Win yourselves an iPad, courtesy of!

It's been a rough end to the week for our BlackBerry loving friends over at CrackBerry. The PlayBook, the one and only tablet from BlackBerry, long promised an update to BlackBerry 10, has basically been killed. A sad day for those who clung to their PlayBook waiting, hoping, but CrackBerry is determined to turn the mood around by giving away any tablet that isn't a PlayBook. That's right; you could win an iPad on CrackBerry!

Head on over there for the full rundown and to enter. There's no doubts a few ex-BlackBerry users and CrackBerry frequenters amongst the iMore community, so head on over and help them out and show a little love! The contest runs through July 1, with winners announced the following day. Good luck!

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Richard Devine

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Win yourselves an iPad, courtesy of!


I'm not surprised they have gone, Awful tablet.
I work for a very well known retailer in the UK and we get dozens of these back every month.
Good riddens in my opinion!

No worse to me than android tablets. The main flaw was the lack of BB10. Sadly that isn't happening. Oh well, still useful as a cheap e-reader.

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Hey despratly want to win an ipad ..i wish to win.Your website is way too much awsome,As i visit every singal day.. I Apply before for ipad but couldn't win.Wist this iPad will be mine :)

As a Quality Engineer, it is too bad that Blackberry could not announce their new products with an accelerated production schedule. I think this was a sign that they had weakened and are vulnerable to their competition. The email application of Blackberry is still one of the best and might be a product the likes of Apple or Google might purchase.

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i really wish i could in this i have never had anything like this, it would be a big experince for me iv only got a cheap gusto phone at much, but