WWDC 2013 and iOS 7: What we didn't get

WWDC 2013 and iOS 7: What we didn't get

WWDC 2013 brought with it this year a dizzying number of changes from new MacBook Airs to OS X Mavericks and more. Undoubtedly, the largest announcement was iOS 7 which brings with it an all new flattened interface, lots of new features, and improvements upon older ones.

We talked about all our iOS 7 wants over the past several months. You guys gave your feedback too. Now that we know what iOS 7 brings to the table, let's take a look at what we wanted, but didn't get this time around.

As always, iOS 7 is in its infancy stages so it's important to remember that lots of stuff can and probably will change before the final release. For now, we'll just gauge off what we know so far.

Actionable notifications

One of the biggest items on our bucket list for years now has been better control over notifications. As of iOS 6, the only way to interact with a notification is to either dismiss it or open it. Unfortunately, it looks like not too much of this has changed in iOS 7 either.

The biggest request when it comes to actionable notifications in iOS has got to be quick reply for messaging. Instead of having to dismiss a text message or launch into the actual messaging app, a way to reply without disrupting what you are doing would be an ideal solution. It's also one that apps like BiteSMS has been able to solve for years. The Mac got it in Mavericks this time around, why not iOS?

Actionable notifications would also come in handy for things like calendar appointments, alarms, and more. As far as we can see, iOS 7 still uses a lot of the same notification schemes that its older sibling, iOS 6 uses, and that's a shame.

Control Center may give us quicker access to common toggles the way SBSettings has for years, but it still doesn't allow us to interact with incoming notifications any better as they happen.

Better email attachment handling

Managing email attachments in iOS has always been painful. Actually, if you want to be bluntly honest, there is no way to feasibly manage attachments in iOS and it doesn't look like iOS 7 will be changing that.

The same options for inserting a photo or video still appear but when it comes to saving attachments or managing them any better, you'll still need an external third party app in order to do any kind of saving and organizing.

I did however notice in the first build that when you go to edit email attachments in iOS 7, there is a section that appears for attachments. I can't yet figure out how to use it, or the functionality just isn't there quite yet.

Either way, there's no new options at this point and it's unclear how Apple plans to allow us to use the cryptic Attachments section in Mail.

Files.app or some kind of document management system

There has never been a way in iOS to natively handle documents. Sure iWork and other third party apps can readily handle documents and are more than up for the task but why can't I have a centralized location in order to store all my documents?

We have a Photos app in order to better manage and organize photos, it's about time we got the same for documents and other kinds of files.

There are numerous times that I simply forget what program I was working on a document in, or where I saved it. I then have to sift through iBooks, Pages, Dropbox, and Evernote to figure out where I decided to save that PDF someone sent me.

Instead, I want to go to one centralized location where all my files are housed, launch a share sheet, and choose what app I want to open that document in or how I want to share it.

Safari download manager

When you download a file through mobile Safari, whether that's an image or a PDF, you're forced to choose what app you want to open it with. That means for photos you'll need to save it to your camera roll and for PDFs, you'll be forced to leave Safari and open it in iBooks or another comparable program.

A downloads manager would allow downloading files not to interfere with what you're doing. Photos don't necessarily interfere but to make sure it downloaded, I do have to leave the browser in order to enter Photos.app and make sure the image actually saved.

There has been several occasions where I've just trusted the save to camera roll feature only to find later on that the image never actually downloaded. A downloads manager within Safari would solve this problem and allow you a way to quickly access all your downloads in one place at the same time. That means those photos you downloaded or the PDFs that you don't remember what app you've opened them in would all be accessible and findable in one location.

Mutable sounds while in a call

The most irritating thing in existence is when you're on a phone call and text messages, emails, and other notifications continue to sound off in your ear. Not only does it not make sense for your ear to vibrate, it's very distracting when you're on important calls.

Can I at least have the option to finally disable this annoying behavior in Settings? As far as I'm aware, there is no setting I can find in iOS 7 and while on calls, I'm still facing the same annoying vibrations and notifications while on a call.

What did you want?

While we got a lot of things in iOS 7 that we did want, we know a lot of customer wants were still left out.

These are the things we really wanted to see make an appearance that didn't make the cut. Is there anything you really wanted to see that you also didn't see any sign of during the iOS 7 announcement? Sound off in the comments below!

