Wonderful Saigon Electrics of Binh Duong hopefully not providing 12mp cameras for iPhone 5S

Wonderful Saigon Electrics of Binh Duong rumored to be providing 12mp cameras for iPhone 5s

Apple is rumored to be sourcing 12mp camera parts from Wonderful Saigon Electrics of Binh Duong -- love that name -- for use with the next generation iPhone 5s. That's according to Tinte.vn (translated by Google):

X has revealed to me that Apple's next generation iPhone will have a camera 12MP resolution, together with many new features such as camera HDR and night photography better. Be able to take pictures in low-light conditions of the new iPhone is not pulling with Nokia PureView, but popular iPhone camera interface is simple and fast, so the user will not be disappointed with the upgrade This small level.

Tinte has had access to prototype and pre-release iOS hardware in the past, though there doesn't appear to be any hardware in any hands at this point, so it shouldn't be considered anything more than a rumor.

I've only heard that there'll be a "better camera", not that there'd be a higher megapixel camera. Personally, I hope that's the case. Apple doesn't chase the megapixels this time around. The iPhone 5 megapixel count is fine. What we need next are things like sensors with bigger microns, and optical stabilization, and anything that helps take in more photons so we get better images in a wider variety of conditions, from low light to high motion.

We don't need to print posters from our poor quality mobile photos. We need to have our eyes amazed and delighted by all the incredible moments we can "just capture".

To date, Apple has had the right focus on their optics. In an age of Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC One shooters, does anyone really think we need another megapixel war?

Source: Tinte.vn via iPhone in Canada

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Reader comments

Wonderful Saigon Electrics of Binh Duong hopefully not providing 12mp cameras for iPhone 5S


I agree with the post. There is so much more to good photography and good cameras than just megapixel count.

I think they should have just further refined the 8mp in the iphone 5 rather than trying to cram more megapixels into the phone. The 5 camera is pretty good but a larger sensor among other things would really benefit.

The iPhone sensor is limited by diffraction, so any additional pixels make less and less of a difference. That said, a bit of oversampling helps images when they are downsized to FB or Twitter size. the only way to go is up in size. Other than going up in sensor size and making the camera unit larger and deeper, the single biggest gain right now would be from mechanical image stabilzation.

It's as if the 5s will match the camera of the S4. *shocker*
Like it or not the US consumer only knows megapixels and more of them equal better.

"sensors with bigger microns"
Yes, Apple's next iPhone camera should redefine what a micron is. Instead of a millionth of a meter, it should be something bigger. Americans don't like small things. Look at their food portions and their BMIs...

(Perhaps you meant larger pixels?)

Beat me to it. Haha, I'm pretty sure the intent was pixels, yes. Though if anyone could change the definition of micron, it'd probably be Apple.

I think the camera on the 5 is fine. The only thing I will have with a higher megapixel camera is larger files. I agree, improved optics, light sensor and image stabilization should be the priority. With that said this camera is great for every day. If I want to take great pics I bring the DSLR.

I don't see Apple not avoiding the MP wars. They can improve other aspects sure, and the arguments are great ones..I agree with them. But it's a hard thing to market.

I'd be shocked if it remains 8MP.

The name sounds so silly. Wonderful Saigon Electrics of Binh Duong!! They are making sure we know they are wonderful, just in case we missed it :P

More megapixels could be a good thing Rene. I'm not talking about having a 12mp camera and taking 12mp pictures though. More pixels could allow for pixel binning. Pixel binning would allow for higher quality pictures. Otherwise I agree, 8mp is really all you need for a phone until some huge and game changing tech occurs in the world of optics.

I agree with the article. We do need things to make the current camera better. Honestly more megapixels will slow down the processing of the photos as well. It is nice right now in regular light to snap photos very fast.

Apple needs to add OIS ASAP. Compare a video shot with an iPhone to one shot with a Lumia 920 and the iPhone video looks just horrible... and even the low-end, inexpensive Lumia 720 now takes better low-light photos than the uber-expensive iP5! What are consumers paying for on an iP anymore?

Can they something more than just add pixels. That's starting to be about marketing at this point. I don't know how many pixel my iPhone 5 offers. The pictures are great to me.

I'm ditching my iphone4 for the HTC One, in part because I want better low-light pictures. I think even 8 MP is too much. Look at the Nikon D3. It is a $6000 camera that has a 12 MP sensor. I know it won't happen, but I would die to see apple release a phone or tablet or even a camera with a bigger sensor and the same or fewer pixels. I know that wont happen because that would make devices thicker, but that would be my dream device, not some silly watch.

Is there some reason to want to avoid more megapixels or are we just assuming that a higher count will preclude them adding whatever other [digital photography terms] people think they want? It is somewhat like longtime apple customers to see a lack of features as a feature though. Please, please, keep my megapixel count low, don't give me 4g till two years after everyone else, and I never want to be subjected to a blu-ray quality movie on my lightning monitor. 4g will kill my battery and semi-hd iTunes streaming is all anyone should really ever need.