iTunes Store or App Store giving you problems today?

iTunes Store or App Store giving you problems today?

We've gotten a ton of feeback this morning about the iTunes Store or App Store being down, inaccessible, or just plain ornery this morning. Some of us here at iMore can get to it fine, others can't get to it at all. Apple's System Status tools shows an issue over the last hour or so:

Multiple Store Services - 9:40 AM - 11:50 AM - Some users affected

Users may have been unable to make purchases in the iTunes Store, Mac App Store, and App Store.

Which sounds like it's over, but still seems to be lingering for some.

There's not much we can do at this point except hope Apple's fixed it, and those fixes will get everyone back in and enjoying their content and games asap. In the meantime, let me know if you had any problems, or if you're still having problems.

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iTunes Store or App Store giving you problems today?


Yes, App Store hung up since yesterday: first a Tweetbot update wouldn't download. Then it disappeared today, but badge shows one update available yet there's nothing there when I open the app.

1:38pm CST. Still having problems with the iTunes Store. Can't downloads my upgrades from computer or ios device.

1:38pm CST. Still having trouble with the App Store. Can't download my app upgrades from computer or ios device.

Yes I thought it was a problem with the latest update until reading your post. I couldn't update my apps. However, as of 6pm GMT, I can.

Had bigtime problems around 1PM EST when I tried to download the Amazon update and it got stuck on processing and would not finish, Had noticed the store was weird late last night too, I called Apple and they had me re-download Itunes and that seemed to fix the problem. The Amazon app seems to have processed and is acting ok. Probably what happened is they fixed whatever the issue was. Wish Applecare was more on top of Itunes issues.:)

I thought it was me! I have DSL cause its so cheap, but the DSL here can only go up to 4mbs even though I could easily get and afford 10mbs +, stupid lines near my house can't handle that speed. Plus when I try to use my iPhone 4 in the area I am in, the 3G is slow as shit. I was spoiled by my Droid Razr Maxx. I miss my LTE.

I can't seem to download my IAP's I've paid for in Midway Arcade. It's showing no content. Not sure if its a problem with WB Games end or App Store. I've sent a ticket to WB.

It has been down all day for me on my MBPro, but the iTunes store on my iPhone is working just fine. Hopefully they get it worked out soon so I can stream my iTunes Match music on my laptop.

Yes still problems this morning. I changed my password but that did not fix it. I was able to purchase 1 album but can't buy more!!