If you missed any of today's event, make sure you check out all our WWDC 2013 coverage for more news about iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, and more!

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WWDC 2013 and iOS 7: What we didn't get


I wanted actionable notifications more than anything. I should be able to reply a text email ot tweet within notification center.

Control center is a shortcut for the most used settings. It has nothing to do with messages and other notifications.

Yup, quick reply to texts is something I've wanted for years as well, and I had for a while on my jailbroken iPhone 4. This would be a game changer because I don't think even Android phones have this feature. But alas, Apple, would rather cover up mistakes visually than actually fix them.

Well, the Mac got actionable notifications, so I am sure Apple is aware of the want. And who knows, maybe that will probably get added eventually.

I tapped on a text that was coming in as a banner and I swear it looked like a little box popped up and went away. Really weird. Then the fast app switcher kicked in and switched to iMessages.

The lack of actionable notifications (especially in regards to messages) really disappoints me. I really think that is a low hanging fruit they're missing. The file management and attachment items are also kind of disappointing, but I can live with that without too much effort. I really would like to see some better inter-app communication. I think some of those who use x-callback URL schemes to create workflows are amazing, and I would like to see this oft overlooked concept get some more attention from Apple. The smartphone is a small computer, and giving power users more flexibility in their creative processes can only help the platform.

There is still some time before the official release in fall and usually some stuff gets added along the way, so let's wait and see…

Sorry, but no. These are the major features coming to iOS. Any additional customer facing features added past this point will be big fixes and whatever features are exclusive to the iPhone 5s (or whatever they name it).

Sent from the iMore App

I was hoping for a more robust way for apps to communicate with each other ala Android. Oh well...iOS 8 is only a year away!

I love the multiple pages in the folders but i would have really appreciated something like what infinidock does.

I was hoping for a keyboard replacement for third party apps, like what was rumored, or at least a nice redesign and functionality upgrade for the current keyboard. Autocorrect and autosuggest are still terrible.

Ah well, they need something for iOS 8 I guess.

- User specification of default apps
- Intents; if not full inter-app communication than at very least the ability to specify items on the share sheet.
- Actionable notifications

i'm a bit disappointed because of that old keyboard, it's really the thing i want apple to improve
and even though i like android better, i still love johny ive's design, the old ios ui looks too ugly, this new one looks beautiful

I really wanted to see "Actionable Notifications", actually I would be happy with the ability to snooze appointments and reminders. I just don't understand why they won't this damn feature. This should have been included in the first iPhone, it's been 6 years and we still can't snooze an appointment. I also would like the ability pick my default browser and mapping application. Those features can be handled by various jailbreaks but it would be nice if it was built in.

Sent from the iMore App

A file system so I don't have to do tech backflips to do basic stuff. I still have little clue what Apple is thinking on this. I guess the tags in OSX is the future if files??? Seems like a bigger mess than just learning the simple folder system to me. (So well store our tags in folders maybe???)

Then, just core functionality of core apps.... which maybe we'll get? (probably didn't make the slides) Things like duplicating events in calendar... not having a formatting nightmare in mail... a few more of the basic features of email... ability to manage the cloud (likes individual apps, or revisions of files / backups... especially now with auto updates! Imagine that data destroying app update we all experience now and then.)... etc.

I realize that sounds pretty negative. Overall I was fairly impressed. I just wish Apple would spend just a speck of their profits fixing some of the obvious things.

I wanted but maybe I just didn't see it was better mail management like mailbox or some other third party mail app.

I'm relying heavily on IMAP folders with server based sorting for organizing my mail. I'm still missing a "refresh all folders" button of some kind. Having to tap each folder individually in order to check for new mails is a bit annoying. I still have hope I'll see that in iOS 7, tough :)

I don't know what it does exactly, but it won't refresh any folders in my IMAP account other than the inbox :-/

As soon as I saw Mavericks got actionable notifications (quick reply) I thought finally iOS is getting QR!!! And we didn't ugh! I don't get it!!! However I love iOS 7. I know lots hate the new icons and some of the UI but I think it's fantastic and love it thus far!

My request is simple. I want text reflow in the browser. Sometimes Reader doesn't work. This is the only thing I miss from Android.

