Pocket updates with new sharing feature Send to Friend

Pocket updates with new sharing feature Send to Friend

Pocket, the popular read-later service for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, has been updated with a new Send to Friend feature that makes it easier than ever to share with the people you care about.

Sharing to social networks may be a popular way to share content that interests you, but Pocket claims that users share via email more than twice as often as they do to networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler -- and this is what Send to Friend improves upon.

With Send to friend, you can quickly share content from Pocket with a comment and highlighted quote, and the recipient will receive an email with a link; if they're a Pocket user, they'll also be notified in the Pocket app. Shared content will appear in your inbox where you can see comments and highlighted quotes. There is also now an option to receive notifications when a friend shares with you.

Pocket has also redesigned the Share Menu to feature what you've used most recently, including which friends you shared with via Send to Friend.

For those who like to share content they consume on Pocket, this update is fantastic. What are you thoughts on the update?

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Pocket updates with new sharing feature Send to Friend

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