How to disable lock screen notifications for specific Passbook cards

How to disable lock screen notifications for specific Passbook cards

If you use Passbook frequently on your iPhone, you may have noticed that certain passes use your location in order to give you easy access on your lock screen to a specific pass when you're within the vicinity. Some of those passes may contain personal information or allow for someone to charge an item to a gift card or account.

If you'd like to prevent unauthorized access to your passes, you can easily do so within Passbook. Follow along and we'll show you how.

  1. Launch the Passbook app on the Home screen of your iPhone.
  2. Find the pass that uses location services to show on your lock screen and bring it up.
  3. Tap the Info button that is represented by a lowercase "i" in the bottom right hand corner to flip the pass over.
  4. You'll see an option for Show On Lock Screen. Turn this setting to Off.

That particular pass will no longer show up on your lock screen when you're within the vicinity. Alternately, you can always disable access to Passbook from the lock screen to take care of any concerns you may have with unauthorized use.

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Reader comments

How to disable lock screen notifications for specific Passbook cards


'Shown on lock screen' is neither visible on my Starbucks nor Dunkin Donuts cards. It was on my United Air Lines. Do you have an explanation? Thank you for the advice.

Yes you only see it on the passes that are set up to use location services and show on your lock screen. Some don't have that capability. With Starbucks, I am assuming you haven't set a home store or you don't have that enabled which is why you don't see it.

I was disappointed to find out you cannot simply turn these off in Settings Menu. To open the app and then turn it off seems odd due to notification center.

You can globally turn off all Passbook notifications via the settings menu. You only have to go into the app to do it one by one, if you desire, by modifying the individual passes.