Pixelmator for Mac gets a major update, over 100 new features and improvements

Popular Mac photo editing application Pixelmator has just received a major update pushed out via the Mac App Store. The Pixelmator team has been teasing the update -- known as 2.2 Blueberry -- in recent days on their blog, but today it has pushed out complete with over 100 new features and improvements.

As such, we're not going to go through them all; the day isn't long enough. The headline features read well, though. Blueberry brings Smart Shape tools with easy-to-use controls for adjusting outlines, a Smart Move tool that intelligently knows when you're working with shape or image layers and gives you the right tools for the job, and a new Light Leak effect for 'retro-artistically' illuminated images.

And that's just the beginning. Additional tools include new color popovers for quicker access to swatches, improved drawing tools, an improved Type Tool, and major performance improvements.

This update is huge, a major push forward from the Pixelmator team. We're going to need to spend a little time getting to know Blueberry, and play around with some of these fantastic sounding new features. The 2.2 update is available free of charge to anyone who has previously purchased Pixelmator from the Mac App Store, and is available to new customers for $14.99.

What do you think to the Blueberry update to Pixelmator? Does it now tick more of the boxes for you? How about first time Pixelmator users, are you glad you dropped the money on it? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Pixelmator for Mac gets a major update, over 100 new features and improvements


Completely off topic, but I see you have the exact same Johnny Cash album I have. I like your taste in music :).

Not sure what your image editing needs are, but it does everything I ever needed to do in Photoshop. From touching up photos to creating "freehand" designs. All for $15. So for me, it's a total "must have."

Now that Photoshop is going to the cloud Pixelmator and Acorn should make a big marketing push showing that not only is the software yours to keep, but that it costs a fraction of the price for nearly the same features.

Plug-ins?, support of PS brushes and plug-ins, 3d paint import?,... I hate the CC blackmail, but I'm not looking for Gimp HD deluxe, but a true photoshop competitor.

Okay, got Pixelmator support response: No support for commercial, free, or hobby made PS Plug-ins, No support for commercial, free, or hobby made PS Brushes. No support for commercial, free, or hobby made PS actions. No 3D support.

No, it's not a replacement for Photoshop. Very nice GUI, though