Confession time! How much have you spent on Candy Crush? Tell us, and we just might pay off your bill!

Confession time! How much have you spent on Candy Crush? Tell us, and we just might pay off your bill!

Today's Talk Mobile is all about the dark side of gaming and I have a confession of my own to make: I've spent a chunk of change on my Candy Crush addiction already, and I assume perhaps so have you?

Even if you've read my top 10 Candy Crush tips, tricks and cheats, you know sometimes money is the trickiest cheat of them all. It's so easy to do! Each in-app purchase seems small enough, we're busy enough, and we want to beat the game -- and our friends scores! -- badly enough, that we're willing to pay it. And pay it again. And again. And when the rush passes and we look over our bills at the end of the month, all that candy crushing adds up to real money.

How much have you spent on Candy Crush to date? What was your most frequent in-app purchase? What was your single biggest? Let me know the details in the comments below and...

We'll pick one of you and pay off your Candy Crush bill!1

Ready? Set? Confess!

  1. iMore will gift you iTunes or equivalent credit in the amount of your Candy Crush in-app purchase total to date. 

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Reader comments

Confession time! How much have you spent on Candy Crush? Tell us, and we just might pay off your bill!


I have spent exactly $0.99 dollars.....BUT.... I'm waiting for a new iPhone update because I already finished level 350..... Yeah, I'm that good... and lucky...

Its interesting that you say lucky as much of the game mechanics of candy crush is luck. If it wants you to win it will let you rather than your skill (which the games makes you believe in the first easiest levels). I am interesting how much time you think you have spent playing candy crush eurafega in order to have finished level 350?
I wrote an article on the addictive nature of candy crush which can be found here:
would be interested to know your thoughts

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SInce I have spent so little, this will be the one time I win. I have spent .99 to date and don't intend to spend a penny more. I am currently on level 90.

Never. I've heard that people get really in to this game and get frustrated so I stay away. It's like looking to get kicked in the face.

Some days are worse than others.

I refuse to pay anything so it averages about 45 minutes to an hour a day. Some times I have to wait a day for enough tickets to get to the next level.

One of the bloggers posted the tip to change the time on your phone to get more tickets. Just don't forget to set the time back afterwards. I don't play much so I haven't spent any money yet. I'm only on level 38. I believe my wife is close to spending some money because she has been stuck on level 65 for a long, long time.

Well.... To be honest I haven't spent a dime since I do not play the game, BUT I purchased an iPad recently for my mom and linked my iTunes acct & credit card to it to "get her started" with apps. I checked my bank acct online at the end of May and she racked up $38 on Candy Crush in app purchases. I never even mentioned it cause it's like they say.... You only get one mom in life and I love her. :)

I have spent 0 on it so far... But then again, I honestly haven't played it too far either. Perhaps in the near future...

This is kind of embarrassing but here goes...

I've spent a total of $31.36; My most frequent in-app purchase were those cute, little lollipops (and maybe I licked the screen once - maybe); Those cute, little lollipops were also my single biggest purchase. Just know that I play on my iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro... I even purchased Facebook credits.

I have a serious problem. :|

Oh, I play my five lives in the morning and when I wasn't working I was playing my one life every half hour, that was for a couple weeks now I play my fiver was after work and five before bed. I'm on level 100, never used the time cheat and haven't spent any money on it at all. I only spammed my Facebook friends that play it as well so it usually only takes me about an hour tops to get into the next set of levels.

Never spend any money, level 275, patience is the key and a little bit of luck, 3 months already played this addictive game

As of today, I have spent $21.33 on Candy Crush. I mainly purchase extra moves and the most I have paid at one time was $9.00 for extra moves. Curse you Candy Crush and that one or two extra moves needed to pass that level. I hate when you have been playing a certain level for a while and then you only need a couple more moves to beat it. Then of course it turns into a couple more and couple more.

Just went through my iTunes receipt emails. As of right now I'm at $38.96. Just started playing last weekend. I'm such a sucker. Not a lot of free gaming time, so I play before bed for 20 minutes... I just have no patience. If I can't beat a level, I just buy my way out of it.

omg Kevin! I've only spent a few bucks to unlock more levels. But I also end up being stuck on levels for weeks at a time...

