Dropcam software for iOS updated with location and time-based triggers

Dropcam for iPhone

Dropcam, an iOS-friendly Wi-Fi-enabled camera system, recently updated their iPhone and iPad apps so that recording can kick in when you leave the house or at certain times of the day. As always, the Dropcam can push alerts to your iPhone or iPad when the camera detects movement and, if you're a subscriber, let you comb through up to 30 days of previously stored footage, complete with movement markers along the timeline and audio.

Of course, the primary use case for this kind of thing is for home security, but you can also open up the live stream publicly, which is great if you've got an ongoing event that you'd like to share with the world. The only major downside to the camera itself is that it's got to be plugged in all the time, but for a home security system, that shouldn't be much of a problem.

I'm finding myself more and more interested in connected home gadgets like Dropcam, Lockitron, and Lifx. Dropcam in particular seems like it's really easy to set up, and pretty useful, but what do you guys think? What kind of home security do you use? Is it hooked up to your iPhone in any way?

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Reader comments

Dropcam software for iOS updated with location and time-based triggers


Only thing I don't like about Dropcam is how the video is store on the internet. I don't want video in my house being stored on the net.

Agreed. That's really the biggest hitch for me also. I believe my husband disconnected the little camera/detector on the Kinect because we're not entirely sure we want SOMEONE seeing inside our house. I mean, we're fat, lazy, boring Americans, but still.

You think that's bad? Wait until Google Glass hits the streets, (assuming it works). Anybody with a pair of glasses on looking in your direction could be recording you!!

I have a couple of cameras installed and would certainly try the Dropcam as well. But not having 100% control over my data is an absolute no-go!

Well then don't subscribe to recording and just use it live. Or use a much more elaborate and costly system that uses a DVR in your house. Besides that it is encrypted and passworded. To top it off paranoia is bad for your health.

It certainly beats not knowing what is going on while you are away.