Apple debuts iWork for iCloud

Apple debuts iWork for iCloud

Apple has unveiled iWork for iCloud. Users will now be able to iWork create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in a web browser. iWork for iCloud supports features such as drag and drop and editing of Microsoft Office files. Available today as a developer beta, iWork for iCloud supports Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

For more coverage of today's announcements and more, follow along with out WWDC 2013 coverage.

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Apple debuts iWork for iCloud


Long overdue, but looks to be a bit slicker than Google Docs assuming everything works well together between OS X, iOS and web versions.

A BIT slicker??? You mean, like it actually looks useable? Yea, I was thinking that as well. Google Docs is horrific. You feel like you've stepped back a decade or two and only use it if forced to. It's kind of like Word, only far worse.

No, it's probably more a strike at Google Docs. And, for many, it would be quite handy. However, until everyone is using devices that are always Internet connected (and, at a reasonable price), installed apps aren't going anywhere.