How to favorite and read articles offline with the iMore app for iPhone

How to favorite and read articles offline with the iMore app for iPhone

The new iMore app for iPhone has tons of new features that makes keeping up with your favorite articles easier than ever. Aside from being able to now leave comments in-app and listen to and watch podcasts, you can also favorite articles quickly and easily.

Favorites serves two great purposes. One is that it acts as a holding place for all your favorite articles, allowing you to jump back to them any time you'd like. It also automatically saves them for offline reading, meaning you won't need an internet connection to read any articles you favorite. Don't have time to read a whole article now? Favorite it and jump back in whenever you'd like to finish, with or without an internet connection.

If you don't already have the iMore for iPhone app, you can get it now for free by clicking the download now button below directly from your iPhone.

How to favorite an article in the iMore app for iPhone

  1. Launch the iMore app from the Home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Tap into the article that you'd like to add to your favorites.
  3. In the bottom navigation, tap on the star icon. You'll notice that it turns from white to gold. When a star is gold, that means you have it added to your favorites.

How to access your favorite articles in the iMore app for iPhone

  1. Launch the iMore app from the Home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Favorites menu item in the lower navigation. If you don't see a favorites option, tap on the More option and then choose the Favorites option. You can also [customize your navigation bar]( to show favorites all the time if you'd like.
  3. You'll now be taken to a list of all the articles you've favorited. If you ever want to remove an article from favorites, just tap the star icon again and it will remove it from your favorites list.

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Reader comments

How to favorite and read articles offline with the iMore app for iPhone


It would appear that you may have put the pics in the wrong spot. :) great tip though as I didn't even realize this feature was there yet lol.

As this contest has made me more and more technologically aware, I would love to see far more iMore App how to's from you, Allyson. Would mean a lot. These are extremely helpful because I didn't even know you could customize the navigation nor that this had an offline ability. When this app gets native live podcast viewing and push god will it be perfect.

I have an issue with Favorites. Once the article is "starred" and showing in my favorites screen, tapping on the article does nothing. The article header and picture darken to show its registering my touch, but it does not link back to article. I appreciate any comments. Thanks.

Thanks...!!! Really needed this as most of the time I don't have access to WiFi and when you don't have 3G or 4G in your country, you love anything that does offline for later reading! ;)

Very useful tip for viewing on my iPad, or when I'm in airplane mode, close to going over a data limit. ;)

Love this feature. I noticed if I select all articles, on occasion it misses one, or two. If I have not read iMore in a few days, it only goes so far. Unless I am missing something, I can only go back just two days. Like now, I can only go back to Friday the 22nd, via news, and that is not all articles per day. if selecting all articles, I can only go back to Tuesday the 26th. I have to go on safari to go back further. That would be a great feature for future updates. Great app, great tips. Thanks.

Be cool if you can set it to automatically download all news post on wifi. Also I would love an app for the ipad.

Wow, this whole time I thought that the favs would aggregate into a folder. I didn't know about the offline stuff. Very nice feature, and good job pointing it out.

I just tried this today and love it. When I am in class during breaks I get terrible internet connection so being able to store articles in the morning and read offline is absolutely great. Thanks for pointing this out.