroslav Zekanovic says:

I'm not sure that this competition is open worldwide, but I will not miss the chance to win such a device.
Thank you!

PassOutPete says:

Can't lie, I stumbled this site on stumble. Saw the iPhone contest and was like "heck yeah!". And in coming back everyday to check stuff out comment here and there, I have really learned a lot about my i-devices. Both my iPad and iPhone 4s and now running at optimal efficiency. iMore has even made it into my top 10 bookmarks. (number 5, actually) Keep up the funfacts, great articles and killer contests!

PassOutPete says:

Also, I really thought that more people would be commenting for this contest.

sunhou says:

Been reading the site for years, finally downloaded the app and would like to enter

Miroslav Zekanovic says:

iPhone is what Sony walkman was the 80's. After him, nothing will ever be the same!!!

Carlos Oliveira1 says:

Good luck everyone, bu i hope i win :)

Josh Eads says:

I saved this article on my reading list and almost couldn't find it. So glad that I was able to make it just in time. Thanks for the chance to win!

kenje4090 says:

Imore helps me to keep updated from the news and apps. Not to mention podcasts and the accessory reviews you know, thanks Imore :) this is like a mobile worldwide newspaper about APPLE :p

Iya Vasquez says: is giving away 3 yearly subscriptions to Netflix. Just sign up for their newsletter for the chance to win and click on the link to know more about the promotion.
If you want to win this exciting gift from TheUrbanTwist, click on the link below to find out how.

ckillam3 says:

I leaving this comment to assure myself that I left a comment. Please enter me on this contest, thank you.

Rudy802 says:

FIRST! ZOMG I WANNA WIN. I'd love for this to be my FIRST iPhone. Thanks.

elcoholic says:

still loving the iMore 2.0 app, stay in touch on a daily bases.


Today is moms birthday... How great would a new phone be as a grift? THANK YOU iMore!

Miroslav Zekanovic says:

If I win tomorrow, I do not want to be Fool's Day joke :-))

elcoholic says:

3 Main Problems with the new iMore 2.0 app
1. Gets me in trouble when I should be working.
2. Cause's major battery drain from reading article's all day.
3. Makes other site's like this look like a comic book.

rwl420 says:

TRY OUT the iMore forums. Thousands of questions...tens of thousand of answers.

PassOutPete says:

So close to the 500 comments mark! Although, I just considered the fact that I have made several comments myself. So not quite 500 people. But hopefully!!!!!!

Deepanshu Aggarwal says:

if i owned iphone5 i will be very very happy because it is my dream and i love it what an phone realy fabulous

Jacob Tzikoucos says:

i would like to win a iphone

cool N smart says:

iPhone 2.0 app really very very great.......................
bcz of its endless feature...
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its so exciting.....................WOW........
But i have never win any contest
lets seeeeee
I win or not this time

Muchiri Moses says:

Hi?please hook me up with an iphone 5 am just into iphones but the cash of getting one is a problem.Thanks

MacIntense says:

Has the winner been announced?