Square Enix apologizes for Deus Ex jailbreak restriction, promises fix

Square Enix apologizes for Deus Ex jailbreak restriction, promises fix

Square Enix has apologized for preventing its recently-released action role playing game Deus Ex: The Fall from working on jailbroken iOS devices and promises an update, according to Eurogamer.

Deus Ex: The Fall is the first game for mobile based on the popular cyberpunk action RPG series, most recently seen in 2011's Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Within hours of the game's release on Wednesday, a Reddit user discovered that he couldn't fire guns in the game on his jailbroken iOS device - an error message popped up informing him of the limitation.

No mention of this is made in the game's release notes posted to the App Store, and Square Enix has, to date, not offered an explanation for why this restriction exists. But it's safe to presume that it was a hamhanded attempt at piracy control, since pirates routinely jailbreak their iOS device to install pirated software.

Not all users who jailbreak their iOS devices are pirates, however - some simply want to install software that doesn't pass muster with Apple's App Store review team, like customization software that makes user experience changes forbidden by Apple's licenses.

Within a day or so, players had already found a workaround for the limitation, which defeats the apparent point of the restriction. So Square Enix is backing off and will remove it in a forthcoming update.

In a statement, the company said that it had "not been clear" in communicating the restriction, so "the right thing to do" is to switch off this restriction in an update - a rather convoluted way of admitting fault.

Is Square Enix capitulating to pirates, or were they in the wrong to begin with? Are you more likely to buy Deus Ex now that this restriction has been lifted? Were you affected by it? Let me know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Square Enix apologizes for Deus Ex jailbreak restriction, promises fix


They should have just pointed this out in the App Store. They have the right to impose such a restriction and the inevitability of facing the consequences. I'm surprised by this back off. They're going the Microsoft route...

I suspect they didn't mention it ahead of time because it's a dog whistle for would-be pirates, h4xx0rz and script kiddies. "Oh, won't work on a jailbroken phone, eh? We'll see about that!"

And sure enough, it was defeated within a few hours of the initial Reddit post. So it was all for naught. It was a bad idea that was poorly executed.

Things like this always hurt the legitimate buyers. The pirates will always find a way around limitations like this. Kind of a catch 22 for developers though. You have to make it hard enough that most people can't pirate your software but do it in a way that legitimate buyers aren't hampered to much.

I was going to buy this, then read about the restriction in an AppStore review (luckily before buying it, would have tried to get a refund otherwise). I have a jailbroken device and don't pirate apps. I'm not buying this game and the update won't change that - f*** SquareEnix, thank you very much.