Weather for iOS 7 looking great, doubles as world clock

iOS 7 weather

Apple demoed a new weather application that will be included in iOS 7 today, and it's looking great. Everything is following the new overall flat user interface, with sharp lines and a simple layout. Weather-specific animations bring the forecast to life, plus you can pinch to view multiple locations, see local times for those locations, along with all of the usual long-term weather information.

There's a lot more to see from out WWDC 2013 liveblog!

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Weather for iOS 7 looking great, doubles as world clock


Looks alot like my yahoo weather app, but still no live temp on the weather app? But they manage to keep the clock live???what da heck man!!

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I think this is the Yahoo Weather app. It doesn't just look LIKE it, it is EXACTLY the same down to the icons. There is also a Yahoo "Y" in the corner of it.