Sprint brings captioning service to hearing-impaired iOS device users

Sprint announces Wireless CapTel for all iOS devices

Sprint has announced that Wireless CapTel is now available for all iOS devices. CapTel gives customers real-time captions of the phone conversation they're currently having. While Sprint offers landline phones and a web service specifically for CapTel, the wireless version of the service makes use of a smartphone app, which displays captions just as the hardware and web products do. Customers using the service get a special phone number so their calls can be transcribed, says Sprint.

Wireless CapTel calls are automatically routed through a captioning service. Users simply give friends, family, and other contacts their specialized Wireless CapTel by Sprint phone number to receive captions on every call. For more information about the service, go to www.sprintcaptel.com.

Wireless CapTel is just one tool that expands the accessibility of devices like the iPhone and iPad, allowing as many people as possible to take advantage of these devices. Accessibility is an important consideration as technology advances, because everybody should be able to benefit from these devices. The Wireless CapTel app is available as a free, universal app from the App Store right now.

Source: Sprint

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Sprint brings captioning service to hearing-impaired iOS device users


May be a dumb question, but, is this limited to only Sprint customers? This would be great for my girlfriend's grandfather, but he's on Verizon.