You have to remember that Kevin is the guy who spent 300 dollars on a clock app for his 9900, so seeing how much he spends on candy crush could make for a good blog post ;)

I refuse to spend money on a game that doesn't reward the player, I would rather buy the game then get a few power ups for free and then I might be more obliged to buy other power ups and cool items but when everything costs money and you can only use it for that level seems kind of greedy to me.

I have spent exactly $0.99 dollars.....BUT.... I'm waiting for a new iPhone update because I already finished level 350..... Yeah, I'm that good... and lucky...

I try not to spend anything but at this point it's been about $7.... and they were all for more moves. I don't like moving on from a level till i get 3 stars lol... i'm currently on 108

I used to care about getting 3 stars when I first started playing. That lasted until level 123+, then I could care less as long as I passed. Some levels are damn difficult and your lucky to get the 1 star.

Not speaking for myself, but I do have an employee who confessed to me the other day that she's spent nearly $250 on Candy Crush. My level of shocked silence was probably pretty damning. But seriously, who does this kind of stuff?!

I haven't added it up, but I'm around 10-15 dollars. I quit buying power ups and extra moves, now I just stick to buying the new levels.

$15 unfortunately... I was moderately relieved cuz I thought I was closer to $20, but I haven't paid in more than 2 weeks, and I'm not paying another penny.

I'm trying not to think about it... I'm on level 313 though.... None of my Facebook friends are this high within the levels, so I don't have any scores but my own to beat.

At least a $100....or more. :( IM SORRY! No one yell at me! lol. For real tho...don't :( I know it was stupid. I didn't realize until it was too late. I thought to myself "What's 99 cents?" "That's hardly any thing" "Lolly pop only 1.99? I'll just buy it a couple of times". But since then I have stopped doing that. I just bought an iMac for the first time and that's not cheap. So I have my priorities all back and in check.

I'm on level 96 and I haven't spent a dime. Zip, Zero, Zilch. I personally dislike the freemium model though. I would prefer to have paid up front for the game. I don't like when apps try to nickel and dime me to play them. Unfortunately it is a very addicting game though so I am hooked.

Unfortunately, I'm nearing $200. :( Have quit paying for anything now. Was purchasing color bombs to achieve 3 stars on some levels. Am on level 82 with all three stars on every level. Purchased the coconut wheel ($3.99) several times until I heard some people get them sometimes for free. Have had to pay .99 cents to enter next world every time and now my girlfriend told me she's never had to. I think Candy Crush must know I'm an idiot and doesn't give me free anything. My girlfriend has never paid anything. I am going to call Apple as I swear I haven't purchased as much as I have been billed for. I bet iMore didn't expect to see this kind of nonsense when they made the offer to pay one off. Wish I didn't have to report that high of a number. Maybe it's the first step in recovery. lol

I'm on level 109 and have paid 0. My mother on the other hand has spent over 200 pounds in the past month and a half. The woman is ADDICTED! HELP!

i have spent nothing as i dont play the game but my fiance is addicted to this game! Darn you candy crush!!! (shakes fist)

she has spent to this date around $75 on extra lives lol yes she has a problem. and shes only on level 54 but she insists on 3 starring everything.

Holy Ghost, just added up how much I've spent using itunes receipts that I have kept and its £291.94 GBP...... OUCHY! Hello, I need an addiction counsellor!

Probably about $50 or so all using iTunes gift cards, but its more than I should have spent :-( That game is so frustrating yet so addictive!

I have only spent $1.98. Initially I refused to link the game to my Facebook account because I didn't want the app to be spamming my friends with game invites. I hate getting those so I didn't want the app doing that to my friends. Because of that I spent .99 to move to the next episode. It was either spend the money or ask my Facebook friends. I chose to spend the money since it was only .99. Later on I was stuck on a level for days and days if not weeks. I got so close to clearing the level once that I thought if I bought some extra moves that I would finally clear the level. Therefore I spent another .99 but unfortunately I still didn't clear the level with the extra moves. :(

I finally decided to link the game to my Facebook account and to my knowledge it only sends requests to people I select. I only send requests to ask for tickets to advance to the next level. Many friends that play automatically send me extra lives and moves without me even asking. Because of this I will no longer spend any money on the game. I'm currently on level 92. I may be there a while but I'll eventually pass it with enough tries, a little bit of luck and NO money!!! :)

Zero dollars and zero cents! However, level 65 gave me diabetes. But after three weeks of that nonsense I am back on track and on level 91. It's basically CandyLand for adults.

