New roaming caps introduced into European Union member countries, data prices the big winner

Good news this morning for travellers within the EU; new caps have been introduced on how much mobile carriers can charge for roaming within member countries. Roaming charges have been a topic of much debate in recent years, especially with the rise of the smartphone, but the regulators have stepped in to control what users have to pay. It's not the first time caps have been introduced, but this is what things look like as of now:

  • Price cap from data reduced from 70 cents per MB to 45 cents
  • Making a call reduced from 29 cents to 24 cents
  • Receiving a call reduced from 8 cents to 7 cents
  • Sending an SMS reduced from 9 cents to 8 cents

The most significant drop is seen in the cost of data, which is good news since data roaming is also the largest cause of massive bills from foreign travel. Eventually, roaming charges are expected to be abolished completely within the EU, but for now this is a positive step in the right direction. Travellers; good news? Or not quite enough for you yet?

via Android Central

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Reader comments

New roaming caps introduced into European Union member countries, data prices the big winner


70 or 45 per MB are both equally ludicrous pricing points and the change actually makes very little difference to me - in other words 1GB just got cheaper from 700 to 450. When I stay in London I can walk in the first "three" shop and get a sim card with 1GB for 10 for my iPad, it takes 5 minutes and I am out of the shop (the one on Strand close to Trafalgar Sq is very efficient). I do actually spend almost the whole allowance in couple of days as I then dont tend to use the hotel wifi. So even after the new regulation I will still go and get the pay as you go data card for the iPad and switch off data roaming on the iPhone so that I can keep my number active.

Remember these are a cap though. Upper limit not what the price has to be. Three let you have unlimited data for £5 a day if you're on a relevant plan. That's how I roll, anyway :)

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That sounds good. I dont live in the UK though - it will be interesting to see what happens when they abolish roaming charges completely, if we end up with three or four major operators across the EU like in the US.

This is good news but the cost of data roaming is still exorbitant.

I normally use around 1gb a week when my phone is the only source of internet and the cost would be £420 ($600).

Hopefully they will do away with the "roaming" concept altogether next July as promised!

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