Instead we've got funny limits and restrictions that don't make sense. Like Siri last year we have more 'absurd gems' - Filters in photo app not for every device ? AirDrop on iPad Mini but not on the 2nd and 3rd gen ? Instead of phasing out the iPhone 4 from 2010 it even gets more than the iPad 2 (note: same hardware as found in the Mini model and iPhone 4S).

I initially dropped by to congratulate you guys on finally porting Android 4.0 to the iPhone; but, after reading the article and all the comments, I realized that you guys are still missing most of the simple key features that make Android great... sorry about that!

Maybe you'll get them next year in iOS8?

Best of luck!

Glad they didn't copy Androids trademarked lag. But seriously if Android is so great why are you guys always on iOS blogs?

My wife still has an iPad 2, so here I am.

She did finally ditch the iPhone for a GS4, though, which is awesome.

What lag?

She's my wife, of course she has control over me. You got me there.

Then again, I did convince her to finally ditch her iPhone for the GS4 two weeks ago, so at least I have a wise master... ;)

Features like a worse app selection, inconsistent UI, horrible tablet applications, and stuttering when scrolling through the home-screen? I am sure those will be in iOS 8. I guess they did not take enough people off OS X Ice Man (or whatever it was called) to add them this time around.

Seriously, though. Many more features and aesthetics come from Windows phone and Palm than Android. I would love to see some of the options that Android has, but the smooth UI and huge selection of exclusive apps (especially games) keeps me on iOS.

Sent from the iMore App

I agree that the iPad is still a superior tablet. It's fairly boring, but Apple has done a better job promoting tablet-specific development.

For phones, though? Apple is at least a year behind, if not longer. Lag in Android is a thing of the past, the UI has been made much more consistent, and there are very few exclusive titles these days -- except for Apple's own, of course.

Read this:

Haha! Android is so far ahead of Iphone. Airdrop is another name for WiFi Direct which Android has had for over six months and I love my Actionable Notification bar which I've had for a year and a half now. My phone does not lag it never did. Oh did I mention my phone is also water resistant and battery lasts three days on a single charge.

Widgets widgets widgets! At least third party widgets in the notification center!
Quick reply
Actionable notifications
And a theme store so we can get rid of the hideous new icons!

Pretty bummed we got none of those, again...

Can I ask what you do with the widgets? I have had an android tablet (touchpad) and can't find a reason to use them. Weather is the only thing I can think of that makes sense. The flipping through posts that a widget provides does not seem to be helpful for feeds, Facebook, or twitter; seeing one post out of 100 is too inefficient.

Sent from the iMore App

I love widgets. It was one of the reasons I chose the Samsung Galaxy S3 over the iPhone 5 last year. I have widgets that give me an agenda view of my upcoming events for the week, without launching the calendar app. I have a widget that gives me the 5-day forecast along with the highs and lows, current temp with high and low for today, sunrise and sunset, wind and humidity and the feels like temp. All without having to launch the weather app. I have a widget that lets me choose to text or call one of my 9 favorite contacts, without launching the contacts app, the text app or the dialer first. I have an app that has my reminders, quick notes and todo list, all at a glance without launching the Google Keep app.

Those are some that I use. Others use a variety of different widgets too. There are many widgets available for use on Android. Once Apple allows us to have widgets, you will curse them for not allowing sooner.

Apple is slowly introducing Android features. If they would give me the things I love about Android, I would quickly switch to iPhone.

*All* of what you're doing there is either stock/standard on iOS 7, (weather, "today" view on lockscreen), or is available in app form (creating simple buttons for contacts).

Just sayin.

I agree with you. But those are some of the widgets I use. There are so many more for use. There are countless ways you may customize your phone.

The top 3 missing for me were reply-to text like BiteSMS, HTML email signatures, and being able to forward a calendar event.

Still early though!

+1 on the calendar thing. Exchange calendar implementation needs a lot of work. Edit a single instance of a recurring appointment. Reply, Reply All, etc.

Everything the author of this article stated is what I was waiting to hear but it just never came. There's far too much focus on design and not nearly enough brain power going into functionality. Maybe Apple just doesn't care to add functionality, in the drive to keep it simple, but it would at least be nice to have these missing pieces added in at some point.

