Win a fantastic Aria case for your iPad from Pad & Quill!

Aria for iPad mini

Not long ago, Pad & Quill announced the latest addition to their exquisite line of iPad cases, the Aria. If you're familiar with Pad & Quill, you already know that these are some of the finest cases you can find for your iPad, and the Aria is no exception. Made with robust stitching from Full Grain American leather and hand finished wood, the Aria provides multiple self propping angles for viewing and a magnetic on/off feature when the case closes. You simply can't beat Pad & Quill when it comes to quality, and these are cases that would please even the most discriminating iPad owners.

We are happy to team up once again with Pad & Quill to offer our readers a chance at winning one of these amazing cases! To enter, head over to the links below and check out the Aria line, then come back here and let us know which color combination is your favorite, and which iPad you have. We will choose two lucky winners and announce it here on the blogs, so be sure to check back next week to see if you're a winner. And if you don't want to wait around to see if you've won, you can use coupon code MOR88 right now to save 15% off any case at Pad & Quill. The coupon is only good for a limited time, so be sure to use it soon if you're interested. Good luck everyone!

More information/purchase Aria for iPad mini
More information/purchase Aria for iPad 2/3/4

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Reader comments

Win a fantastic Aria case for your iPad from Pad & Quill!


My favorite Aria case color is Coffee and Onyx Black, for sure!!! I have the New iPad (3rd gen.) Good luck iMore-ites!

I would love an Onyx Black on Chestnut for my gorgeous iPad 4 and I'd love the stunning Michelle to make me a winner. Man, that Blaize is a lucky chap! ( ok, enough brown nosing).

Onyx black/Chestnut for my iPad current nobrandcheappieceofjunk case needs to get dumped into the nearest incinerator and I would love to get the Aria :)

I like the "Coffee and Onyx Black" one. I have an iPad4; or as it is called - iPad with Retina Display.

Coffee and black, 'cause the case has no slack.
Need the Pen & Quill to hold my Ipad secure & Still.
Please choose me as I never win anything free.

The Coffee & Onyx Black is gorgeous. I have an iPad mini.

Even if I don't win, thank you for supporting quality products and sharing them w/ readers.

Have visited Pad & Quill here in the Twin Cities and their great people!

I appreciate the chance to win a Coffee and Onyx Black model for my iPad 4--Thanks!

I really like the coffee and onyx black for my ipad 4. I hope I win, but nevertheless good luck everybody. ;)

Wow! Beautiful! If I hadn´t an iPad I would right away buy one just to have a valid excuse to put my hands on this case.
I´ve got an iPad 3 and the color that blew my mind is Chesnut/Onyx Black.
Thank you for the chance to win!

Pad and Quill makes good stuff. I have one for my iPhone 5. Now I want one for my iPad Mini. I guess the Coffee and Onyx Black. Thanks!

How can there only be 175 comments (176 with this comment)?!? This case is freaking awesome! I already listed my choice somewhere above (coffee and onyx for iPad mini) but just needed to express my surprise there are relatively few entries for this. :0