Reeder for iPhone update now live, Feedly support arrives in the nick of time

We heard just a few days ago that popular RSS reading app, Reeder for iPhone, was going free while an update for the Google-pocalypse was awaiting approval by Apple. That update has now been approved, and not a moment too soon as Google Reader has now closed its doors for good.

Reeder already offered alternatives to Google Reader, but the big news here is Feedly support. Since Google first announced the closure of Reader, Feedly has lept to the front of the queue of budding replacements. Their user count has increased substantially since then, but their own iOS app doesn't suit everyone.

Feed Wrangler support is also included in this latest version of Reeder, though it's likely the Feedly support a larger number of users were waiting on. It's still showing as free for the time being in the App Store, so grab it quickly, as we pour one out for our dear, old departed friend.

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Reeder for iPhone update now live, Feedly support arrives in the nick of time


I haven't been able to get Feedly to import my subscriptions from Google and I've tried contacting their support 3 times with no response. AOL, Digg, NewsBlur, and Flipboard all handled it with no problem, but Feedly is my first choice and I can't get it to work. Really annoyed.

When did you try to do the import? If you're trying today you are officially SOL as Google Reader is off. I did the import weeks ago with no trouble and this morning I deleted my Google account from Reeder, added Feedly and it's as if nothing ever changed.

I've been trying for at least a week I believe and sent my 1st message through their contact form as soon as it happened. Hopefully Feedly will make it possible to import with a file because I did export my subscriptions via Takeout. Crazy frustrating that I've gotten ZERO support from them during this whole thing.