I hate spending money on in-app purchases, but candy crush got me so frustrated that I couldn't beat a level and I ended up spending about $8.99 on this game.

42.96 DDDDDDD: I BOUGHT THAT STRIPED CANDY THING ABOUT A WEEK AGO. Biggest mistake of my life. The game isn't even fun anymore. I also bought about three or four extra moves because I got stuck really badly on levels 38 and 50. My mom still hasn't found out, and it would be really helpful if I got all of that paid off :)

I have spent exactly $0.99 dollars.....BUT.... I'm waiting for a new iPhone update because I already finished level 350..... Yeah, I'm that good... and lucky...

I have a bunch of Facebook friends who are as me, so I have never had a shortage of lifes or the need to buy tickets... The only time I spent on the game was when I got stuck on one level (don't remember it now) which I had tried 68 TIMES! So I had to buy those extra moves to finish it...

I don't know if any of you have this problem but when I accept the 3 extra moves from my friends it doesn't even give me the moves! How can a game be so chincy and greedy but yet so addicting LOL! It's their evil plan!

$0. Got to around level 70 and gave up. I despise freemium games and don't pay on principle. I don't have the patience like my wife does to play the same level over and over again.

$15.20. On the lollipops and things that look like disco balls. Haven't played the game in over a week. A week in Vegas will make you quickly forget about Candy Crush!

I am absolutely ashamed to say, I'm not sure the exact number, but I was just going through my iTunes receipts, and I had to stop myself at April 19th, my tally is $262.66. I couldn't keep going because, who spends $300 on a game? I didn't realize how much I was spending until you posted this, I was curious. what's a couple bucks here and there.... I'm averaging at least $75 a month. The lollipop hammers are what get me.

I know exactly how you feel ...You could go out and buy you a really neat game system or so much for what we have spent on a silly game . Plus you would thing King gamed would either at the very least send a thank you letter but to me they should do something . God Bless you I hope i get smart and quit the game . I am shocked they don't ask how much time we waste playing the game lol

I really didn't want to add it up. But its $53.59. Usually I pay late at night when I'm fed up with a level and ready to move on. Apparently happens more often than I thought!

I am so glad i don't gamble because I know I would be an addict . I have probably spent in the last month over a hundred dollars . I am seriously thinking about finding a cheat code or something that will make me sick of there games because it is so addictive to almost beat something and to be just right there and then it upsets you ...That's why I am un linking my credit card to the account so many things I could have used the money for . Plus the company that owns these games you think would reward me for spending so much money . I was stupid I just spent like $40 tonight trying to get my wife up on her levels ....I honestly feel like a fool and I know I am . Most things in life I am pretty practicle but some reason this silly game got to me ....

Im on level 100 but i spend all day crushing sending lives and asking i wish more than 5 lives just play as much as you want or at least no timer on lives

Ok... so I've been afraid to add up what I've spent on my Candy Crush addiction, but the other confessions inspired me to face up to it. Level 181...and $162.59 spent!!! I think it is time to join Candy Crush Anonymous. Anyone want to join me?

I have not spent a dime-- but am a total addict to Candy Crush-- I have completed level 350 on my Android phone, and there doesn't seem to be an update-- I play on my laptop sometimes but not very convenient for me-- does anyone know if there is or if there will be an update for my phone?

I have spent $74.65!!!! And I. Don't even know how it happened! Hammer after hammer, 5 more's so addicting. I had to cut myself off.

I would consider paying money on Candy Crush cheating, it's like taking away strokes at golf. I also think it is really stupid to waste hard earned money on something so idiotic, sadly a lot of people have more money than brains, but that is just my view on the matter.
p.s. Since I didn't stupidly waste any of my money, nobody has to pay my bill now do they!!!!

