iPhone Will/Will Not have 3G Support


If there is one thing I cannot tolerate it's a technology company playing with my emotions by promising one thing and delivering another. During the keynote, Steve Jobs clearly indicated the iPhone will not have 3G support built-in, meaning it will not poses UMTS or HSDPA technology. And yet John Markoff of the New York Times is claiming that Apple will provide a firmware upgrade that will unlock this hidden functionality.

Hint to Mr. Markoff 3G is a hardware feature, not software. Meaning that it's going to take a hell of a lot more than a firmware upgrade to add 3G capability to iPhone if the underlying hardware that enables it is missing. Smacks John on forehead

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iPhone Will/Will Not have 3G Support


I know it has not been mentioned by Jobs, but isn't it possible that the 3G hardware is actually already on the iPhone, but he is saving that feature for when they figure out how to make it less battery hungry. I know this is just wishfull thinking, but isn't possible.

It may a actually be possible for the iPhone to support a 3g network because if you take out the sim card in the iPhone it actually shows the 3g logo thus could possibly be a strech of thinking but if the iPhone is actually hardware able to support 3g what makes you think apple didn't just need to use edge for an initial release. Who knows it could be possible.

Has anyone taken the phone apart? If so, does the main hardware logic reside in an FPGA, from which the hardware can be re-programmed to support 3G? If this is the case the only real hardware limitations would be in IO requirements for 3G. How the signal is brought into the iphone. These days power requirements seldom out weigh data throughput speeds in the commercial markets.

I talk to apple today 2 reps.. They both said the 2.0 update will add GPS and 3G to your 1 generation iPhone! It is true if you dont belive this call apple today and ask!!!! See what they say to you I called twice to make sure one didnt have there head up there but. 1-800-my-iPhon. It is true we get 3G and GPS July 11th!

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