Notifications in OS X Mavericks to include quick action shortcuts

OS X Mavericks notifications

Notifications are getting a slight refresh in OS X Mavericks. Apple announced today at WWDC 2013 that notifications would allow users to quickly leap into action without having to open apps first. This includes replying to incoming iMessages, sending canned responses to FaceTime requests, and even third-party apps will be able to offer a bit of interactivity. It's also worth noting that notifications are going to be synced across platforms, so you won't have to clear the same ones on your iPad that you already have on your Mac.

Mavericks is shaping up to be really nice, but honestly, it's hard not to be more excited about the iOS 7 stuff coming out of WWDC 2013. What do you guys think of Mavericks? Are you likely to be picking up the new Mac Pro or Macbook Air?

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Reader comments

Notifications in OS X Mavericks to include quick action shortcuts


I was really hoping to see this in iOS too. Especially quick reply. That was the only thing left that would even make me interested in jailbreaking. Well, and maybe a way to modify the overall theme as well, but I can live without that.

My thought (hope, really) is that they will debut the quick action notifications just before the release of the next iPhone. And hopefully it won't be an exclusive feature, like Siri was. I was REALLY hoping for a quick reply type of option... the FINAL reason for me to jailbreak.

Whoa. I was really thrown off. I thought this WAS in iOS until the last paragraph wishing for it to be in there. I'm thrown off now that your site is covering iOS *and* OSX.