The Loop Magazine #2 hits (virtual) shelves, and you might just recognize some of the writers...

There's something familiar about the Loop Magazine, issue 2...

My iPhone rang. I answered. There was the laugh. The one that emanates from the beard. "Hi Jim!" I was then told I'd be writing an article for The Loop Magazine and I'd have it done by Sunday. I was and I did. And Jim and Peter were crazy enough not to reject it. So here we are. Issue 2.

Lots of smarter people in this one as well -- Joe King, Matt Gemmell, Stephen Hackett, Matthew Panzarino, and the aforementioned Peter Cohen - writing smart stuff.

If you've already subscribed, just dive into Newsstand, tap the Loop Magazine cover, and download the new issue. If not, there's no better time to give it a try.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

The Loop Magazine #2 hits (virtual) shelves, and you might just recognize some of the writers...


Can I read it elsewhere? I literally don't have the money for the subscription right now, probably won't be until June or July that I do. Unforeseen circumstances and all, you know, life happens.

I don't mind paying for the magazine, and I do, but I just wanted to point out that "free with subscription" means it isn't really free. It's like saying Cable is free, with subscription. Probably what you mean is a free trial before the subscription kicks in.

The app is free, there's a free trial subscription for 7 days as well. If you like it, you can subscribe. If there's better terminology for that that's still succinct, let me know!