Feedly updated with new sharing options and sections, announces three million new users

Feedly updated with new sharing options and sections, announces three million new users

Feedly has been update with a number of additions and enhancements, including better search and more sharing options, along with announcing three million new users. Users can now set their favorite sharing services, choosing from Google+, Buffer, Facebook, Twitter, email, or your browser. The same can also be done with article saving options, which let you designate your favorite of those between Feedly itself, Instapaper, or Pocket. Additionally, the sharing panel has been redesigned to make sharing and saving items faster.

The new search features smart topic completion, using what other Feedly users have found in order to provide quick discovery of the most popular feeds. Feedly has also added a section called “Must Read”, where you can mark your favorite news sources as important, giving their stories priority over those from other feeds in your “Today” section. Finally, there is now pull to refresh in the feed list.

Feedly has also announced that they have added three million new users since Google announced the shutdown of Reader. While Feedly currently uses Google Reader, they have previously announced that they will be transitioning to a new system between now and July 1, when Reader shuts down.

If you’re a Feedly user, this is a solid update with great new features. If you’re not sure about Feedly, check out Allyson Kazmucha’s review and see if it sounds like something you’ll enjoy.

Source: Feedly blog

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Reader comments

Feedly updated with new sharing options and sections, announces three million new users


Feedly is a great and well designed app. I really like it more than any other RSS app. It got even better too! :)

I might have to use it again, i ended up deleting it initially because i used flipboard more but what i liked with feedly was adding your own site rss. However, i remember the app greatly contributed to battery lost and just didn't feel very efficient.

I can no longer swipe to the next article while in the browser view. Did they change the behavior?

This app can really help bring me back into the RSS scene; however, I really would love to see push notifications. Now I know this could be chaotic if people have tons of RSS feeds. Maybe you could make it an option that..saaay...iMore gets instant push or..15 min intervals..where you can set say...droid_life every 2 hours. Make each RSS have the ability to set its own data push interval. I think that would be amazing.

I will have to give it a try. I'm still a big fan of Mr. Reader and Reeder apps. I think the updates can make this a solid app.

Haven't ever used Google Reader or Feedly until all of this controversy regarding Reader's cancellation but Feedly is a very well designed app. Really happy to see them taking advantage of this opportunity reader has given them and making their app better

As an interface I still prefer Reeder over Feedly, but it's still a great app. Depending on what happens w/ Reeder once Google Reader dies I may make the switch.