Time for those six second 'selfies' with latest Vine update

Vine for iOS

If all those Instagram 'selfies' just isn't enough for you, then the latest Vine update for iOS has you covered. Until now, the social mini-video sharing service has limited budding film makers to using the rear camera. The update pushing out today in the App Store adds to the toolbox the front facing camera, so you can film yourself doing, well whatever you can do in six seconds. It's real simple to flick between the two cameras, just as it is in the main iOS camera app, with a single button on screen to tap.

It isn't all about the front facing camera though, as mentions get some much needed attention as well. You can now tag people with their username within the post, and those users will get a notification in Activity. As you begin typing, Vine will show up suggestions as to who it thinks you're writing about. Simple, but much needed. Grab yourselves a copy of the latest update from the App Store now, but do please give us your front-facing Vine ideas in the comments below too.

Source: Vine

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Time for those six second 'selfies' with latest Vine update

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