Evernote updates brings reminders to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Evernote updates let users set reminders on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and Mac have all been updated today, adding a feature long requested by many users: reminders. Users can now click or tap the small alarm clock icon to add a reminder to any of their notes, which will pin those notes to the top of their note list in a new Reminders section, which can be manually reordered. Due dates can be added to reminders, and users can choose whether they want to receive notifications from the app itself, via email, or both. Mark the note as done by hitting the checkmark on the left when you are finished. Reminders work with Evernote’s shared notebooks as well.

There were some other, non-reminder related features added to both the Mac and iOS versions of Evernote. Both versions now boast enhanced security with XAuth, and allow users to view any application that has access to their account from Evernote Web. Additionally, Evernote for Mac has a redesigned vertical list that shows more notes, two new text styles, and the ability to edit saved searches.

Both updates are available now.

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Evernote updates brings reminders to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac


I'm using a MacBook Pro Retina. I upgraded Evernote through the app store and my note window disappeared. When I tried to log in in just crashed. Contacted tech support. They asked me to reinstall with a download from their server instead of the app store. That brought back my notes. But the program asked me to upgrade, so I did, this time through Evernote instead of the app store. Whoops. Same problem. Note window showed up briefly then the program just crashed. I had to install the downgrade in order to get my notes back.

Love Evernote. But the upgrade has a problem.

This makes me afraid to upgrade the iPad and iPhone version.

Thanks, I will hold off. They are pretty good about a quick fix. Wonder why it did not show up in their testing?