Farewell, Leanna Lofte!

Farewell, Leanna Lofte!

I'm heartbroken and yet profoundly proud to announce that this is Leanna Lofte's last week here at iMore. Leanna first joined us as a forum member in September of 2008, and impressed us so much that she quickly became a moderator, and by April of 2009, had begun writing app reviews. Among her earliest subjects were, of course, a math app and a photography app roundup. Studying and teaching math, and taking photographs, were and are two of her greatest passions. (The others being, as anyone who follows any of her social streams well knows, tiny dogs that look more like Ewoks, her husband and fellow mathamagician, Dave, and most recently, her impossibly cute little daughters, Lila and Lucy.)

All of those, and more, have been evident in her work at iMore. Most especially her photography, if only because it so magnificently captures and shares all of the others. (And because her insistance that math is theoretical has shaken our world-views and, frankly, scared us.)

From camera tests for all the latest iOS devices, to apps that she reviewed and taught us all how to better use, to the hero imagery that now adorns all of our pages, Leanna not only changed how iMore looks, but how we at iMore look at the world around us. (In a custom white-balanced, rule-of-thirds grid, if you must know!)

And now she's done with blogging, and is moving on.

Leanna has been offered and has accepted a job in the San Francisco Bay Area, doing what we just know she'll be incredibly great at doing. She'll be taking the rest of the week to finish up some special projects for iMore she's been wanting to do for a while, and then she'll be seeing to her move, and her new career, and as much as we'll miss her terribly, we're even more unbelievably happy and excited for her.

Leanna, you've brought joy to us every day through your intelligence and your charm. You taught us and inspired us, and we're so very much better, in so very many ways, for having had you here.

We wish you every happiness. You'll always be with us in spirit, and in our hearts.

Thank you, Leanna, for everything!

For the further adventures of Leanna Lofte, you should follow her on Twitter @llofte

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Reader comments

Farewell, Leanna Lofte!


Leanna, your photography is going to be the gold standard around these parts for a long time to come. It's been really awesome working with you.

I wish I was even a thousandth of the photographer you are, you'll be missed, but we're all behind you for your future endeavours! Best of luck!

Sad to hear you're moving on but glad to hear you're moving forward. Good luck and I hope we see you around :-).

Thanks, Leanna, for all your great reviews!

And I'll miss the best photo ever published on iMore! (see above)

Farewell from iMore Leanna, I still follow you on Twitter so the photography won't be gone :) best of luck and joy in your new endeavor.

Damn, I've got a sadz now :(

Good luck with your new projects, and be happy with your decisions :)

No more Leanna? Sad frickin' face.

But I've gotta wish you and your family well. All the best.

*kicks rocks*

Sad to here you're leaving, Leanna. But at least we all know that it's your choice and you're continuing in a positive path for yourself and your family. Always looked forward to your postings. I've learned a lot from you. Thanks and best regards.

Farewell ; ) I hope the section will stay.

I wasn't always thrilled by the app choices you made, but at least I had the opportunity to discover things I wouldn't have otherwise, and sometimes good ones.

Best of luck Leanna! You have been my favorite writer on here pretty much since you started writing for imore. I almost always agreed with your app reviews and you've discovered some great ones I never knew existed. I offer a sincere thank you to you for all that you've done on this site the past few years. Again, best of luck to you and your family in your future endeavors!!

Thanks for all the great articles. May God bless you in your new venture. As important as the i-devices are as cameras, here's hoping Rene finds someone with near the skill set you have to continue this important niche.

Farewell Leanna, you'll be sorely missed. Your reviews and articles are some of the only ones that I get excited to read, and don't begin reading with preconcieved notions. Enjoy your move and good luck to you and your family.

This makes me incredibly happy. I can't help but to feel great joy towards her departure to pursue another chapter in the book of life. It is not often that opportunities like this come to people and I like to think she has the right set of skills to embrace it and make the best of it.

You will be missd, best of luck to you and your family!

Leanna, your reviews, columns and suggestions for photography apps have been a pleasure to read and are always insightful. I've trusted your judgement enough to go ahead and not only look them up but purchase some of them without a second thought. Your presence on iMore will surely be missed. We, as a community, hope you drop by the forums once in a while to keep in touch.

Happy Birthday and may God bless you and your family.


Leanna has been my favorite app reviewer and photo expert on imore since it was named theiphoneblog.com and tipb.com. Thanks for all your insights. Your words will be missed. Good luck in your future endeavors!!

Happy Birthday and thanks for all the good info on using the iPhone for photography. I use a Nikon but now I also use my iPhone thanks to your reviews. Good luck!

I've been here since 2009 and I've loved all the app reviews Leanna has done and especially all her photography. Thank you for all you've done to better our search for apps and better use of our iPhone camera. You will be missed.

P.S. Happy Birthday!!!!

Your photo reviews were fantastic and learned a few things along the way....All the best....you shall be missed but never forgotten.
Good luck.
Happy birthday!

Best of luck Leanna, you'll definitely be missed.

And happy (shared) :D birthday! Hope you could celebrate it and the new job well.

Leanna, you will be missed around here... Thank you for your wonderful articles and insight. You are truly great!

Couldn't have said it better. You've not only been a great colleague but also have become a very close friend.

H and i will be visiting you soon out in Cali! Love you lots and we know you'll do amazing things! I'll make sure I say rule of thirds and MOAR WHITE in campfire at LEAST twice a day!

Sent from the iMore App

Over the years, I've become a fan of Leanna's posts. I take special effort to pay attention and read her articles. Not downplaying the other editors, but I truly spend more time on hers and Rene's posts. Sad that she's going. All the best Leanna. Please drop by with occasional posts!

thank you for introducing me to the rule of thirds, for which i will be forever grateful! good luck with your new endeavors, leanna, and welcome to the bay area!

Best of luck to you Leanna, I know I have enjoyed reading your work for some time now and it will be missed.

I always enjoyed reading Leanna's app reviews -- always very well written insightful. Good luck!