Video messaging for Skype on iOS rolled out globally

Skype video messaging

Skype has added the ability for iPhone, iPad, and Mac owners to record small video snippets and send them directly to contacts. Recording can be initiated from the little plus button, and if you mess up, you can easily re-shoot before sending Anyone receiving a video message can reply with their own video with the tap of a button. Clips can be up to three minutes, which is plenty for most of the things you'd like to say. Videos can be downloaded whenever the receiver happens to be online.

So far video messaging has been in a preview version since February, but today marks a global roll-out of the feature. Video messaging is a sensible addition to Skype and will surely see use for those times when a live video call isn't practical, or when wireless coverage isn't solid enough to sustain a decent quality call.

Download links are below, or you can check out the preview video further down. How many of you guys use Skype regularly? Do you see yourself using video messaging often?

Source: Skype

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Reader comments

Video messaging for Skype on iOS rolled out globally

2 Comments REALLY bad thing about this........

Looks like you only get 25 free video messages and then have to upgrade to a skype premium account to continue getting free video messages.


for me at least.....

Yes, you have to get premium for the service. I got to test it buring beta and I had 5 free messages (so much for testing...). Now I didn't even get an extra 20 messages. I don't see anyone using this as you need premium for it.

Anyway, the article should get updated to clarify you need premium.