I recently checked my bank acc and I believe there is a mistake and I have been overcharged: 250.00 dlls total if not more! I am really upset.

i listen to all the people i know talk about playing this game relentlessly. i dont play any of these games because i like money. the fact that i dont play these games for 1hr a day or more like it seems most people do and instead i read is probably why i make double everyone else around me... :-)

I don't see why ppl pay for to play this game when there is so many ways to cheat this game I can get 99 lives on my iPad and I can change how many moves you start with and stuff like that so I don't have to pay anything :)

PLEASE tell me how you can get the 99 lives or more moves!!!!! I have been stuck on level 123 and refuse to spend any more money on this stupid game, but I am SOOOOO frustrated. I would love to know your secret!

Over the last few months I have spent about 500 gbp! Help!!!!! I can't keep on doing this but I am so addicted to this bloody game!!

I am shamed to say I paid about $50 on candy crush. This is what I add up looking at my iTunes invoices. I think I also paid some through Facebook, too, so it might be more like $60-70. A lot of times I get the extra moves, thinking just more moves will help, or if they offer the hammer. I have only bought the striped candy or color bomb once or twice and I didn't think they were too helpful. I paid to move to the next episode once, too, but find that easier to just ask people to unlock it. I have not paid for extra lives. I can't believe how addicting the game is! I totally get sucked in.

Believe it or not I have spent approx. $350.00 playing candy crush. I am on level 181. Way too much money.. I am addicted. I have stopped buying boosters and extra moves.

I'm scared to tally it! Over $100 I'm sure, and I've only been playing for two weeks!! I play for at least an hour daily! Hey...this candy is fat free!!

Go ahead 3 hours in time in your settings go to candy crush see full lives than go back to settings and go back to regular time.

I am horrified every morning when I get my iTunes invoice from the previous day and see that I have spent $10-$20 on Candy Crush, in just one day!!! And that's everyday! I know it's ridiculous.

Just completed the last level and episode, 455 and 31. Spent $670 over a 4 month period and countless hours of pure enjoyment! Looking forward to new episodes and levels!!!!! :)

After this post I actually added all payments made and it ads up to USD 175, however I have finished all levels available in iOS. Being a gamer for 30 years I quickly recognize the addiction symptoms. So the logic is to get it finished as soon as possible and consider that a couple of console games (which I would probably get less hours of play per dollar) would have similar cost.
Never bothered anyone in facebook as well, paid for level unlocks on facebook which costs a third of iOS and purchased the expensive but permanent add ons (additional lives, freeze time and one stripe per game). Occasionally bought extra moves just to get rid of a more complicated level and I am free from candy crush, until the next update which usually takes a couple of days and a maximum usd 5.

I feel so ashamed. I have not been playing Candy Crush very long - only a few months - but I'm definitely addicted. I'm on level 213. I recently went to my bank account to total how much I'd spent and what I saw made me sick to my stomach. I stopped counting when the amount reached $500. Never again, and OMG...the shame is unbearable.

I have clocked all 500 current levels, have the highest score on nearly every level out of all of my friends and I have never spent a cent! I am a geek though - I love mathematics and patterns so I look several moves ahead. There are about 20 levels all up that I don't have three stars on, so I am focusing on that. But I wouldn't spend anything because it wouldn't really be solving it.

As of this date, I have spent approximately $65.00 playing candy crush saga. This is just an
approximate amount. I may have spent more because there are times when I think I only need five more moves and it ends up being 25 more moves. LOL I enjoy the games anyway so its all in fun. Thanks for the consideration.

Everything was fine until around level 300, since then I've spent £500 getting to level 512. That's around £2.50 ($4 usd?) per level!! They make it impossible to progress without the extras, the b*stards. I am trying to give up the habit, honest!

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I'm on level 647 and have only spent $1.99 and that was by accident. I had to change my I phone settings to not allow purchases. I will have to say Facebook friends have helped a lot with providing extra lives and advancing to new levels! Even though I am ahead of all friends I go to earlier levels everyday to give those friends extra lives to thank them for advancing me :) I just wanted to prove that every board is passable without cheats! If I can do it anyone can!!