Have you ever wondered how many vinyl records could fill an iPod classic?

Ah, the 160GB iPod classic, the last bastion for those of us who like to carry literally our entire music collections in our pockets. But, have you ever tried to visualize just how much music you can cram into that little box, say perhaps, how many vinyl records it would be? No? Well, the folks at Concert Hotel have, and it's pretty darned impressive.

Worked out to 3,180 albums, in vinyl form that would weigh a monstrous 1,400lbs, or as it happens the same weight as two male Grizzly Bears. All squeezed into your pocket. It's all a bit of fun, but still puts into perspective just what we can consider our portable music collection thanks to the iPod classic. The original post also has a pretty impressive scrolling image of what all that vinyl looks like. Now, how much do you love your iPod classic?!

Source: Concert Hotel

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Reader comments

Have you ever wondered how many vinyl records could fill an iPod classic?


I had an iPod Classic, I watched it die... Switching tracks would take time, synchronization would get stuck, and sometimes copying a single song over would freeze the machine up. Got it checked out, and they said the drive on the thing was close to being dead... ouch!

Not entirely a bad thing thought. I kinda used it for approx. 2.5 years... But I certainly did expect it to last much longer. (Yes, I always ejected it properly before disconnecting it, etc. etc.)

Decided to move to Zune after that, but never did as I got an iPod Touch 4 for my music not soon after, and the iPhone 5 earlier this year. Going good so far!

I love my iPod Classic so much that despite having an 80GB model for years now, and it not being entirely full yet, I purchased a new 160GB version just last month. The reason? I have a feeling that since this is the last of Apple's 30 dock connector devices it's going to go away soon and there just is no other dedicated player on the market with all that storage. I realize that cloud streaming in the way to go nowadays (And I do that on my phone quite often), but there is no substitute for dedicated music player that can hold all your music at once and lasts for 40 hours on on charge. So I future proofed myself for some time.

I still have my iPod Classic and have my whole CD collection on it--but I also have it on my 64GB iPhone because it only comes to a little over 30 gigs.

As far as the vinyl comparison: we're talking mp3s vs. the full recording on the records, yes?!

You can extract over 4+gb out of properly recorded vinyl, the audio equivalent of a DVD. Unless these momos are compressing everything down to 128bit, there is no way in hell you could fit 3000 vinyls worth of high fidelity sound onto 160gb.

I have a 5th gen iPod, and a huge music collection that includes vinyl that I've been collecting as a kid since the late '60's. A few years ago I outgrew the 80G drive, and found a company that offered a kit that replaced the factory drive with a 230G drive and higher capacity battery. It was an easy modification. I still listen to CDs and vinyl when I have the time, but now that I'm able to carry around my entire music collection, the iPod is great for travel and convenience.

Yeah, I don't use iPods, I only use my iPhone as my music source so I'm not carrying so much around. After I get my MP3 player fixed I'll use that at home. The problem with iPods is the equalizer settings, there are none. Now I could overwrite Apple's software and put RockBox on it, but then I have too many options and I don't understand parametric equalizers. Outside of that, as an audiophile (to a small extent) I like lossless files, lossless files are much larger than a standard mp3 rip. I would love to see Apple cater to the audiophile crowd as well. The quickest and simplest thing they could do, add a 5 band equalizer to the iPod. But for regular people and standard iPod users, yeah, you can fit a ton of music on a classic iPod. I do have a friend with over 300GB of music though, he'd need a couple.

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I still use my classic on a daily basis. I have the 80 gig and it's full. I keep saying I'm going to upgrade to the 160 gig version. I hope they don't put the classic to rest. Until the touch can come close to holding all of my music I'm not interested in it.

The iPod classic is the best. Sadly mines die on me earlier this year. Life will never be the same. I wish apple would update this product, so I can buy it again.

I used to have a 120gb Classic & it was used every day as a 'Walkman' & connected to my stereo. Now I've got a 64gb 5th Gen iPod Touch & love it. I now feel that I need iOS & also wifi & Bluetooth is so important. I also use iTunes Match but only on my iPhone & iPad which I so handy. I'm getting used to listening to my albums through the djay app so I can have it automixed & I can also 'Pull Up' if I want to listen to the song again. Unfortunately I feel the classic has only a limited time left I can't see a version with a lightning connector on it.

iTunes Match allows you to have your entire collection on your iPhone without taking up memory. No need for a Classic unless you don't have an internet connection.

The number of Vinyl albums is not correct in my opinion from a matter of perspective. If you were to rip the Vinyl discs, say, in a decent high resolution format like FLAC & in essence trying to capture the Vinyl experience in digital domain, then it may not even touch 10% of 3180 albums on the ipod. Granted, we are talking about ease of portability but I can assure you there is a big difference in the audio experience between the digital be analog vinyl format.