Microsoft exec says they want iTunes for Windows 8, but Apple just isn't into it

Not surprisingly, Microsoft wants Apple to create a Windows 8 version of iTunes. Apple already makes a version of iTunes that runs just fine on Windows 8, but it's an old-style "desktop app" not a new-style "Windows 8 app". Not that that seems to be bothering Apple in the slightest. According to CNN Money:

"You shouldn't expect an iTunes app on Windows 8 any time soon," said Tami Reller, chief financial officer of Microsoft's Windows division. "ITunes is in high demand. The welcome mat has been laid out. It's not for lack of trying."

Tom Warren at The Verge adds that sources at Microsoft have indicated to them that iTunes is one of the most searched for applications in the Windows 8 store, and that Microsoft has actively been trying to secure a Windows 8 app version.

A Windows 8 app -- formerly and far less confusingly known as a Metro app -- can be purchased through Microsoft's version of the app store, and is optimized for the new generation of touch screen tablets, hybrids, laptops, and displays. That's where the market is shifting, and that's what's got Microsoft so keen on it.

Apple, for their part, probably isn't in any hurry to get ahead of the curve on Windows 8 app development, and it should be pointed out Microsoft's own Office was an is caught in a painful transition from desktop app to Windows 8 app. Large, legacy code bases are like that, and ports are typically even more complicated.

Still, Windows 8 users, are you crying out for a proper Windows 8 app version of iTunes , or are you okay making do with the current desktop app? We want to hear from you!

Source: CNN Money, The Verge

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Reader comments

Microsoft exec says they want iTunes for Windows 8, but Apple just isn't into it


Nope. Gone to Spotify for all of my music needs, because its the only truly wireless solution and its cross platform. Only reason that mess of an application still exists on my laptop is to sideload videos to AVPlayer onto my iPad. If I could do that without iTunes, I would cut that cord without any hesitation.

You can use iFunbox to transfer your videos to the AVPlayer documents folder. iTunes is not a must for transferring files to an app.

Hey thanks for the tip! Looks promising. Doesn't change my gripe about how I can't plug iOS devices in and directly access the file system without an intermediate program. This may well help me boot iTunes off my PC though, since it promises to provide greater access than iTunes does.

With Apple banging on constantly about how this is the Post PC era, I thought I might be done with needing to plug in by now, but I guess this will have to do for now.

Most everything I use is in desktop-mode, I rarely wander into the mess of tiles --it really doesn't matter...

My guess apple wants and will create an iTunes app.
When there is a race to the finish line for IOS7 and iPhone 5s , the iTunes app is not a top priority to waste programming time.
Once there is a lull it will get done.
There is still 100 million customers on win8 as crappy as it is.

My guess is that Apple is still laughing at the thought of wasting their time on a metro itunes app. After all these months, start8 thankfully keeps hiding that metro crap from me.

apple probably knows that they could make an awesome windows 8 app but then if it was better than itunes itself, they would not have a better version of their own software on a different OS. At the same time, lots of windows users love iTunes. I don't know if I have worded this right but I hope you understand what I mean.

A touch-friendly, Metro style iTunes app would indeed turn some heads. Whether it would be better or not, is tough to say. But Windows 8 users would no doubts be happy to show it off to Mac users ;-)

I wonder if they could start with the iPad app and go from there. But like your article and others have said, it isn't that there is no way for Windows 8 users to use iTunes, it is just not in Microsoft's preferred format/UI.

Kind of like Office for iPad. There is the useable, but not in Apple's preferred UX/UI.

Could really come down to, "Oh, we have a Windows 8 app version of iTunes ready to be submitted. We'll get right on submitting, once we get those Office for iPad apps you already have ready"

A game of chicken with, arguably, each companies most important non OS application.

Heck, kind of like Office for Windows 8! Are they really griping about Apple not making iTunes for Metro when they can't even get their own first-party software on there?!

I want to see them do it simply because it might force them to do a ground up rework of the whole application and maybe making it actually operate quicker and more stable.

Kinda funny on how Office for Mac could be on par with the Windows version. About the same thing no?

I certainly wouldn't agree that iTunes runs 'just fine' on the Windows 8 desktop. I have a pretty high end PC running Win 8, and iTunes runs very, very badly. Whenever it's pulling or pushing data to the net, it slows my PC down so much the mouse pointer drops to around 5fps and my PC is completely unusable. It also crashes often. It's an absolute train wreck.

I always thought iTunes was pretty bad on the Mac, but on PC, it's infinitely worse and is basically broken.

I don't want any Windows 8 "apps". I want WINDOWS!!!! I don't want to touch my screen. I want to use my mouse and keyboard.

I'm not leaving Windows 7 until there is literally no other option. Hopefully by then Microsoft will have realized how badly they screwed up trying to shoe horn touch UI on a desktop where the mouse and keyboard are far superior.

Metro UI is great on WP8 and Surface. But it is just awful on desktop. I don't understand.

Forcing Metro over allowing the choice between it and a traditional Start menu for desktop systems was certainly the wrong thing to do. Current indications are that they are reversing that discussion for their next release. Hopefully that release is a service pack and not a completely new retail version.

I hope they don't. My parents just got a new laptop with windows 8 on it and i have to say its the most confusing thing i've ever had to figure out on a computer. Luckily i found that desktop mode which looks like previous windows versions. But those tiles are awful, they look so dumb and they're terrible to figure out. What was microsoft thinking?

iTunes on Windows may be one of the biggest piles of poop on the planet (not that much better on OSX). To update it to Window 8 would mean Apple would actually have to devote talent towards development, something they haven't done in a long time.

Apple should do this, as they have customers with iDevices using the Windows platform who deserve to have the best experience possible for their iDevices. And, Apple would not mind seeing MS Office on the iPad. I'm sure Apple will create the Windows 8 app when developer resources allow them to do so (most-likely after iOS7 is under control).

Why doesn't Microsoft update their Office apps for Mac? I recently bought Office 365 and when I downloaded it on Mac it was the same 2011 version!

The latest update of iTunes is bad enough that i would rather use Windows Media Player. I have 25k+ songs...the way they formatted search and defaulting to album view is absolutely absurd. I do not listen to my music nor buy from iTunes anymore. I am forced to hook up Serato every time i want to listen to music. I buy Compact Discs. I am going to save the industry single-handidly. Unless, you all want to join in. Buy CD's. iTunes crushes the music way too much (compresses), and their Mastered for iTunes is a load of bs. it is no longer an enjoyable experience, Apple. Sorry, I had to vent. I know I am not the only one.

Maybe NOT a full-fledged iTunes app but something more of a connector... an app that does the basic... play edit music and quickly sync devices.