"Biggest change to iOS since original iPhone". No wonder, as the changes to iOS came in homeopathic doses. Everything else would have something other companies release with updates of their individual applications rather than the whole OS.

So let's see, what did we get so far as "killer features"?
- iOS 2: 3rd Party Apps + SDK
- iOS 3: Copy-Paste. Woohoo!
- iOS 4: Multitasking
- iOS 5: Notification Center
- iOS 6: Siri

Now I feel that the first 4 updates could have been in one iOS update rather than four and the second two in another.

What did we get with iOS 7? Lockscreen notifications. No, I don't consider the new design a feature.

What didn't we get (again)? Well, apart from all the little things I might be able to fill books with, there is the centralized file storage Allyson already mentioned. But what I'm missing apart from that is a framework both for Notification Center Widgets and deeper Siri integration into Apps. Well, we didn't get that.

I'm experimenting a little with Android 4.2.2 right now and, although I can't say I particularly like it, given the "feature update frequency" of iOS in combination with hardware pricing, I'm not sure I'm buying an iPhone ever again.

Clearly you know nothing about software development, and especially how to build an entire OS from scratch. (hint: it's impossible to do it all in the first version)

Wow! Kudos to your insight into human nature. Clearly you are an expert in that.

Just a few facts:
- Impossible is nothing
- I didn't ever say anything about "first version"
- The OS wasn't exactly build "from scratch", they are using a modified version of the OS X XNU Kernel

But yeah, clearly, no one can develop and add features in a yearly cycle, so fortunately no one else has something comparable like, let's say Android or so... Wait, what?

Do you always make it a habit of critiquing something you have yet to try? By your logic, I assume you buy a car without a test drive? Or you write a review on that beautiful new Porsche you have seen in a magazine but have yet to sit behind the wheel.

And, if history repeats itself, additional features may be added to later Beta versions before launch to the public.

Cool your jets.......I'm sure you are losing sleep on the updated 2019 For Mustang and its "lack of features."

I have a habit of not letting me blind by "oooh new Apple stuff! Shiny!".

What I'm criticizing tough is that Apple made a fantastic product and then almost neglected it and so falling behind the competition. I'm criticizing that new features come once in a year only. I'm criticizing that most of the time there weren't the big "breakthrough" new features that we would have needed to see from Apple.

All I'm saying now is that what Apple presented on their WWDC keynote isn't enough to draw level with the competition, much less leap ahead. Also, I think if they really did have "the" killer feature we would have heard about it.

Let's just hope that I'm wrong.

You are seriously bringing up what we didn't get? This was just announced today. I think the new OS looks phenomenal and am very happy with the added features. As usual, there are those that no matter what Apple does, will find something to complain about. :/

..... and those that will bow to the mighty Apple out of habit and brand blindness. FCS some of you were cheering the opening of a new store??? That was how much there was on offer, when the CEO wants to show a video of the crowd outside Apple Berlin? LOL

I'm just not blinded by a shiny new interface and still can see what really needs to be done to keep it up with competition.

I'm not really enthusiastic about the new looks, but that might be a question of taste. I'm also very happy about the new features. However, Apple has to rethink its policy about closedness if they don't want to fall behind.
If we had seen an API for Widgets or Siri integration? That would have been something I'd really be enthusiastic about. But we just didn't. Too bad.

Looks very nice, but most of it just copies stuff from Android and Google which the Android crowd have had for ages. Disappointed ! Lot of gloss but little innovation!

And Android was derived from Old Windows Mobile... It seems to be a trend with Apple and Droid if you ask me.... Not surprised one bit.

Was its own OS!.. Windows Mobiles used to consist of rows of static icons with a highly customizable UI, With SENSE overlay etc.. like Google's Android setup that come to be after WM until this present day... "Windows Phone" is its own OS today... It is the only OS that has a NEW UI and that has stepped away from that flood of icons setup that you still see on Droid and iOS .. I am of course talking about the UI and not the Kernel here..

Okay you're talking about UI not OS. Yes I agree all OS main home screen look is grids of Icons. That goes back to Xerox, early Windows and Macs.

As for inspiration, the original Android OS got it's inspiration from BB not Windows. BB got it from Plam. I suppose you can trace this back to Windows but not Windows Mobile.

i agree with this 100%! i used Windows Mobile for years and Android looks just like it. Funny though...people hated Windows mobile design but love android yet they are the same!

