Popular indie game Limbo now available for both iPhone and iPad

Limbo, an already popular indie title for consoles is now available for both iPhone and iPad. With the long holiday weekend approaching in the US, Limbo will make for a perfect time killer. If you're new to Limbo, you'll love the design and the eery story line.

Limbo was first released as a console game in 2010 as an Xbox Arcade exclusive before making its way to other consoles. Now you can pick it up for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch as well. For those familiar with Limbo, early reviews are stating that game play translates nicely to touch screen controls.

You can pick up Limbo now in the App Store for $4.99 via the link below. It's a universal download for both iPhone and iPad.

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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Ianthetechman says:

It is an alright game but the price is pretty high !!!!

SolarPolarBear1 says:

Maybe, but it's double that on steam and triple on Xbox. So I'd say it's a pretty good deal for an amazing game!

jmburke1982 says:

I have been waiting for this to come to the iPhone! The price is a bit up there, but I still might have to get it!

ohohkhimee says:

i dloaded already using kuaiyong app for windows no jb required its free

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