Infuse plays videos in multiple formats, keeps track of what you watch

Infuse plays videos in multiple formats, keeps track of what you watch

Infuse, a new app that can play video in several formats, has been released for iPhone and iPad. Infuse supports fourteen file types for videos, including MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WebM, and WMV. You can add videos to Infuse through iTunes syncing and file sharing, email attachement, and Dropbox. Artwork and information about your videos will be downloaded where available, allowing you to keep your library organized.

Infuse has robust subtitle support, and users can either take advantage of those found in the app or add their own, as Infuse supports a variety of subtitle types as well. Infuse can also connect to trackt, a service that keeps track of the shows and movies you watch, keeping you informed about new episodes and making recommendations about new programs and movies. If you have a large video library with multiple formats, check out Infuse, now available in the App Store.

Joseph Keller

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asuperstarr says:

This would have been good a few years ago, I'm addicted to itunes and movies in the cloud. Great review!

NAMISH says:

Awesome!!! Needed something like this to quickly put stuff on my iPhone without having to worry about format first! Thanks.

nnimkar says:

Does this support DTS audio? There are other apps that are similar but they have lost the DTS support.