I don't think people hated the design, what people hated including myself was how buggy the software was.

As far as looking identical not even close. Unless you are making the same point Keifwoki is making then yes but then all OS look the same.

Um... I too made the move to Android because of buggy, and laggy old Windows Mobile but soon found the new fandangled Android was only marginally better and ended up with the conclusion that iOS was better than both! Which made me sad, but we are getting off topic here.. The point I was making was Windows Phone is really the only OS + UI that has really changed over the past 10 years, stepping away from those icon grids and totally re working EVERYTHING... The other two have really only added functions and put some lipstick on.. So... I didn't expect anything NEW from Apple here with iOS7.

If by innovation you refer to features that you will never use then you are correct. Every feature added is something I will make good use of and it is done with simplicity. Anyone can come up with a cool idea but what good is it if you will never use it, then to top it off such innovative ideas on other platforms, freeze or crash and burn.

"Good artists copy, great artists steal." I'm not blaming Apple for doing so in general, but I feel that they didn't do enough. Apple, please open your platform, even if it's only a little bit!

Loving the changes they've made, can't wait to get my hands on it. I would have liked a way to clear the cache on the phone and the apps. Getting really tired of deleting and re-installing apps just to cut the size down.

Document management and download manager.

And for God's sake, why on Earth they make picture sharing so restricted and complicated.
Just let me send the pictures through the d@mn bluetooth!

Google Play Books is an option available to you. I bought a book from them and whether I'm on my phone or iPad, I pick up from the page where I left off.

WTF are you talking about? iBooks has always been in the cloud. All your purchases are in the cloud. All are readable, downloadable on any device. In what sense is this not using the cloud?

I really believe that if they have the actionable notifications in Mavericks then they will have it in the iOS. It just may not have gotten the spotlight that everything else did it or it may be something that they are still working on and will show up before the GM release. They still have 3 months.

Sent from the iMore App

I totally agree. I said this yesterday... I think they're holding this high-profile improvement for the next iPhone announcement, in order to create more buzz.

If people want what WP8 and Android have already.... I suggest that they buy a Samsung or a Lumia phone...

Why? Why can't someone love their iPhone/iPad and request features that other platforms have without having to switch? Especially, when the requested features aren't major updates. At this point, they are features that Apple chooses to allow you to have.

BTW, before you go on your rant. I own an iPod Gen 4, iPad Gen 3 and MacBook. Thought you should know before you tell me to go fuck my Android.

lol, its ok your safe... Im neutral... I go with whatever and whoever can give me the most for my money which atm I've found to be Windows Phone 8... But N E ways... Apple won't change much while they can still make $ off you... Its the same game old Windows mobile played until iPhone got so popular... Which has thrown Microsoft and Google into the fire , they have been forced to bring out better products with more features than Apple to win back their customers. Ending the iPhone rule over the smartphone wars For now... Until it all happens again in 10 years... Sadly we are just the suckers that have to keep spending $ changing from company to company to have the features we want!

Does anyone know if there is an auto reply for sms messages? When on a call or busy and receive a text message - "Busy will text you later" something like that would be nice

We are still using the same method of moving the text cursor since iOS 1.0. You have to hold on the text until the magnifying glass appears and then move it. It's cumbersome and extremely slow. If anyone has used SwipeSelect on a Jailbroken device you will know how incredibly fast and easy it is to move the cursor and highlight text. This is desperately needed in iOS.

And texting within apps or quickly from the lockscreen...i.e. BiteSMS

"We are still using the same method of moving the text cursor since iOS 1.0. ..."

Actually copy and paste came out in iOS 3.0

A lot of this seems picky and unduly critical the way it's worded. I'm willing to believe Alison just has communication problems and that it only "comes across that way," but still ...

She is critical of no actionable notifications, but she could have at least mentioned that this was added to OS X and by implication is probably coming sooner rather than later to iOS.

She says that there still isn't a "Files.app" but WTF is "Air Drop" if not precisely that?

Finally, some of the things she want's (Safari Download manager, muting sounds in calls, etc.), are just ridiculous things that only the tiniest fraction of users could really use or care about.

