Might and Magic: Duel of Champions bringing sword and sorcery trading card game to iPad

We took some time at PAX East 2013 to visit Ubisoft to see what they were up to. Obviously the new Assassin's Creed III content was a welcome sight to many, but Might and Magic: Duel of Champions has a lot of great things go for it. Users can fully customize their dock, the game itself will be completely unlockable by playing for free, and players will be able to compete online across platforms.

One of the things Might and Magic: Duel of Champions does right is recreate the awe of rare holographic cards. Though the idea of having a central hero card that each side is trying to destroy while keeping their own safe is relatively established, having to defend multiple lanes of attack at the same time keeps things fresh. Through multiplayer and single player matches, players earn gold which can be spent on acquiring new virtual packs of game cards.

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For those interested in getting a headstart,, you can get an account right over here

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Reader comments

Might and Magic: Duel of Champions bringing sword and sorcery trading card game to iPad


I hope it is good. Might and Magic has a great fan base. I enjoyed MTG on iPad, until they start gouging on the deck prices.

Am I the only one getting tired of the bigger studios and properties only coming out with stuff like TCGs, endless runners and silly puzzle games for the iPad? Meanwhile guys like Gameloft are the only ones willing to develop full games with their clones of PC/console titles?

Gameloft have contract with bigger studios. Ubisoft is like the father of Gameloft, that's why Gameloft have a mobile version of almost all Ubisoft games. This is the way things works. I think it's cheaper hire an studio to make a game and split profits than make your own studio and then specialize it and make games.

Never understand the card game deck prices. But then again I didn't understand comics or baseball cards and why you would buy them

Man, I'm still waiting on Magic The Gathering to come to iPhone!! I almost bought an iPad just for it!

I'm getting tired of big companies only coming out with Trading Card Games. I really hate TCGs. I would love to have them create mini-games..powerful but miniature compared to their predecessors. TCGs simply are too boring for me; cards don't do it.