T-Mobile USA releases carrier update to bring LTE to unlocked iPhone 5s

T-Mobile USA releases carrier update to bring LTE to unlocked iPhone 5s

As promised, T-Mobile US has released their carrier update for unlocked iPhone 5 handsets on their network. According to TmoNews, the update enables those phones to use T-Mobile’s new LTE network as well as visual voicemail. Additionally, the update activates the Commercial Mobile Alert System for public safety announcements, as well as T-Mobile’s HD Voice capabilities. Users can update their carrier settings either directly on the phone over the air or through iTunes.

The iPhone 5, 4S, and 4 all officially go on sale on T-Mobile starting April 12. The iPhone 5 starts at $99 without a contract. The iPhone 4S will be $69, while the iPhone 4 will be available for $15. T-Mobile has been the destination of many who unlock their phones, and has been the only one of the four major U.S. carriers to not carry the iPhone in any official capacity. If you’re looking to buy an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile, preorders went up today.

If you have an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile with this carrier update, and have access to their LTE, let us know what kind of speeds you're seeing in the comments below.

Source: TmoNews

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Reader comments

T-Mobile USA releases carrier update to bring LTE to unlocked iPhone 5s


Glad to see TMobile taking care of this.

But I'd say for clarity to make it read "iPhone 5's". As in add an apostrophe, can't hurt. I read it as 5S as in 4S as in 3GS. Just saying.

The carrier update should be for all models of iPhone... but obviously the LTE stuff only applies to the iPhone5.

Who cares about the iPhone 5 anyways when there are far better ( fact, not opinion) phones out there. I already grab a phone on T-Mobile when it came out on March 26. Not planning on downgrading to iPhone 5 though.

Ok? Then this doesn't apply to you so why post? This is information for people that are interested in getting or already have an iphone on T-mobile's network. Have a nice day!!

Yes, that is exactly what the article says... Of course you are only going to get LTE on T-Mobile if you live in an area they provide LTE services.

Wait a second. The unlocked GSM iPhone 5 on T-Mobile won't default to 3G or HSPA+ if no LTE is available? Given that T-Mobile just started deployment of LTE, that kind of limits your unlocked GSM iPhone 5 signal options on T-Mobile in a BIG WAY, doesn't it?

It will automatically connect to 3G or HSPA+ in refarmed area (I'm using Tmobile 3G/HSPA+ right now). You will get LTE signal once LTE is deployed in your area. Noted that 3G/HSPA+ and LTE is 2 different signal. It's not required you to have LTE signal in order to get 3G/HSPA+ signal

As others have pointed out, there is no "unlocked iPhone 5S". In fact, no one can confirm the existence of an iPhone 5S yet. But it's nice to know that unlocked iPhone 5's can connect to T-Mobile. T-Mobile is going to shake up the mobile industry with their new pricing structure and no contract plans.

I would definitely switch to T-Mobile from Verizon if T-Mobile gets stronger in Las Vegas. The plans are definitely amazing, but I've done some research and T-Mobile is very weak in Vegas. I'm hoping these new plans catch on and other carriers follow suit.

Tmobile and other people said that Tmobile LTE has been deployed in Las Vegas on the launch date, doesn't it? So curious about Tmobile LTE...I'm waiting for it in my city :)

If i understand the update correctly that was on tmo news and on tmobiles reference site before they pulled it, then there is not going to be an Ota that we need to download. Rather they are going to update their servers and apple will do the same and we should see our vvm and mms start working.
It is 12:29 am and still neither are working....

Uhh not even close. You pay $99 as a down payment then pay $20/month for 24 months (0% APR financing)- that's how they can give you such a good deal up front. Technically there isn't a contract being signed but you are still responsible for the phone payments each month or until you pay it off.

I have a Sprint iphone 4s 6.1.3 with GPP chip on T-mobile network in the USA. The T-mobile carrier update (14.2) does not automatically download to GPP iphones. Anyone try manually installing the T-mobile carrier update hack from itweakios(dot)com to the iphone 4s? Does it work? Did it fix the visual voicemail, hotspot, HD audio, improve data speeds? Anyone up for the challenge?