BlackBerry still promising BBM for iOS before the end of the summer

We're still getting asked this all the time, so just in case you were wondering, BBM — aka BlackBerry Messenger — is still coming to iOS, and it'll be with us by the end of the summer. BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, used this mornings earnings call to let us know, but didn't provide any other, more specific details. And, since we're only just at the beginning of summer, it's not likely its just around the corner. Ah, well. Who's waiting, oh so patiently, for BBM?

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BlackBerry still promising BBM for iOS before the end of the summer


sad to say i am. i have several friends who live in south america, and from what they tell me the cheapest cell service is a blackberry.. so they all have blackberries.. i am pysched..

i went from BB Bold something, to the iPhone 4, and the #1 feature I missed was BBM. Towards the end of my BB usage, I began to use it a lot, and I do miss it, even though there are hundreds of other messeging services.

You said it. With what I'm hearing about a few icon redesigns hopefully this will be a double whammy because BBM was the most solid messaging service that I've used

BBM was pretty neat to be honest, and I'm glad to see it coming to iOS, but BB is shooting themselves in the foot by moving this to other platforms. It was their only truly unique service.

Agreed. I don't know anyone with a BB, and even if I did, we would just text normally or use MSN or Yahoo or something to that effect. BB is dead anyway. Bye bye RIM.

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It is not dead in under develop economies. I live close to Mexico. I travel down there often. I would suggest 8 of 10 potential iPhone/BB buyers go for BB. The reason is BB has models that are way less expensive then the current iPhone 5. The price for a iPhone 5 is around 1300 pesos which translates to 1000 dollars. The price for a BB (cheap model) goes for around 2000 pesos which is about 160 dollars. In a economy were the average worker makes around 80 dollars per week. The BB is much more attractive.

Im a bb 9900 user and I would have a hard time saying good bye to my bbm. Very efficient and makes sense internationally