Apple's WWDC honey-do list, as dictated by the internet

Apple's WWDC checklist, as dictated by the internet

According to the internet, Apple has to everything everyone else has ever done, plus make real everything science fiction has ever imagined, or WWDC 2013 will be a disappointment, and Apple will again and forever be doomed. No pressure there. But what exactly is this unattainable goal being set for Apple? Justin Willaims of Carpeaqua has placed tongue firmly in cheek and laid it plain.

With WWDC just a few weeks away, I thought it’d be beneficial to the Internet at large to compile a working list of everything that is expected of Apple during their Keynote and subsequent “State of the Union” addresses in order to appease the Internet. Failure to introduce each and every one of these features and updates will result in another stock price plummet, calls for Tim Cook’s ouster and an infinite amount of comments on tech blogs decrying that Android is superior to Apple’s iOS.

I have several favorites. Give the whole things a read, then tell me yours.

Source: Carpeaqua

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Reader comments

Apple's WWDC honey-do list, as dictated by the internet


Um... is it just me, or does this sound like this list comes from an Android fanboy? Also, most of it is either ridiculous, or not going to happen EVER! I mean, to just say to bring back Google Maps gives away his fanboy-ism! Google Maps IS on iOS... it's just a download. Even HTC admits that no one uses widgets; and they make Android hardware! What's the use of free-form app organization, anyway? And just because he thinks that iTunes sucks does not mean that Apple should confuse casual users even more by making back-door paths. Finally, Apple's betas are private for a reason... to make sure that their software is tested by people who actually understand betas. This list is almost completely biased! Some of it I would like as well (ex. selective backup, Siri for Mac, and possibly the redesigned OS), but most of it would be copying another company. And we all know that's Samsung's job!

Killer iCloud updates and services & a new Mac Pro that blows our minds--you know, one that includes a projected holodeck for only an extra $100.

I actually lol'd a few times. The leather/vegetarian one got me good.

The only thing I think needs added is true push email, for Gmail too. No more of this 15 minute fetch shit.

It's google's problem if you set up your phone after 31st of Januari. They blocked EAS for new device's.

You are saying iOS only supports push using EAS? Yeah, that sounds like aGoogle problem to me. (all the other iOS email clients that support push Gmail must be using magic fairy dust so they can work).

Yes, only EAS supports true push. Only other native choice is WebDAV/CalDav which does not support true push. I'm not talking about the third party e-mail apps that use the half baked, and heavily altered by google, imap-ilde command.

Yeah, I'm sure. Google controls what clients access their servers, and how they do it. Apple's stock mail program works fine with other providers for push. It's out of Apple's hands.

then how do you explain Gmail push working on all the other iOS email clients? Also, I think you are making Google out to be some sort of demigod. They can't control any client accessing their servers. That's kind of the point of using standards. I'll save you some thinking. Google, Mailbox and all the other email clients use the iOS push notification service. doesn't. Think Google will fix that? No. It's an Apple problem.

We ALL know Apple needs to deliver something new, because the market is starting to really outpace it. I hope iOS 7 starts their new trend and isn't playing the same-old-catch-up.

I love reading comments like this that are so ridiculously far from anything that could be called reality, but that mouth the standard talking points of articles that one can find and read "on teh Internets." And delivered with such seriousness! The poster seemingly completely unaware of how wrong these statements are!

But, but … I read it on (insert big name news site), … it must be true!

Wake me up when iOS can do something basic like allow file attachments (not just photos) from the native email client during composition.

Great article, i liked it and lolled a couple of time.
My list, in order of importance:
1- new iPhone with fingerprint sensor ( Internet authentication)
2- new iPhone with NFC ( mobile payment)
3- a more open IOS ( it's not 2007 anymore, we are grown up, we know how to use a smartphone without fucking up everything,e.g. let me open a file with two different apps..)
4- new iOS design à la IVE , but please something better of the tins of flat concepts seen over the Internet)
5- one more thing

Your nu,ber 3. You can open a file with 2 different apps if have 2 apps that can read the file. Example: iBooks can open PDFs from Safari as well as Kno (a textbook app I use for school). Same thing if said file came from an email.