This article just comes off as hyper-critical and rude to me.

"We are still using the same method of moving the text cursor since iOS 1.0. ..."
- "Actually copy and paste came out in iOS 3.0"

Who is being hypercritical?

As far as I understood AirDrop on iOS, this was for sharing photos or movies or whatever Apple thinks its users would want to share. Basically, it seems to be the same like sending a file directly trough WiFi or Blutooth instead of using an email.
Still, there are no means of having the same file accessible to several applications at the same time except for pictures and movies trough camera roll.

According to the keynote, Airdrop works in the same fashion as two Roid users banging their phones together, without the banging. A simple screen tap does it, and can be done with multiple recipients simultaneously.

LOL your post made me chuckle.

"...and by implication probably..." so you're saying it's safe to assume it will come to iOS 7 at some unspecified time in the future? Not everyone is as patient or as devoted to Apple as you apparently are. Actionable notifications are something that a lot of iPhone users have been wanting and it's completely fair for Alison to point this out. Air Drop is not a file manager but a way to share files with other iiPhone users...I don't think you understand the concept of a files manager. And as for the "ridiculous things that only the tiniest fraction of users could really use or care about," I personally would also like the option to mute sounds on calls. Just because you don't find it necessary doesn't mean it applies to everyone else.

Get off your high horse.

I was on the fence and considering a move to another OS, but figured I would wait for the updates in iOS 7. I am extremely glad I waited! All of the fixes I wanted nothing I did not. NFC is still a possibility through hardware but lets face it, until Apple adopts NFC it will not be a mainstream feature, Google has failed in it's launch and right now NFC is a feature that someone touts about their phone but is not widely used. In the fall I will sell my iPhone 4S for 250.00 - 300.00, renew my contract for 200.00 and put the rest down on an Ipad 5.
Actionable notifications would be the icing on the cake, I am sure it is on it's way just not in iOS 7.

i want to be able to turn off all notifications, the night time switch thing only works when the phone is locked!! i hate showing my friends something cool on my phone and they get to read my text msgs, fb msgs etc on the banner!

I read on another site that the notification center does allow for quick reply to messages and email. I think it was cult of Mac or mac rumors

how can the first smart phone company be called a copy cat. Apple has almost created this whole space of phones. almost every platform takes what the other does well and tries to improve on it. Apple was the first to show the world what was lacking. the bottom line there is room for all to play. i dont think Mr Ford is telling toyota you are copying my model "t". and when everyone says this is better or that platform is better, we all have choices so make them quietly

i'm pretty content with the new features that were announced. I'm not going to complain about every little thing that didn't get added like everyone else in here. For once, I'm kinda excited about a new iOS release.

This isn't directly iOS, but I would like to see "Messages" added to the iCloud site (https://www.icloud.com/).

I want to have the option of managing my text messages on a computer. With google voice, I can converse via text from my desktop, then continue the conversation on my iPhone when I walk away. But with iOS messaging, I'm tied to my phone.

Well, Mac users get the Messages app already as a feature of having multiple Apple devices. I can see a possible desktop app, but it's unlikely to go iCloud. However, non-OS development is not generally connected to iPhone improvements apart from new versions of iTunes.

You're right. BUT ... Unfortunately BB10 is in its infancy and has quite a few "issues" to sort out before it becomes a viable contender of the "Ultimate device" it once was a few years ago. The lack of native apps on the new OS are slow in coming and I'm unable to get the apps I need (without having to port from Android) for the every day use I demand from my phone. I am underwhelmed with my current android and still use my 4s for various tasks. I could live without the Crayola icons, but there has got to be an app to solve that little problem. All in all, iOS 7 looks promising if they fix the active notification/message oversight.

I just wanted to see 10 day weather and radar. I don't know why but it just always bothers me having an identical app to the stock apps that just does a small function they could easily do.

Of course actionable notifications seems to be the big one that everyone wanted, and I did too. One point I'd like to make is we haven't seen all of iOS 7 yet. What I mean is that Apple always holds certain software features back for the new "S-class" device. Such as voice control on the 3GS or Siri on the 4S. Those were the big one's there, but correct me if there weren't others as well. I can't remember what they were off the top of my head...but I do remember other "smaller" software features being omitted from lower class devices. Apple's PR on it is always that the hardware on the older devices can't handle it and maintain proper battery life. The reality though is they need to give people (present company included) that extra little bit of incentive to upgrade their hardware. I'm still holding on that we'll either see it in a later beta...Or it will be a "tent-pole" of the presumably named 5S coming along with the official roll out of iOS 7 this fall.

