Element releases the Black Ops Elite Case for iPhone 5 - We have two to give away!

Element case Sector 5 Black Ops

Element Case, the premier manufacturer of high-end smart phone and tablet accessories, has just launched a special edition iPhone 5 case tailor-made for the military or firearms aficionado. Dubbed the Sector 5 Black Ops Elite, this unique case combines a CNC-machined, aircraft-grade aluminum frame with back plates crafted by Hogue, Inc. – the leading manufacturer of firearm grips in the US. These backings utilize a highly specialized material called “G 10” – a high-pressure, thermoset plastic laminate comprising multiple layers of woven fiberglass mesh bound with impregnated epoxy resin.

The end result is a case that provides tactical aesthetics and grip in a package built for only the most discerning iPhone 5 owner. Available color schemes include all-black, green camouflage, beige camouflage and more. Available now for $219.95, the Sector 5 Black Ops can be purchased via the Element Case website.

“The Black Ops Elite gives your phone a look like nothing else in this world,” said Jeff Sasaki, Founder & CEO of Element Case. “The major aesthetic details from the camouflage backings, combined with fine points of detail down to the corrugated mesh behind the open end of the perimeter aluminum frame, blend to craft a unique and bold statement for the most discerning military or firearms enthusiast. Genuine parts from Hogue, Inc. make the case authentic and tactfully brilliant.”

The Black Ops Elite is clearly a fantastic case sure to appeal to many of you out there. If you'd like to enter to win one of these for your iPhone 5 (sorry, only the iPhone 5 is compatible with this case), head over to the Element Case website at the link below and take a look at the color choices. Come back here and leave a comment letting us know which color is your favorite, and you could win it! We will choose two lucky winners and announce them on the blog next week. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Element releases the Black Ops Elite Case for iPhone 5 - We have two to give away!



I think the T3 Black/w Black G10 case looks like a case Batman would put on his IPhone 5, which is why I like that one! Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

I like the silver or brown! I'm a libra and I can't decide, but am the best case lover our there, in fact I'm a basket case! ;)

Black is more elegant, so my favorite is the T3 black with black G10. I hope I can get one, thank you for the opportunity.

Difficult to choose between the T3 Desert Tan w/ Black G10 and the T3 Black w/ Black G10 for style, but the Black/ Black wins for being less conspicuous (like when you have to wear a suit to the wedding you can't avoid attending).

T3 Black w/ Black G10 for me. And a iPhone to get along (^_^)' or I'll have to give it to my wife...

Bruce Wayne and I went to the website. He asked, "Does it come in black?" T3 Black w/ Black G10 is definitely my favorite.

I do all of my ninja-ing at night, of course. And since I wear the traditional all-black ninja attire, of course ... I'd love to win the T3 Black with Black G10. Thanks!

T3 Black/Black G10 is DEFINITELY the best looking! I'm sure this would protect my phone in my current battlezone of teaching 5th grade math and science!

T3 Black w/Black G10 slays! I'd like that color, suits the Darth Vader theme of my iPhone so much — coupled with my black iPhone 5, it is will be a winning combination!

Black with black as a phone is about as camo as it gets. Lost on the coffee table, shadow at the foot of the couch, etc. All black would be perfect for driving the girlfriend crazy. Thanks iMore.

Definitely black, with the tactical holster would be great when I deploy for me to carry my phone to take pictures while I'm there.

I've actually been considering this case for a bit now! But the price tag is somewhat deflating! Nevertheless, T3 Desert Tan w/Black G10 is my fav.

T3 Desert Tan w/Dark Earth, so you know, I can be totally incognito and connected when playing Call of Duty...

Their cases are awesome! I'd love the T3 desert Tan w/ Black G10 case; it would make my typical days feel like I was going on a mission. Thanks iMore and Element Case for the opportunity.

My real choice would be the green, but since my wife will surely "steel" this when it arrives I have to say "T3 Black w/Black G10" is my choice!!!

Though Have never been lucky to win anything would still try your generous giveaway. This is very good offer. And to travel in New York City with iPhone 5 is a tough Job. Would like T3 Black w/Black in case I get Lucky. Thanks.

T3 Black/w Black G10 is very Black-Ops and I would rock that with my iphone 5 if i'm a lucky winner. Thank you iMore for all the great give aways......even if I don't win any of them. lol

T3 Black w/Black looks awesome!!! Very nicely done, would be awesome to own one win or not. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

T3 Black w/ Black G10 is mah best color :)) I hope I win this time iMore is the best website for the latest tech news from apple. I love it. However, I would like you, the developers of imore app, to make a better ui design, faster, and easier to add a comment in the article. In my opinion, the design of imore 2.0 sucks (im really sorry but its true :() i hope you improve the app in 3.0. By the way, i went really off topic but I love the design of the case and i would like one because i currently dont have a case for my iphone 5.

I'm all about the black iphone so the T3 black w/ Black G10 would be my choice. Too bad it doesn't come in T3 black w/ dark earth G10

T3 with dessert tan. Please pick me. I'm going through a hard time and could use a nice case like this. Thank you even if you don't pick me for even doing this!

T3 black with black G10. I've been a long time fan & user, I loved the Vapor Pro i had for the ip4. Element makes incredible cases, I probably helped sell more of the Vapor cases w/ everyone that commented on mine, & I referred them to Elements site. Hook a guy up. :)

T3 black w/ Black G10. What an amazing case! I have been looking for something that is really tough and looks good, this fits both bills.

T3 Black with Black G10...would match perfect with my Emerson Commander. Those are probably the BEST looking cases I have run across!