A little symbol at the top of the screen to show the phone mute is activated. I always forget to take the mute off

Or you can just turn your phone to the side and see whether the mute is on or not. Or you can feel the switch to see if it's on or not. We really need to limit the number of crap that gets thrown up on the status bar.

I still think that the thing Apple should do is listen to it's developers and make them happy. This will intern make the customer (us) happy.

1. Fix iCloud synchronization and SDK for Siri so developers can use it. Keep developers excited about IOS. KEEP THEM INNOVATING!
2. Fix iPhoto so there are no more duplicate pictures, simpler to use.
3. Fix Notifications
4. Introduce iRadio. Tell Sony you'll give them full credit for a song if it is played 50% of its length. Make it different with both audio and video options! Like a Pandora and Vevo combo app.
5. Make Mac and IOS more seamless. I hate using an app in IOS and can not find it for my Mac! Examples: MLB At Bat, FlipBoard, VEVO,
6. Localize to phone, iPad some functions of Siri.
7. Don't put out a release like IOS 7 until 90 percent of developers say it is ready for release.
8. Fix Mail so it works with all mailboxes including Gmail.
9. Fix open app system so that you can delete all apps. Hate deleting one by one.
10. Add to and fix Passbook. I can't find on most apps where to add it to Passbook. Update Passbook with the finger print censor security and a payment system.

I think these are reasonable expectations:

1. Quick toggle for commonly used settings
2. Sharing framework like intents on Android
3. Faster and more reliable iMessage sync
4. Siri: Faster, more responsive, and more anticipatory (think Google Now)
5. Actionable notifications and ability to swipe away notifications
6. Game Centre: cross game voice and video chat, ability to actually meet new people
7. Maps: transit integration, beginning of something like street view
8. Faster iCloud with datasync that works
9. Modern developer tools

Common sense stuff, really

One additional pain point is like to see addresses is more on-device voice processing. It is inexcusable that my iPhone 5 is substantially worse than me pre-Siri iPhone 4 at voice commands, e.g. "Call (contact name)."

SERIOUSLY? You don't know how to add a photo in the

J/k. Tap just right of the cursor. Now tap the little tiangle. Tada!

Thank you richu! *deep bow* This won't ruin my life any longer haha. If only I had known this 2 days ago! Without giving any details I'm so screwed.

Better multitasking, ability to have quick access to turn wifi on/off, cal info on lockscreen.
Services need massive boost, I've switched to google play music because iTunes Match just doesn't work quickly or consistently for me.

getting real tired of this apple never innovates and and squashes it loreals with it's fat lazy ass bullshit

I find his list (same as last year) is blighted by the fact that it includes user wants as well as developer wants. Together they make the list so long as to be almost completely unfocussed. It certainly makes for a very boring (and confusing if you aren't a developer), read.

The majority of folks on the Internet aren't developers. Most people don't really give two sh*ts about "the issues developers face" either.

Make another list for developers if you must, but I say turn this one would be better off as a simple, short list of "what the Internet (i.e. - the rabble of smartphone users), wants" *minus* the developer stuff. It would be 50-60% shorter, it would make more sense, and be much more useful/helpful overall.

Add to the list please:

A 13 inch MBP with a 2 gb video option. The only option they currently offer pretty much sucks, if your a speed demon.

Better syncing between devices. Better sharing of files, like being able to airdrop images or videos from the iPhone to the iPad or to the Mac (or PC). Got stuck this weekend trying to get images from the iPhone to a relative's non-iPhone. MMS failed. Email balked at long videos or more than three images at a time. No problem for them sending to the iPhone, but difficult to nearly impossible the other way. Ended up uploading to a third-party site. I understand that the device is made for the 99%, but certain things can be scalable and discoverable, don't ya think?