On another note. I have been harping for months now that iOS 7 should have a much better system for organizing photos. I had even gone as far on several occasions to voice my opinion of how it should happen, and of course Apple's solution makes my opinion sound...well...ignorant. It was my personal #1 requirement for iOS 7...and I must say I am one very, very happy Apple customer. Thanks Tim and team!!

I'd add that I am more disappointed that devs can't develop for system controls like the keyboard than I am with missing quick reply. That had floated around for awhile, as unlikely as it sounded I was really hoping for either
A.) keyboard API's
B.) a improved keyboard input method of some kind
C.) apple's take on predictive typing

Where are the notifications in lockscreen? Will I have to pull down the notification center everytime I want to see a notification? Like Android?

Yet no swype keyboard?

No when a notification comes in it still lights up the screen and stays on the lock screen until you unlock the device you just have access to NC on the lock screen now.

I like realistic icons from iOS 6 , That gives awesome clean and shiny look for iOS 6. Missing those UI in iOS 7, They should improve lot of things in iOS7 until it release . Not expecting new features but dont spoil existing OS. Action sheets are not good, Dock is not good in home screen, Totally , It is just looking like a cartoon UI ....

i dont mind the new look... simple is good. I know this sounds petty... but i really want 'live' icons. They show the date on the calendar... why not the temp/conditions on the weather icon? Why not change the mail icon to show new mail (as well as the count). Also, a type of live wallpaper wouldve been cool for lockscreen/homescreen. I like to personalize my device... and iOS is still completely lacking in the department. No widgets, you cant put the icons where you want them, no control over anything visual. Heck, even my nook hd has live weather wallpaper. I will wait till iOS7 releases before final judgement..

I really hate the fact that when a group message comes in that I can't select whether to reply to the group or just to the original sender. Am I missing something or am I correct to say that it's just not an option? It's been an option with email forever, why not with sms?

In Mail.app, Organize By Thread is enabled yet your Sent messages are still not shown in the email thread......Still!! Third party apps like Mailbox and Gmail show your Sent messages within the thread as it should be, why can't Mail.app?? Not a huge deal with small threads but with larger threads, seeing your sent items becomes much more important.

I really wish they would have added a quick reply of course, but I also wish they had taken the idea from the jailbreak tweak that allowed you to correct text by sliding across the keyboard. It's so much more easier to complete that action rather than holding a spot and waiting for the magnifying glass to appear. Cmon Apple! Get'r done...

Love control center, I have been wanting that since my first iPhone the 3gs. That being said I really want the last thing on here the mutable sounds while on a call. You would think this would be SOP for any phone. Apple is so much about the user experience that leaving this out again makes me think the have some type of communication problem in the company

Design in general still need refinements, we probably will see in beta 6 or 7 i guess. While I love the new simplicity i'd like to see a bit of apple feeling as well. The blue thin outlined icons in safari or mail aren't that good recognizable, are they? In calendar app i miss those days highlighted where i have an appointment or something. Currently all days except today are just white. I definitely need to see where my appointments are.

Why hasn't anybody else even thought of putting home screen widgets on the table?! With Spotlight now available across all iOS 7 home screens, there's now doubt that the void left behind by the re-gesturing of Spotlight should have been filled by a mobile version of Dashboard...

Hi one of the reasons for me to stick with my jailbreak iphone is the app phone buzzer. It is such a convenience not having to look at my iphone or put it in my ear to know that my call has been picked up. When my contact answered my call, the phone just vibrate in my hand and i just put it to my ear and say hello and continue with my conversation.
It would be great is this feature is in ios7 - tq

I can't believe there is still no way to copy and paste events in the calendar. I have several things that are recurring but not on the same day or time. What a pain to enter them all in individually! Also the new fonts in iOS7 are thinner and everything seems harder to read. So far I am NOT impressed by the design overhaul and I don't really feel like iOS7 is much of an improvement - nothing but hype.