Paris, France finally gets its Apple Maps Flyover

Apple's 3D Flyover support in Maps continues to roll out across the globe, and the latest major addition is that of the French capital, Paris. Prior, the only French city that was supported by Flyover was Lyon. The report initially emerged by way of, and indeed seems to be accurate.

3D Flyover is one of the standout features in Apple Maps, and while initially launching with limited support, cities have steadily been added in the time since. Paris is once of the worlds great cities, so to take an aerial tour across the Eiffel Tower, down the Champs-Elysées and take in the Arc de Triomphe seems fitting.

There's still many more locations around the world to be supported by by Flyover, so tell us where you'd like to see added next.


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Richard Devine

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Reader comments

Paris, France finally gets its Apple Maps Flyover


I forgot about this feature. Never seen a use for it other than when it first came out and was a "hey that's cool" feature.

Do people even use flyover more than just a trick to show their friends? I mean i know this topic has been beaten to death but i just dont see any practical use for it...

I flew around London with it when I got my iPhone 5, for about 1 minute. I haven't looked at it since. It's the very definition of the word gimmick.

Street View in Google Maps on the other hand, is used often.

Paris, France. As opposed to Paris, Botswana?

I think we all know Paris in France is the only Paris that matters.

I just found my old apartment building and McDonald's is still on the corner. It may not have much practical use, but flyover sure does make for a happy trip down memory lane (^_^)

Whichever Paris, who cares.
Only stupid Americans think Paris is interesting.
In general francophones r quite irritating.
Better stick to Italy or Spain.